Sapphire plopped on her soft fluffy bed, as she grabbed her heart pillow and sobbed in it. She threw the pillow on her bed, and took her pink and white blanket and spread it on her. She took her pillow and sobbed in the pillow.

Tears trickled on her nose. She wiped them away, and accidentally got scratched by a fake nail. More tears sprang.

She remembered it so well.

Flash back:

Everyone had stopped dancing and screamed. Sapphire went closer to her cousin, Mark, who was dancing with her friend, Lily.

"Its okay!" said Sapphire's mother, as she brought a candle in. Just than the lights came on.

Sapphire and her cousins and sisters went to the kitchen, to see Ruby on the floor. She was unconscious. Emerald quickly called the ambulance.

The glass was broken. Their diamond that they kept on the show case was stolen.

Just when the police came to take Ruby, one of them stepped on a silver piece of jewelery.

When they picked it up, everyone gasped at the sight of it.

It was Sapphire's ring.

End Flash back

So now everyone thought it was her. The person she was dancing with which was guy was named Daniel, said that Sapphire was with him the whole time.

Also, their cousins said that Sapphire was dancing in the room with Daniel.

But the police didn't believe them.

But she didn't do it.

Plus Ruby was unconscious.

Sapphire cried to sleep.


The next day, she found out that they knew it wasn't her. She was relieved. But than again, someone put her ring there on purpose.

Sapphire shivered. What did the person want from her? What did she do?
The next couple of weeks past by. Ruby was well recovered. In no time it was Ruby's birthday.

"Hey, Sapphire. What are you wearing tonight?" asked Alicia. Tonight was Ruby's birthday party.

"I have no clue." said Sapphire. She looked through her closet.

She finally picked out fancy jeans, with beautiful beads all over. It was lovely and they were dark blue, with cuts on the side.

She picked out a purple shirt full of sequence. She let her silky hair down, and conditioned it with sweet lavender conditioner. She put on a lovely belt, it was in style these days.

She put on matching sneakers and went downstairs. She looked gorgeous.

"Hey Ruby." said Sapphire when she saw her 10 year old sister.

Ruby was dressed in a skirt, which was just above her knees. She had a black tank top. She was loaded with jewelry.

When the guests arrived, they had an awesome time. Alicia came with a light blue sleeveless shirt, and jeans.

Rachel came with a skirt, which was above her knee. It was light pink, with dark pink designs all over. She had a dark pink tank top on, and had gotten blond highlights. She looked lovely.

"Hey whats up?" asked Sapphire

"Nothing. So wheres the birthday girl?" asked Alicia slyly. They giggled.

They went into the living room. After the party, all the guests left. Their mom had taken out the albums. There were pictures of Ruby in all ages. It was a tradition.

They looked through the pictures.

"Hey look at this one!" said Sapphire, as she pointed to a picture with Ruby and Emerald, with a bunch of makeup. They were wearing clothes like clowns and their hair was a mess. They laughed.

"Look at this one." said Rachel. She pointed to a picture of Sapphire next to Ruby. Sapphire looked like she was sleeping. They laughed at that one.

They stayed up till midnight talking looking through the albums.

When everyone left, and it was just Emerald, Ruby, Crystal, Diamond, Sapphire, and their parents, Sapphires mom told Sapphire to put the album away.

Sapphire went upstairs to her parent's room.

She opened the drawer and placed the album inside. On the side of the drawer, she saw a blue old album in the corner of the drawer. She never saw that album.

Curious, she took it out, as she looked through it. She saw pictures of a lady and a girl.

On the first page, there was a poem that was about their first child.

Than there was the picture of the lady, girl, and….

And her dad.

It said underneath, family.

Now Sapphire was confused.

Her mom did not look like this at all.

She took the weird album downstairs. She tapped her dad, who was watching TV. alone.

"Dad?" asked Sapphire.


"Whos this?" she asked, pointing to a picture.

"Where'd you get that?" he asked firmly.

"In the album drawer."

"Oh." said her father. He was looking at the book. "Its no one. Just your great aunt," he snatched the book.

But Sapphire wouldn't let go. "No. Its not my aunt. It says you guys are family, and this girl here is your daughter Your oldest daughter. And I'm your oldest daughter. And this is not me. And this is not mom."

"No one. It was a mistake." he said, but Sapphire could see he was lying.

"Dad, tell me the truth."

"Fine." he whispered, as he looked at the television with teary eyes. "She's your real mom."