TITLE: Be My Last
# OF WORDS: 180 or more.
SUMMARY: Wishes don't exactly come true at the most ideal times.
NOTES: Inspired by Utada Hikaru's Be My Last.
DISCLAIMER: What do you think the "dis" stands for?

I watch the reaction on your face as I let myself fall off the cliff. It hurts to see you like this, but there's no other choice. Your hand reaches out to me but I slice it away. Don't come after me, Dante. It is our destiny to be apart, yet forever linked.

When I can no longer see you and the darkness engulfs me, I close my eyes and wait to reach the bottom. I feel it coming near and I shift my weight around until I land on my feet. And I glance up to see three orbs of light staring down on me.

I really wished you were the last thing I'd ever see, Dante. But I guess I was wrong. Wishes never come true for devils, after all.

Summary's meaning (aka SPOILER)
Vergil's wish technically comes true in DMC1.