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"Speaking."- Normal conversation
Speaking- Thinking
Speaking- Kyuusaisha speaking in Yamiko's mind
"Speaking"-Kyuusaisha speaking aloud through Yamiko

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Yamiko sat before her vanity bushing her luxurious raven-wing black hair out with an annoyed sigh. She had just finished bathing, and she was seriously considering chopping her thigh length hair off to her ears. It was such a pain to wash and brush.

Now, now, dearest. Kyuusaisha spoke teasingly into her mind. I love your hair as it is. She told her softly. Yamiko grimaced. Drat. She could not cut it now. She rolled her eyes and stood up while placing the brush softly down on the counter before her.

"Alright, I shan't cut it then." She sighed reluctantly. Kyuu's only response was a chuckle in her mind. She wrinkled her nose indulgently and paused to admire her reflection in the mirror for a moment.

She had filled out some in the recent weeks, and she was not quite so pale. She looked much healthier needless to say. Her hair was loose for the moment and hung down in light waves to her thighs. She was wearing long, loose black pants and a baggy black t-shirt for bed. The black color made her look paler then she was, but she didn't care. Her bangs were still brushed over her left eye.

It had been two weeks since the day in the field, and she had been training with Team 7 daily. She and Kakashi had been getting closer and closer, much to her delight. Sakura and Naruto were also turning out to be wonderful friends. Sasuke was warming slowly to her, but he was still so unapproachable. Unsocial.

She somehow got the feeling that Sasuke was still antagonist against Kyuusaisha, whatever it was she had seen that day. And her sense of self just grew stronger each passing day, but her love and affection for Kyuu never lessened an iota.

She was so thankful to her Guardian Angel for her ultimate sacrifice, and she would do everything in her power to grant Kyuu her own body. That was her mission in life; that and to avenge her poor sweet mother.

I worry when you are so pensive my dear. Kyuu spoke up suddenly, startling her.

"What?" She asked, astounded. She blinked several times, the implication of Kyuu's words finally sinking in. "Wait, are you not listening to my thoughts anymore?" She asked, her eyes wide and she turned to stare at the mirror. Her eyes flickered gold for a split second. Hardly noticeable except that she had been expecting it.

I have been doing so less and less of late. Kyuu told her softly. Yamiko found herself unable to respond for several moments.

"Why?!" She finally managed to get out.

Do I have a right to anymore, dear one? You know now that I am not simply a part of you, I am a separate entity…I should not be privy to every thought you have, it is intrusive. And besides, once I get my own body…I will not be in your mind then. Kyuu explained to her calmly and with a feeling of chiding authority. Yamiko realized that Kyuu was right, but she found that she still could not except her reasoning entirely.

"I have never found your presence intrusive." She argued vehemently. "You know me better then I know myself, you are my other half." She continued with a smile.

Kyuu was silent for many long moments, and Yamiko began to feel that she was simply not going to answer. She had done that once or twice before.

Be that as it may, as soon as I am separate I will no longer be you. I will be my own…entity. She explained again, a little doubtfully this time. Yamiko laughed and she hugged herself.

"Alright then, but really, I don't mind you in my head. Do so as long as you like, and then when you are your own person, we'll have to share our every thought with each other." Yamiko teased with a giggle. She got the sense that Kyuu was amused and she felt the feeling of an embrace emanating for the part of her that was Kyuu.

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