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Lugia Talking

Chapter Ten: Purified

Shadow Lugia watched calmly as the sun set behind the trees. He turned and looked over his shoulder as Michael came up behind him. "Hey there Lugia! What's up?" he asked with a smile. Lugia grunted and turned back to the horizon, he had flown up to the roof to get away from Jovi who insited on 'entertaining' him.

Michael had been playing with his pokemon for most of the day. Something that Lugia found quite interesting, he had never seen a trainer get along so well with his pokemon. All of the humans around here were completely different then the Cipher members he'd been around. Everyone here cared deeply about their pokemon, something Shadow Lugia was having a hard time understanding.

He had seen former Shadow Pokemon that looked so...happy now. Lugia had seen others who were happy but had never been truly happy himself. He was slightly disappointed that Maria hadn't arrived, but then again he couldn't expect her to come running to his side.

"Hey Lugia? Are you alright?" Michael asked him. Lugia looked away before answering, I'll survive, I always do, he finally said. Michael frowned, "Thats...not what I meant Lugia" he said hesitantly. Lugia knew exactly what Michael was asking him. I still don't think I need to be purified; there's nothing wrong with me the way I am now, Lugia told his new trainer as he stared ahead.

Michael sighed, "But why? I mean you can see how happy all the other pokemon are...don't you want that for yourself?" he reasoned trying to get through to the Shadow Pokemon. Lugia thought about that for a moment, but didn't know what to say. He wasn't sure of that, but he did know one thing.

Lugia sighed and hesitated for a moment before answering I wish...I wish Maria was here, she's the only person who's ever understood me, he finally admitted. Michael tilted his head at the unfamilier name but didn't say interrupt Lugia. Before I headed to Citadark Isle I promised that I would never forget her, that one day we would meet each other again...I just wish I could see her one more time, Lugia said mostly to himself.

Both sat in silence for awhile before Michael spoke up again, "Well I know your probably not used to being stuck in a masterball or anything else like that so why don't you..." he paused and waved his hand, "Wander around for a while?" Michael asked standing up. Lugia tilted his head, I'll be back in the morning, he said and jumped off the roof, he circled a few times before heading towards Gateon Port.

Michael watched as Lugia faded into the distance and thought about what he'd just done. Proffesor Krane would have a miltank if he found out Michael had just let one of the strongest pokemon in the Orre Region leave to who-knows-where. Michael shook his head, 'Stop worrying Lugia will be back' he thought walking inside.


Shadow Lugia closed his eyes as the ocean breeze swirled around him. He was currently sitting on top of the Gateon Port lighthouse watching everyone, since he no longer had worry about whether or not somebody would see him. Several people had noticed him sitting up there and taken pictures of him. One man had come up to the top not knowing Lugia was sitting there and had nearly fainted when he saw Lugia's glowing red eye's staring at him.

So Lugia sat there singing to himself. He didn't know why he sang...he just did and always had ever since he could remember. After a few mintues he heard a whistle in the distance. Lugia stopped and hummed back; he tilted his head and listened closely as the pokemon whisled back to him. Lugia flapped his wings and headed towards the sound.

After several minutes of flying over the ocean he dove into the water and called out again. He had to find out who this pokemon was. Lugia approched Citadark Isle and lifted his head out of the water. The water's surrounding the island were calm now that the generators in the building were abandoned and shut down. Except for the lava flowing into the ocean, everything was quiet now that everyone was gone.

He climbed out of the water and looked around. Well hello there! I was wondering if I was just imagining things, a voice above him said. Lugia looked up and saw a pokemon similar to him sitting on a ledge. But this one was white and blue instead of purple like him.

Lugia narrowed his eyes as it hopped down and leaned closer to him. Hmm, not quite what I was expecting...are you sure your a Lugia? she asked him. Lugia narrowed his eyes, I could you the same question. Are you a Lugia too? he asked, his curiosity over coming his irritation.

She bobbed her head, Oh I get it! she said happily, Your one of those...what were they called again? Oh yeah, Shadow Pokemon right? she said walking around him. Lugia leaned away from her, Haven't you ever heard of 'personal space' he scowled at her. She tilted her head which was inches from his face, Yeah what about it? she said blinking. Lugia glared at her.

Oh! Sorry! she said backing up. Lugia adjusted his wings and watched her carefully. By the way my name is Aqua Tempest because I love to swim during storms, whats your name? she asked him. Lugia froze, what was his name? Sure he was a Lugia but that could hardly be called a name. And XD001 was no more of a name then Lugia was.

Sensing his discomfort Aqua switched subjects, So where do you come from? I heard your singing in Gateon Port, she said quickly. Lugia shrugged, I was created by Team Cipher and was captured here by a kid named Michael, he explained not wanting to go into all the details. Some things were better left forgotten.

Aqua nodded, Hey i've heard of Team Cipher! They go around turning normal pokemon into fighting machines, she said looking at him warily. Lugia looked away and flapped his wings, I should leave, I don't belong here anymore, he said preparing to leave.

But Aqua stopped him, Wait! Don't leave yet...it's just, she paused and stared at the ground, It's just been so long since i've seen another Lugia...sure there are other pokemon around but it get a bit lonly sometimes without another Lugia to talk to, Aqua told him.

Lugia thought about that, and it made sense. He'd always been the only Lugia around; heck he didn't know other Lugia's even existed. Well...maybe I could stay, Lugia finally said. She grinned, Great! So is this place really abandoned now? Cause I was thinking about making it my new home, Aqua said examining the elevator that lead to the very top of the Isle.

He nodded, There might be a few police coming in and out, but other then that there shouldn't be anyone here, Lugia replied. Aqua paused and stared at him, Police? What are police? she asked him. Lugia stared at her in surprise, You've never heard of police? You really are wild aren't you? he said in shock.

Aqua frowned, Well of course isn't that obvious? My mother told me all about trainers and such but other then that I never paid much attention to all of her stories, except the one about Kyogre and Groudon that was cool, she told him happily.

Lugia sat back and listen as she told him different stories, but what was most interesting was how she had grown up in the ocean, it was completly different from everything he had gone through. He had also never met a pokemon that liked to talk so much. All the pokemon he knew simply followed orders, ignored orders they didn't like, or ignored everyone and everything except the trainer they were assigned to.

And Aqua didn't really mind living along with humans, where Lugia had always viewed it as burden. He had always dreamed of being free. But while Aqua valued her freedom she didn't really mind if she was captured either. As long as the trainer was a nice person.

So Aqua what do you think about humans? Lugia asked her. Aqua shrugged, Well sure some are bad but some are really nice, and those are the one's you have to hold onto no matter what. Of course i'm not going to be captured if I can help it, but if I am it wouldn't be that bad, she told him.

Lugia thought about that, other then anger, curiosity, interest and sadness, he didn't have many emotions. But whenever he thought about Maria it...hurt...not physically but something inside him wanted wanted to know that she was alright, that she was safe. I'm going to find her...no matter what i'm going to keep my promise, Lugia said to himself as he looked at the rising sun.

He turned and looked over at Aqua, Thank you for everything you've told me, I think I have a better idea of what I want now, Lugia said dipping his head. Aqua shrugged, Sure thanks for sticking around, even if you are a Shadow Pokemon; maybe we can meet again someday? she asked smiling. Lugia flapped his wings and headed towards the Pokemon HQ Lab.


Maria paced back and forth glacing at her watch; she'd gotten on a bus in Phenac City and they'd stopped at Pyrite Town to fix a gas tank that was leaking and dangerously close to bursting open. The rocky desert was hard on all except hover vehicles, and converting a bus to a hover car was expensive.

She paced back and forth at the bus stop waiting for it to arrive. It was bad enough waiting overnight for the bus to be fixed, she didn't want to spend anymore time in here then she had to. Pyrite Town didn't exactly have the best reputation after all. Maria sat down next to the other people who were also waiting for the bus.

After checking to make sure everything was still in her bags, Maria sat back and sighed. 'I have to know if Lugia is alright' she thought as the bus finally pulled up. She picked up her stuff and took a seat next to the window. Ever since the news story yesterday she couldn't stop thinking about Lugia and how he might be doing now. 'No, he can take care of himself, i'm sure he'll be alright' Maria thought trying to relax.


"YOU WHAT!" Aidan yelped. Michael winced and rubbed his ears, he had just told the researcher about his decision to let Lugia wander around. Aidan scowled and paced back and forth, "What were you thinking? He's a Shadow Pokemon meaning he doesn't like humans. He could be hundreds of miles away by now!" he said waving his arms.

Michael smiled uneasily as he tried to pacify his friend. "Well we can't expect him to trust us if we aren't willing to trust him" he said backing up. Aidan pointed his finger at Michael, "If that Shadow Lugia doesn't come back then you, short stuff, are in big trouble! We've all been through a lot to purify these pokemon" he scowled stalking off. Michael was ready to relax when he heard a voice behind him.

"So is it true you let that Lugia go?" Krane asked. Michael nearly jumped out of his skin, "Um well...I mean...it's just" he stammered. Krane held up his hand, "Do you regret what you did?" he asked. Michael stood up straight and shook his head. "Well then you have nothing to explain. Never apologize for doing what you know is right. If however your decision happens to be a mistake then your going to be cleaning floors for a long time" Krane said sternly. Michael nodded, "Yes sir" he said quickly.

Krane was about to say something else when they heard something land outside. They hurried outside and saw Shadow Lugia standing there calmly. Michael was immensly relieved, "Your back! Did you have a good time?" he asked. Lugia tilted his head, Of course i'm back I said I be here in the morning didn't I? he said narrowing his eyes.

"So did you go anywhere special?" Krane asked the Lugia. I met a wild Lugia out near Citadark Isle, she told me a lot of things i've never considered before. And I now know what I really want, he said looking out towards the road. Krane raised an eyebrow, "Really? And what would that be?" he asked curiously.

Lugia hesitated before answering, When I was first created by Team Cipher there was a researcher who was put in charge of my care. Maria explained everything to me, and always did everything possible to help me. No matter what the consequences were she always did what was best for me. I promised that I would never forget everything she's done for me, and I haven't; I want to find her, I want to see her again, Lugia said turning back to them.

He lowered his head, I...I miss her, Lugia admitted quietly. Michael smiled, "Hey don't worry i'm sure we'll be able to find her" he said looking over at Krane who nodded, "Sure i'll contact Officer Sherles in Pyrite Town and have him investigate to see if they can find her" he agreed.

Thank, Lugia stopped, Thank you for your help, he grunted. Krane smiled, "Don't worry about that, anything we can do to help" he said calmly before heading inside. Michael looked up at his pokemon, "Don't worry we'll find her in no time, she might even be on her way here as we speak" he told Lugia who nodded and continued staring off into the distance.


Three hours later Michael was watching Aidan and Proffesor Krane as they finished the final adjustment to the Purify Chamber. They had set it to maximum capacity so they could purify Shadow Lugia. He looked down at the masterball in his hand. He had recalled Lugia a few moments ago, since the adjustments were done.

Krane stood up and looked over at him, "Are you ready Michael? Once we put Lugia in, it shouldn't take long, it might even happen immedietly" he said confidently. Michael nodded but couldn't stand still, he couldn't wait to see whether or not this would really work He was just about to place the masterball down into the machine when he heard a voice behind him.

"Um Proffesor Krane? There's someone here I think you should see. She says her name is Maria and that she really needs to see Shadow Lugia" the receptionist said. Michael felt the masterball shake in his hand. A woman with long brown hair and glasses walked in and looked around, she set her bags down just inside the doorway and looked around quickly before her eyes landed on the masterball in Michael's hands.

"I'm Maria, I helped create Shadow Lugia" she said looking over at Proffesor Krane who stepped forward. "Ah yes, Lugia mentioned you, he seemed quite intent on finding out where you were" he said with a smile. Maria looked surprised and then relieved, "He did? Really?" she asked him. Krane nodded and motioned to towards the door, "Let's go outside and you can see him for yourself" he said as they walked outside.

Michael released Shadow Lugia who's eyes immedietly settled on Maria. She held her breath as Lugia stared at her. Maria? he asked hesitantly. Maria is that really you? he asked lowering his head. Maria smiled, "Yeah it's really me Lugia, when I saw the news story about you I got here as fast as I could, but the bus broke down so it took a while" she said lifting her arm to pet him.

Michael was about to warn her not to do that, when Maria started rubbing Lugia's face. After all he'd learned that nothing irritated a Shadow Pokemon faster then trying to pet it. Michael looked over at Krane who was just as surprised as he was. Lugia leaned forward and closed his eyes as Maria pet him.

I really missed you Maria, he said quietly. Maria hugged him, "I missed you to, and now that i've found you i'm not going anywhere" she told him. Lugia opened his eyes, Promise? he asked. Maria nodded, "I promise Lugia" she replied happily. Michael couldn't help but smile at Shadow Lugia's obvious affection for Maria. Krane looked just as surprised.

Krane cleared his throat to get their attention, "We were just about to attempt to purify Shadow Lugia when you arrived here" he told her. Lugia narrowed his eyes, I don't want to be purified, he hissed at them. Maria thought about that for a moment before touching his face. Lugia turned towards her, "Lugia I think you should let them do it" Maria told him. Really? Why?he asked in surprise.

"Pokemon aren't meant to have their hearts closed, you deserve to be like all other pokemon. I want you to be able to feel happiness and love...you've always been a Shadow Pokemon so there are a lot of things you've never experienced before" Maria explained to him. "You deserve so much more then this. More then being angry and irritated at everything, I want you to be happy" she told him.

Lugia just watched her for a moment before looking over at Proffesor Krane and Michael. He turned back to Maria and nodded, I'm not sure about this whole thing but... Lugia paused and sighed, If it means that much to you then...i'll do it, he agreed. Maria smiled, "Good you won't regret it" she promised him. Krane nodded as Michael recalled Shadow Lugia. They headed inside and placed Lugia inside the machine.


Shadow Lugia wasn't exactly comfortable but he didn't object as Michael place the masterball down. And the machine was turned on, immedietly Lugia felt different...like his body was changing, it didn't hurt it just felt strange. When the machine's humming stopped Lugia felt as if a great weight had been taken off his shoulders.

He felt lighter and curious about what had happened. The almost constant feeling of irritation and the desire to fight with others was completly gone. Lugia had never felt like this before, he felt...relieved. It was strange, he sensed this feeling in other pokemon and people but had never experienced it himself.

After a few moments Michael released him. Lugia closed his eyes as sun shone down on him, it felt...nice. Before he'd always felt held back and constrained, like a slave or servant, now for the first time he finally felt...free. Free from Team Cipher and their twisted ideas once an for all.

Lugia looked down into the fountain on his left and stared at his reflection, he looked like Aqua Tempest now, the wild Lugia he'd met before. He looked over at a researcher who was playing with his noctowl. He looked over at a butterfree and beedrill who were hovering around the flowers near the building. There were so many things that he had never noticed before now. So many things to see and enjoy.

"Well Lugia how do you feel?" Maria asked him. Lugia bumped her with his nose, so she could pet him. Maria smiled and began stroking his neck. Lugia hadn't minded it from Maria before, but now it felt wonderfull he could feel the love and appreciation that Maria had for him. She would never leave him again. He closed his eyes and a strange rumble came from his throat.

Krane shook his head, "You haven't heard a happy pokemon until you've heard a Lugia purr" he said with a smile. Michael grinned happily, "It really worked! This is great!" he said giving Krane a high-five. Lugia looked over at them, Thank you for purifying me, for the first time in my life I actually feel happy. But what about my name? Every other pokemon has one, what about me? he asked them.

Michael thought about that, "Well for most of the pokemon we purified I came up with a name that suited their personality or attributes" he said looking over at Maria. "But now I think you should name him Maria. You know him the best" he told her. Maria nodded and looked at Lugia appraisingly, "How about...Darkheart. What do you think?" she said slowly. Lugia tilted his head, Darkheart...I like it...from now on my name is Darkheart, he whistled bobbing his head happily.

Michael cleared his throat and handed the masterball to Maria, "Maria I think you should take Lu...I mean Darkheart with you" he told her. Maria and the newly named Darkheart stared at him in surprise as did Krane. "Are you sure about that Michael?" Krane asked him. He nodded, "Darkheart obviously likes you, he did even before he was purified. You and him belong together" he said placing the masterball in her hands.

Maria couldn't help but give him a hug, "Thank you so much Michael I can't tell you how much this means to me" she said happily as she looked up at her lugia. "What do you think... Darkheart?" she asked saying his name proudly. I love the idea, it's what i've always wanted, he told her. Maria hugged him, "This is the start of a beautifull relationship" she told him. Darkheart...I finally have a name, he said humming. Everyone sat down and listened as he sang a long and beautifull song to celebrate the start of a brand new life.


Seven months later on the rocky coast south of Gateon Port was a house sitting on the grass near the water. Maria took a deep breath and stepped down off her porch and onto the rocks. She walked down and dangled her feet in the water.

The entire coast line here was covered in rock slabs and tide pools in someplaces. The spot where she was at right now dropped 20 or 30 feet down as soon as you got in. It was the perfect spot to live at. She'd handed over all infromation about Shadow Lugia and the other former Shadow Pokemon, all of which had been purified by now. And she'd helped the police with some other things as well, so thanks to that they hadn't arrested her.

The water rippled as a lugia lifted his head up out of the water. Maria smiled, "Good morning Darkheart did you have fun?" she asked him. He whisled happily and tossed a net full of fish up next to her. Instead of traveling to Pyrite Town or Gateon Port for food she had planted a garden and Darkheart would bring her fish that she would bake or grill.

She had all the modern conveniences, after all she had lived at the Desert Lab for years, so she'd been able to pay off the house, furniture, appliances, and everything else. Team Cipher payed their people very well. Maria was happy and had everything she needed.

I found a lot of old plates and coins, do you me to collect them? Darkheart asked her. Maria thought about that and nodded, whenever he found something in the ocean she would clean it up and sell it in Gateon Port. Maria stood up and grabbed the net, "I'll put these away and you can go collect those coins you were talking about" Maria told him. She handed him a large sack to put the stuff in and handed it to him. Darkheart took it in his mouth and dove under the water.

Maria went inside and changed to a one piece bathing suit and shorts, she put a t-shirt on put the fish in the freezer, she would clean them later. She made sure everything was off and picked up some coral jewelry and a bag of silver coins that she had polished and headed outside where Darkheart was waiting for her. She picked up the artifacts he had found and took them inside.

When Maria came back outside she strapped the bag of jewelry and and silver coins to the lugia's harness. It fit him comfortably and was perfect for carrying things back and forth to the house. Maria got on and Darkheart flapped his wings and headed towards Gateon Port. 'Having a lugia around definitely has it's advantages' she thought as Darkheart chuckled at her thoughts, Having a human around isn't so bad either, he joked looking back at her.

She rolled her eyes and looked down as they flew. Flying around was a lot nicer then taking a hover car even though she had one. After all Darkheart couldn't fly her everywhere, he had things to do as well. But still she wouldn't dream of any other life.

Maria wondered what Michael and the others at the Desert Lab were doing now. I wonder where Eldes and Greevil are right now? Darkheart put in. She noticed that he had left out Ardos, not that she blamed him after everything he'd put the lugia through.

20 minutes later they were at Gateon Port. Darkheart landed in front of the antique store and let her off. He loosened the straps and gently handed her the bag. Maria thanked him, "I'll be right out alright?" she told him. She went inside and sold the things she had found and went back outside money in hand. Maria put the money away and was about to leave when she heard a voice.

"I heard that you had managed to purify Shadow Lugia but this is the first time i've seen him since the battle at Citadark Isle" Maria turned and saw Eldes standing there. He was no longer wearing his trademark sunglasses. "Eldes? What are you doing here?" Maria asked him. Darkheart lowered his head and narrowed his eyes at Eldes slightly, Shouldn't you be in jail or something? he finally said. Maris couldn't help but snort in a feeble attempt to hide her laughter.

Eldes simply smiled, "In exchange for handing over all of Cipher's infromation and paying some large fines they let us go" he explained. "Of course I don't know where my brother Ardos is at the moment but he can take care of himself. My father has decided to retire the Hoenn region" Eldes added. Are you here for a reason? Darkheart asked him.

He nodded, "Yes i'm selling the yacht and a few more buisness we owned here" Eldes told them as he looked up in appreciation at the former Shadow Lugia who stood a little taller. My name is Darkheart now, he said proudly. Eldes smiled, "A very good name, you must be a lot happier now" he said as the lugia nodded. Maria smiled at him, "It's good to see you again" she told him.

Eldes nodded "I've changed a lot since my days at Team Cipher, no more Shadow Pokemon for me. I've decided to live a calmer lifestyle" he said returning the smile. Darkheart looked back and forth between the two and grinned, I'll go wait on top of the lighthouse, i'm sure you two have a lot of things to talk about, he said slyly.

Maria looked confused before she realized what he was trying to do, "Now wait just a minute Darkheart...!" she began when he flapped his wings and flew up to the lighthouse. Eldes chuckled, "He's really changed a lot hasn't he? Never thought i'd see him playing matchmaker" he said watching as he landed on top of the building. Maria on the other hand was blushing from embarrasment.

Eldes cleared his throat, "Well I do have plenty of time would you like to get something to eat?" he asked. Maria hesitated before nodding. They went to a resturant and talked about everything that had happened, and how they had purifyied Darkheart. When they finished and went outside Darkheart was waiting for them.

She smiled, "Thanks for lunch I had a wonderfull time" Maria told him. Eldes nodded, "As did I. I'll be in town for several weeks so perhaps we can meet again?" he asked kindly. Maria nodded, "I'd...i'd like that" she admitted before Eldes bowed to them and walked away. Darkheart grinned, I had a wonderfull time, he said imitating her tone. Maria blushed, "Hey! your the one that set us up" she reminded him. Mmm hm, that's what they all say, Darkheart said rolling his eyes as Maria got on his back. "Alright pal let's go home" she told him but she couldn't help the smile spreading across her face.


Four years later at the Pokemon HQ Lab there was a festival to celebrate the fall of Team Cipher and the end of Shadow Pokemon. They had decided to hold it annually in May and people form all over the Orre Region had attended. Maria and Darkheart were there as well along with someone else.

Michael -who had grown considerable taller- couldn't keep the smirk off his face as he looked at Maria and Eldes, "So I heard that you two are getting married in July does that mean i'm invited?" he asked with a grin. Maria turned red, and Eldes smiled "Yes we are, and you and the rest of the people here are welcome to come" he replied obviously pleased.

Darkheart lowered his head, so Eldes could pet him. Aww that's so sweet, I feel so proud, he joked. Eldes rubbed the lugia's neck, "It's amazing how things have changed over the years" he said looking around at all of the pokemon that had been purified. Maria nodded, "It's nice not to worry about Team Cipher anymore" she told them. Michael nodded and Dark Moon his umbreon nodded in agreement as well.

Proffesor Krane walked over, "Yes and thanks to Michael and the help of others in the Orre Region we shouldn't have to worry about Cipher ever appearing again" he said confidently. Eldes nodded, "And i'll help make sure of that, creating Shadow Pokemon is wrong" he added. Me too, I like things the way they are now, peacefull and calm, Darkheart told them.

Krane smiled, "Well then we came here to have fun didn't we? So let's go and have some fun!" he told them. Michael sighed and went off to rescue the recptionist who was once again being stalked by Neo his sableye. Krane went to make sure everything was going as planned. Darkheart had become a living slide for the younger kids who were enjoying themselves greatly.

Eldes put his arm around Maria as they watched the lugia playing with the children. "I never would have thought i'd see him this happy" he stated as Maria nodded. "It's good to see him enjoying himself like this, even though he didn't want to be purified at first" she added. They watched him for a moment before walking around looking a the festival booths.

"There are still going to be problems but we'll be ablt to handle them" Eldes said calmly as they sat down. Maria rested her head on his shoulder, "We'll handle whatever comes our way, with Darkheart leading the way right?" she said as Krane asked the Lugia a few questions. They had used Darkheart to give back all of the pokemon Team Cipher had stolen. 'This is the start of a new and wonderfull life' Maria thought, 'And I couldn't be happier' she thought as Darkheart began singing a beautifull song.


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