Okay, first off… WOW! I'm actually writing again! Geez, it's been such a long time. Sorry to those of you who liked my other stories; for the time being I won't be updating them. HOWEVER, I am doing a little planning concerning them. For now, I shall try not to let this thing die. AHEM! Now then…. This is basically a sad, sad attempt at Shadouge. (ShadowxRouge) I absolutely LOVE this pairing, and find it very sad that there seems to be so little of it on the net. So, I would like to start by dedicating this fic to all my fellow Shadouge fans out there! Sadly, I have NO idea where I'm going with this, so I'm just really hoping my inspiration doesn't die halfway through….

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A Walk in the Park

Rouge was bored. Very bored. So bored, in fact, that even having all her precious gems stolen sounded like it would be an improvement. She had tried turning on the television, but nothing was on. Nothing except Barney, anyway. There was no way in heck she would watch that, even in this state of boredom. She did have her pride to maintain.

And so it was that Rouge decided to do something rather un-Rouge-ly. Something that would, unbeknownst to her, have strange ramifications.

She decided to take a walk in the park.


Rouge soon found herself on the edge of a rather small, quiet park on the edge of town. Nothing seemed particularly extraordinary about it. Little did she know, she would remember this place for years to come.

It was late afternoon, and already the air was becoming crisp and chilly. Rouge silently congratulated herself for being so smart; she had brought along a jacket. It was pink, matching with her usual outfit as well as being, in her opinion, quite stylish, despite its simplicity. Not to mention plenty warm. 'Ah yes, Rouge old gal, you're still as smart as ever.' This mental pat on the back occurred as she saw some much less intelligent people hurrying past on their way back to their homes, jacketless.

She grinned to herself and continued on her way. It was not long, however, until she spotted something that made her stop. 'Is that...? Yes, it has to be!' "Shadow!" She hadn't seen her rather antisocial friend in a long time. Somehow she felt friend was not quite the word to describe their relationship, but shook off that thought as a rather surprised Shadow turned to see who had called his name.

His eyes widened. He hadn't seen Rouge in what felt like forever. He had been wanting to visit, but something always held him back. "Rouge…!" He said, his surprise evident in his voice. In a flash, the white bat was right in front of him.

"It's been so long! How have you been? Did you miss me?" Shadow opened his mouth to speak, but was immediately cut off. "Of course you missed me." He sighed. That was Rouge, all right. "Come on, let's go talk back at my place!" Without waiting for a response, she grabbed his arm and away they went. Unbeknownst to either of them, five eyes just so happened to be watching.


Well, pretty short…. But oh well. It WAS only the prologue. Please stay tuned for the next chapter!