Holy Fanfiction Batman!

To all that have enjoyed my story, and even to those who haven't, i have this message for you. I'm dying, gone within the month so all my stories shall be cancelled. ... ... .. That was a really bad joke i'm sorry. No i'm not dying, so it's okay, but this story is to be cancelled. Kinda.
I'm re-writing it entirely. Forget what you thought you knew, gravity no longer exists! And neither do Miss Kyper.
Things were going too fast all in all, so either way i'd have to re-do at least some of it some time. And if you don't know what i mean by too fast, check out chapter seven. Cor-nee. And i just had to put in my cast knowledge of movies in there too. It's sad when you don't make things up in your stories.
So with that said, i hope you enjoy the revised version. I don't know when i'll be posting it, probably not for a while. It would be nice to actually post chapters once a week, every week for a while instead of jipping my (non existent) fans out of the latest chapter.