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Lugia talking

Chapter One: Creation


"It's waking up! It's brain waves are off the scale!" scientists ran back and forth checking different machines. 'Voices...where are they coming from?' he thought.

"Shadow Lugia is awake! Inform Master Greevil immedietly!" more voices shouted. He opened his eyes and realized he was in a tank of some kind, full of some type of liquid. 'Lugia? Is that who I am?' he thought taking a deep breath. The liquid in the tank had a nasty taste to it. Lugia twisted and look around, there were sharp things stuck in it's body. 'Where am I? What am I doing here?' he thought.

"This is amazing! The first ever Shadow Pokemon to be created that way from birth! Prepare a cage for it" another said. Lugia closed it's eyes and tried to spread it's wings but was stopped by the glass. The tank seemed to tighten around him, 'I have to get out...I have to get out!' he thought his eyes glowing blue.

The glass cracked and exploded out, Lugia fell to the bottom of the tank. Lugia stared at the water as it drained out onto the floor. The creature staring back at him was purple in color with red eyes, Lugia lifted it's wing and the creature did the same. Lugia tilted his head and the creature did the same. 'Is that me?' he thought lifting his head and looking around.

One of the scientists walked forward and leaned down, Lugia looked up at him. Where am I? his voice echoed throughout the room. The scientist ignored him and stuck something in his throat, Lugia coughed as the man finally took it out.

"Temperature is 95.7 degrees" he said to the others. One woman quickly wrote something down. The scientist flashed a bright light in his eyes. Lugia recoiled, "Eyes are equal and reactive, everything seems normal" he said standing up. Lugia was growing angry, I said where am I? Lugia asked again.

But the people didn't answer, they simply conversed among themselves. The man pulled his wing out and stuck his wing with something sharp, when the man pulled it out it was filled with something red, "I've got a blood sample take this to the lab and check to make sure it's not infected" he said to another person.

Lugia narrowed his eyes, 'It? Is that all I am? A creature to be poked and prodded? A thing to be stared at? That's not acceptable' he thought. The man reached out again and Lugia bit his hand as hard as possible, the man cried out and pulled his hand away. "You little!" he reach down again as Lugia's eyes glowed blue, I asked you a question! Lugia shouted as the man lifted the man off of his feet and flew into the wall.

Lugia's anger grew and he narrowed his eyes pushing the man threw the wall. Everyone back away, one checked the man, "He's dead..." the woman said looking back at Lugia. 'I did that?' Lugia thought surprised as he turned to a strange machine sitting on a desk, he focused and picked it up and threw it into another tank like the one he was in.

Lugia turned to the other scientists, Who am I? he asked. One stepped forward, "You are Shadow Lugia the first pokemon to be born with it's heart closed. Your the first in a series of pokemon that can never have their hearts opened, you are XD001 the first pokemon ever created in this manner" she explained walking up to him. She reached down and rubbed his head gently, Lugia flinched back, it felt strange and unnatural.

What are you going to do with me now? Lugia asked them. The woman stood back up, "Your going to be examined so we can make sure your not sick or hurt" she told him. Lugia looked at the others carefully; they were tense as they waited to see what he would do.

Where am I? Lugia finally asked. "At a labratory in our desert laboratory, we took a DNA sample from a Lugia and used it to create you. Most pokemon must have their hearts shut thus turning them into Shadow Pokemon, but you were created with your heart closed, you are the most important Shadow Pokemon we have ever made" a man explained to him.

'A Shadow Pokemon...I was...created by them' Lugia thought staring back down at the water still in the bottom of the tank.

Oh...okay, he said simply. The other scientists relaxed and began making preparations. Lugia watched as they rushed around preparing different machines.

Lugia was still confused, 'Why am I here? What is my purpose?' he thought. He pulled away as one scientist attached small pads to his head and back. 'What am I supposed to do now' he looked up as the door opened. All of the scientists snapped to attention as a short man walked in; 2 men one wearing blue and the other wearing red came in behind him.

"Master Greevil! XD001 is ready sir!" one of the scientists told the short man. Greevil walked forward and looked at Lugia with a smile. "It's perfect! Absolutely perfect! This Lugia will usher in a new era for Team Cipher" he said examining the small Lugia.

Why did you create me? Lugia asked. The man in Blue took a step forward, "I am Ardos, you were created for Master Greevil here; Team Cipher is trying to control the Orre region using Shadow Pokemon but to do that we need your abilitys" Ardos explained. You...need me? Lugia asked them.

Greevil nodded, "You may be small now you will grow bigger and more powerfull, we will help you control your..." he paused and looked at the man Lugia had thrown through the wall. "Your powers, you'll only be a danger to yourself and others if you can't control your shadow abilitys" he said obviously pleased.

Lugia shook his head, he didn't really understand everything they told him. Lugia was still confused, but he could learn what was going on, if they needed him then he would go along with them for now. But he was not just a creature to be prodded and stared at, if these humans every forgot that...then he wouldn't be so compliant.


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