Chapter One: A Day in The Park

A lone football sailed through the air at Jump City's local park. Cyborg and Robin of the Teen Titans were passing it back and forth, being watched closely by their third member Starfire. The fourth member, Raven, was reading a book on a swing and the fifth member Beast Boy was sneaking up behind her.

He grabbed her book and placed it on a bench near them.

"Beast Boy what are you doing!"

He ran up and pushed the swing she was on gently, pushing a little harder every time she swung back to him.

"Beast Boy stop! Let me off."

"Aww, come on Raven it's a hot day in August. You can't tell me that swinging doesn't feel nice."

He was right, even though she didn't want to admit it. On an especially high swing her hood slid off and her cloak billowed out behind her. If Beast Boy was standing in front of her instead of pushing from behind he would have seen that her eyes were closed and her lips played out in a smile, but their communicators went off at the same time drawing their attention away from swinging.

"Raven trouble," he called from behind.

At the peak of the swing she jumped off flipping and landing gracefully on both feet.

She walked over to Beast Boy and leaned over his shoulder to see Robin.

"What is it?" she called.

"The mayor just called-" there was laughing in the back round-"And he wants us back at the tower in five minutes."

"Okay... Why is Cyborg laughing?" asked a confused Beast Boy.

Robin didn't answer, just held his head and shut his communicator off.

"Wonder what that was about..."

"Well whatever it was we have to get back anyways." Raven answered in her usual monotone.

She raised her hand to summon her book that had been placed nearby. It rose up off the bench and towards Raven, smacking Beast Boy upside the head on the way. She smirked but before she caught it Beast Boy grabbed it out of the air and smacked her but. Grinning like a maniac he quickly turned into a cheetah, running as fast as he could before she recovered from shock.

Cyborg leaned against the T-car waiting for Beast Boy and Raven. Starfire was sitting in the passenger seat and Robin took the R-cycle.

Suddenly Beast Boy showed up with a smug look on his face but slightly out of breath.

"Won't … be riding … with … you," he gasped. And with that he turned into a bald eagle and flew off.

After a few moments Cyborg remembered to close his mouth. He looked around and saw Raven clutching her book to her chest with a dazed look on her face.

"R-Raven?" Cyborg stuttered.

She completely ignored him and reached out her hand to open the car door. She slid into the back, making sure to pull her cloak, and stared straight ahead, still holding her book.

Robin stood in front of their big screen TV, talking to the mayor about the mission. They were interrupted by a green fly circling around Robin and settling on the couch near by. The fly was quickly replaced with a red-faced Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy why didn't you go with Cyborg, Starfire and Raven in the T-car?" Robin questioned.

At the mention of Ravens name his eyes shifted from one spot to another, never settling on a single spot.

"Uh … I-thought-I-could-use-the-excersise-is-there-any-milk-left-I'm-kinda-thirsty-but-water-is-fine." He rushed through the sentence making it hard to understand him.

" … "

Just then the doors swung open to reveal the rest of the titans.

"So Robin, what's up?" asked Cyborg.

"Well the Mayor has just informed me that a villain calling himself Professor has been attacking random students at McAdams boarding school. A couple days after he captures them he leaves them tied up in front of the office with a dunce cap on. From what he's told me the students haven't been harmed but they might shut the school down if the attacks don't stop. We're going to have to go under cover if we're going to try and rind out who it is and stop them."

His words were met by complete and utter silence.

"Do I have to wear a skirt-"

"I have green skin-"

"How am I gunna hide that I'm half robot-"

"What is a school of boarding-"

Everyone spoke up at once falling silent once they heard someone else was trying to talk.

"Listen, just pack what you'll need for the weekends, because there are uniforms. The Mayor said he would take care of everything else okay?"

Everyone nodded and silently trudged off. Well all except one that is.

"What?" he asked eyeing Raven.

She just glared and replied "You better hope I like that uniform."