Family Secrets

Chapter 1?

Btvs/ Harry Potter crossover

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Summary: Lily had a child before Harry that she never told James about. Now Harry finds out about the sister he never knew he had.

Timeline: Alternate book 4 of Harry Potter. Don't worry I'm not changing that much and yes Cedric still dies. Alternate season 2 of Btvs. None of that Angel loses his soul nonsense. That was just The Joss Monster's cruelty. Curse? What Curse? Anyway, everything else happens. Oh and Buffy lives with her dad cuz her mom is dead. Obviously. And Buffy's father is a wealthy man named Arthur Summers.

Rating: PG-13 nothing bad.

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Harry Potter laid in his bed staring at the ceiling. He wasn't aloud out of his room for the next six hours while the Dursley's were getting the house ready for the company that was coming over. Some rich relatives were leaving their daughter here for the summer or something, but they were adamant that he stay hidden. Well good luck keeping him hidden all summer. Then he started to wonder what this girl would be like. probably like Dudley. All stuck up and snotty and spoiled. Oh this summer just kept getting better and better.


The doorbell rang and Mrs. Dursley's ran to answer it.

"Arthur! How are you? It's so wonderful to see you. Welcome to our humble home."

"Hello Petunia. Say hello Buffy."

"Hello Aunt Petunia."

"Hello Buffy darling. How are you?"

"I-" Buffy's negative reply was cut off by her father putting his hand over her mouth.

"Buffy is a bit irritable. She was …less than enthusiastic about coming here but I have to go away on business this summer and I couldn't leave her at home. She's been getting into trouble lately and well..."

"Oh yes. She probably just fell in with the wrong crowd."

Buffy shot her a glare from behind her father's hand.

"No actually. The friends she has now are rather good I just don't want to take any chances. "

"Oh I agree. So why don't we move into the lounge where we can talk. We have a lot to catch up on."

"Sounds good."

While the adults sat in the lounge and talked Buffy sat in the kitchen with Dudley.

"Why are you staying here this summer?" Dudley asked her around a mouth full of food.

"Cuz my dad's making me. He won't let me stay at home because he thinks I'll get into trouble."

"You probably would."

"Shut up you slimy little-"

"You call me a name and I'll tell!"

Buffy groaned. She was gonna die here with this creep.

She got up from her seat at the kitchen table and tossed the remains of her tuna sandwich in the trash. She was about to sit back down when her father walked in.

"Honey, I'm leaving now." He kissed her forehead. "Behave yourself ok. Your credit cards are fully paid off so you can shop to your heart's content, but don't even think about leaving the country. I've put a freeze on you flyer miles. I've told Petunia that you are aloud to use you cell phone and talk to whomever you like."

Buffy smiled. "Have a safe trip, daddy. Be back soon." She kissed he father's cheek and he smiled at her as he turned and left. She went to the window and watched the limo drive away.


"Yes Uncle Vernon?"

"I'll take your things upstairs for you and you can freshen up from your trip then you can tell us all about your school year."

"Actually I'm a bit tired. I think I'm just going to shower and go to sleep. Besides I'm sure you've heard all about my school from my father."

"We that doesn't mean we don't want to speak to you dear." Petunia cut in.

"Yeah well I'm not much for talking."

"Ok, well you'll need your rest anyway. We have an early day tomorrow."

That statement stopped Buffy in her tracks as she made her way up to the guest room.

"Oh did you plan something?" She asked sweetly.

"Oh yes. you and Dudley are going to spend lots of time together. You might be a good influence on each other."

Buffy snorted. "Well I'm sorry I'm going to have to pass. I've got plans for late sleeping and lots of shopping. Maybe some other time."

"Well alright. We'll be leaving early tomorrow in case you change your mind."

"I won't." And she continued her walk up the stairs with Vernon following her with her bags.

The next morning the Dursley's left early before Buffy woke. Harry had been woken up and threatened not to do any funny business or he would wish he was never born, before they left but soon fell back asleep. He woke a few hours later and headed down stairs to make him and the mystery guest breakfast. He had just finished the eggs and bacon when a young blond girl walked in.

"Good morning." Buffy said.

"Good morning."

"Um…who are you?"

"I'm Harry."

"I'm Buffy. You live here too?"

He nodded.

"Hmm I wonder why they never told me about you."

"They don't like me much." He replied.

"Do they like anyone besides themselves?" She asked sarcastically as she poured herself a glass of orange juice.

"Umm…I made breakfast."

"Oh you didn't have to do that, but thank you." Buffy said smiling at the boy. This kid was pretty nice. Nothing like Dudley.

"Y-Y-Your welcome." Harry had been taken by surprise. The Dursley's never thanked him for anything. This girl was not at all what he expected.

Buffy so him staring at her strangely. "What?"

"Why are nice to me?" he asked.

"What do you mean? You're a nice person. Aren't people usually nice to you?"

"Not here. I expected you to be like Dudley or something."

"Oh god no. That kid is awful. I haven't been here a day and I already can't stand him!" Buffy said as she sat down and started eating.

"I can barley stand it. I can't wait till school starts up again."

"Jezz is it that bad? Preferring school to summer vacation? I mean I don't want to be here but I wouldn't rather be in school."

"Well my school is like home for me."

"Sounds nice."

"It is."

"So what are your plans for the day, Harry?"

"I don't have plans."

"Good. You think you could show me around London?"


"Great. I'm having a serious shoe craving."

Buffy and Harry spent the day going from store to store. Buffy shopped and Harry, being the gentleman, carried her bags.

Buffy was talking to a shoe salesman when her call phone rang.

"Can you get me a pair of theses in a size seven? Do they come in black or just the brown?"



"Oh excuse me."

The salesman walked away to get the shoes she requested,



"Angel, Hi. I miss you."

"I miss you too, honey. You having fun?"

"I'm shoe shopping."

"Already! You've been there for barley a day and you're already shopping?"

"Of course. So what are you up too?"

"You mean besides counting the days till you come back?"

"Aww… you're so full of crap." She told his teasingly.

"No really, Buffy. I miss you."

"I know. I wish you could have come with me but well you know the plane and the sunlight."

"Yeah, I know. So how's England?"

"It's…ok I guess. Defiantly not as sunny as California but the shopping is pretty good so I can't complain but where I'm staying is another story completely. I hate my cousin. Dudley is this whiney, fat, little spoiled brat and my Aunt and Uncle act like he's the greatest thing!"

At hearing Buffy's rant Harry couldn't help but chuckle. Buffy smiled at him.

Angel, hearing the other boy asked her: "Buffy who is that? I just heard some guy laughing."

"That was Harry. He stays with the Dorsey's in the summer too. He's been showing me around London. Nothing for you to worry about. He's my cousin or something."

"I wasn't worried." He lied.

"Umm Hmm. I bet Cordelia is just jumping for joy that I'm not there."

"Hon, I told you I don't want her. I love you. I have no desire to be with someone so shallow and tactless."

"Oh I know. Doesn't mean I have to like the fact that she shamlessly throws herself at you."

"Relax. I don't want anyone but you. You know that. Though you are cute when you're jealous."

"Ha, ha. Very funny."

"Well honey I have to go patrol now. Call me tommorow?"

"Yeah sweetie. Bye. And be careful.."

"Always. Bye."

They hung up and Buffy had a silly smile on her face. Harry laughed at her and she smacked him playfully. Harry couldn't remember when he laughed so much. He stared into the green eyes so similar to his own and just felt so relaxed. Like he could just be himself.

The sales man came back and gave Buffy the shoes she was looking for and she paid for them and left the store.

When they arrived back at number four, Privet Drive, the Dursley's were already home.

"Where have you been!" Vernon demanded as soon as Harry walked through the door.

"Chill out or you'll pop that vein in your head and I don't wanna have to wash blood out of this shirt." Buffy said coolly. "He was jus t showing me around and then I went shopping"

"Oh Buffy I don't blame you-"

"I wouldn't care if you did." She cut him off. "Come on Harry. Help me take my bags upstairs."

Harry followed her, desperately trying not to laugh at the expression on his uncle's face at how Buffy spoke to him. As soon as he was out of earshot he busted out laughing. He took the bags into Buffy's room and set them on the bed, still laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny?"

"Did you see the look on his face? It was priceless. I can't believe you spoke to him that way."

"Well I'm not afraid of him. Here. " she tossed Harry one of the shopping bags. "Go try those on. I didn't know your size so I guessed."

"You got me stuff?"

"Yeah of course. I couldn't stand to see you in Dudley's clothes and you need some fashion help stat. Go try them on and tell me what you think."

Harry nodded and left the room. He came back a couple of minutes later dressed in lose fitting faded blue jeans and a blood red button down shirt.

"They're perfect. Thank you."

"No problem. So… if you don't mind my asking, what are you to the Dursleys? I told Angel you're my cousin but I don't really know."

"They're my Aunt and Uncle. I've stayed with them since my parents died. My mother was her sister Lily." He explained.

Buffy gasped.

"Lily was your mother. T-That's not possible."

"Well she died when I was very young. I don't remember her but-"

"No I meant… if…" Buffy stopped not knowing how to continue. She rushed to her suitcase and pulled out a small book. she flipped through pages of pictures till she got to the one she was looking for. She walked back over to him and showed him the picture.

"Is that your mother?" She asked him.

"Yeah. That's her." He looked at Buffy strangely. Now looking at the picture he saw how closely she resembled his mother.

"Harry… I don't really know how but…Lily was my mother too." Buffy told him.

Harry just stared at her. My mother was her mother too? But then that would mean…

"So then that means you're…my sister?"

"Yeah…I-" Buffy was interrupted by Mrs. Dursley entering the room.

"Buffy dear, do you need any help putting away your clothes?" She spotted Harry on the other side of the room. "What are you doing in here? Don't pester Buffy!"

"Why didn't you tell me he was my brother?" Buffy asked in a dangerous voice.

"Buffy what are you talking about? H-Harry's not your brother. Whatever he told you is a lie." She said quickly as she cautiously backed out of the room.

"Don't you DARE leave this room! I had a brother and you never told me! And don't say he's lying. I trust him way more than I trust you. He's Lily's son. Don't deny it! She never told me because she died when I was three years old. What's your excuse!"

"What is going on up here?" Vernon demanded.

"You lied to me!" Buffy screamed.

"Vernon, she knows about Lily being Harry's mother." Petunia told him.

"See the trouble you cause boy!" he roared. Harry wasn't sure what to do. He was still in shock but he was saved from having to answer by Buffy.


"Buffy don't you talk to me like that!"

"I'll talk to you however I damn well please. You should have told me! I have a right to know! Did my father know!"

"No. Like he would want to know about the freak she married." Petunia said coldly.

"Don't talk about my father that way!" Harry shouted.

"You boy are on thin ice as it is. Keep this up and we'll lock you in your room for the rest of the summer."

"The hell you will!" Buffy snapped at them. "You try it and I'll just leave and stay in a hotel room and I'll take my brother with me!"

"Buffy try to understand, you do not want to associate with him! Forget you met him. It's for your own good."

"NO! Get out! GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" Buffy screamed at the top of her lungs.

The Dursley's hurried out of the room and Buffy sat down on the floor. "Sorry about that." She told Harry. "Some times the brat in me comes out to play."

"That's ok. Thank for sticking up for me."

"That's what big sisters are for."

Harry's eyes filled with tears. He had a sister and she cared about him. He never had that before. He looked at her and she had tears in her eyes too. She got up and hugged him tightly as they cried.


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