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Shadow's Rising

Summary: Kakashi and team Seven have a new teamate per the orders of The 5th Hokage, Tsunade. Who is this strange girl, and what connection does she have with Tsunade? What is her shadowed past, and why is she so silent? Yamiko is a quiet girl, seemingly bitter towards humanity, and at 18 she is accomplsed Jonin. So why does Tsunade wish her to join Kakashi's team? ANd what are their feelings towards one another? Read to find out!

This story is AU, in that Orochimaru never showed up, and Sasuke never left. Sakura was still trained by Tsunade, and Naruto by Jiraiya. The 3rd Hokage is still alive, he just stepped down 'cause he's so incredibly old. XD. They still had to force Tsunade into becoming the 5th Hokage. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are 16. I changed Kakshi's age a bit, so instead of being 30 when Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are 16, he is 28. Yamiko is 18. I tried to keep all of the characters as in character as I could, and I'm proud to say, that there is no OOC. (At least in my own opinion)

Shadow's Rising Chapter 1: A first apperance

The sun was just rising above the tree level, the light shinning of the green leaves, giving them a golden glow. In the forest there were many small clearings. This was the forest of Kohona no Sato. Hidden Leaf Village. To the North was a great mountain range, the 5 Hokages faces immortalized in the gray stone.

Kakashi Hatake sat on a rock, reading an issue of 'Come Come Paradise' while waiting for his team to arrive. The bottom half of his face was covered as usual in his mask, and his Kohona leaf head shield laying across his left eye; also as usual. And he was wearing his Jonin uniform.

He didn't have a mission for his students today, but Hokage Tsunade had requested a meeting with Team 7. Rolling his only visible eye in bemusement, Kakashi ran his fingers through his short silver hair, thinking on how his students would react of the news of no mission today.

Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke were his three students. They were all now 16 years old, and were at the Chunin level. He was currently 28, and therefore teased often by Naruto for 'being so old'. He was proud of them for getting so far, but hardly ever showed it. And even though all three of them had vastly different fighting styles and personalities, they were finally coming together as a team.

Naruto, he was an odd one. He grew up without parents, and without love, therefore becoming a troublemaker. But yet he always had a huge grin on his face. He had bright yellow hair, spiked up from his head, and three curious whisker like stripes on each cheek. His blue eyes were very expressive as he lost his temper very easily. Kakashi sighed thinking of Naruto's temper. He would come in excited to do a mission, and then he would blow up after finding there is none.

Sasuke…a very quite, closed off person. His entire being is put into becoming strong enough to find and kill his brother Itachi, whom had destroyed the entire Uchiha clan. He always wore dark colors, and one can never tell what he's thinking. Almost every female in Kohonagakure no Sato had a crush on him (including Sakura.) because of his black hair, and piercing blue eyes. Kakashi smirked underneath his mask. Sasuke would have no outward sign of disappointment, but he would be disappointed.

Sakura, she is the only girl in the group. She had oddly colored hair; it was a sugary shade of pink, matching her dark green eyes nicely. At first she was a shy, timid girl. But she has grown in strength and self-confidence since then. She had a huge crush on Sasuke, and still does, but she seemed to have cooled down a bit recently, and opened up to Naruto a bit. Naruto has as big a crush on her as she has on Sasuke. Kakashi chuckled lightly.

Am I running a team or a soap opera here? He thinks to himself, looking up to see Naruto bounding over the crest of the hill, his goofy grin in its usual place.

"Hello Kakashi Sensei! " Naruto yelled loudly, waving both his hands wildly in welcome. "What's our mission today!" He continues happily. Kakashi simply nodded his head in welcome and tucked his book away, waiting for the rest of his team. "Well?" Naruto prompted, having next to none patience.

"We're wait for Sasuke and Sakura." He answered simply. While Naruto pouted at his comment, Sakura and Sasuke ambled over the hill, Sakura talking animatedly to Sasuke while he seemed to be ignoring her. "Welcome Sakura, Sasuke." Kakashi said in welcome. Sasuke simply folded his arms across his chest and nodded while Sakura beams and waves.

"What's our mission today?" Sakura asked curiously, unconsciously echoing Naruto's previous words. Sasuke nodded in agreement and Naruto sat on the ground at Kakashi's feet impatiently

"Well…" Kakashi started slowly, scratching his cheek with a finger in thought. "We don't have a mission today." He watched as his pupils reacted just as he knew they would. Sakura hung her head in disappointment, Sasuke stood there stoically, and Naruto…

"What? That's not fair!" Naruto burst out jumping to his feet in anger. Kakashi raised his hand to stop any further comment from Naruto, and he instantly shut up.

"Indeed. But we do have a summons from Hokage Tsunade. She wishes to meet with us. And before you ask, I don't know why." He said in a board tone, placing his hands in his pockets and turning to head towards the village. His students exchanged brief glances before following.

As they entered Tsunade's office, Kakashi noted that she was sitting at her desk, staring at a picture in her hand. Seeing them enter she placed it face down on the desk and rose to meet them.

"Welcome Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. I'm glad you could make it." Tsunade started warmly, gesturing her hand towards some seats placed against the wall. After they took their seats, she continued. " I gather you wish to know why I summoned you here?" She continued to Team 7's nod. "There is someone I wish for you to meet. She should be arriving soon. " Tsunade finished, walking back to her desk to wait.

"Who?" chorused Naruto and Sakura while Sasuke grumbled something under his breath and Kakashi raised an eyebrow.

"No one you know." Tsunade said shortly. The three students simply glanced at each other and waited.

They did not have to wait long. After but a few moments of awkward silence, a small storm of lavender petals appeared in the middle of the room, drawing everybody's attention towards it. He raised an eyebrow in curiosity. Whoever it is enjoys making an entrance it seems. He thought to himself, his thoughts being cut short as the petals disappeared and in their place was a young girl, looking to be around the age of his three students. She appeared standing straight, her arms crossed over her chest, and her only visible eye closed. Kakashi took a moment to examine her.

She was wearing soft black boots that came to mid calf, with lavender crescents winding down it in a slight spiral. Under those going to just under her knees she wore a maroon colored leg covering. Except for that most of her legs were bare for she only wore a pair of very short black shorts, over which was a dark purple skirt, going down to an inch below the shorts, with a slit up each side going almost up to the waist band.

Around her waist was a thin black belt, attached to a small black bag at her side. Above that was a black shirt with a high collar, covering most of her neck. The sleeves came down a little pass her elbows. Over that was a tank top with a v-neck, that left her midriff bare, it was the same color as her skirt. She was also wearing black finger-less gloves that just barely covered her wrists.

There was a metal band on the back of each glove, each having the Kohona leaf etched on it. Under the gloves going to mid forearm was something similar to what she wore beneath her boots. Around her neck was a gold band, the middle three inches being a silver rectangle which had something written on it, looking closer Kakashi saw it was a name, 'Mikito Mitsunae'.

Hanging from that was a short gold chain, connected to a teardrop shaped amethyst. What was most odd about her appearance was her face. She had messy black hair, and the entire right side of her face was covered. There was a purple streak down that part of her hair. The rest of her face was open, and she wore her Kohona leaf headband off center, pulled down slightly over the right side of her face, further covering.

He could see one of her eyes, (which was still closed) and her left ear where he saw an earring matching her necklace. At the base of her scalp, extending to mid thigh was a wrapped ponytail. The wrap was of a dark purple material, and what shocked him was, attached to the clasp at the base of her ponytail were two kunai.

Kakashi took all this in within 3 seconds. At his side his students were also taking in her appearance. When she opened her eye to survey them, Kakashi noted it was purple.

There was something about her that made Kakashi feel strange. Who is she? And why does Tsunade want us to meet her? Kakashi thought as he saw her stiffen at the sight of him and his students.

Ikaru: Sorry about the long winded description, I just worked really hard developing her outfit, and wanted you all to be able to see it in your mind's eye. I won't describe the others as much, and I believe since you probably know who everyone is, and looks like, it won't matter. Ok, I'll shut up. Please read and Review! XD