Crossover Crisis Side Story 2

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P-Ranma: Fist of the Pikachu (Trainer, Ranko, Silver Senshi, Sailor Silver Star, etc)
B-Ranma: Fighting Blind (Ranma)
T-Ranma: Ranmatech (Prototype)
Kojiro: Cat Fist Fury
D-Ranma: Dragon Child (Draco)

The Return of the Silver Senshi

Part 2

"Sailor Uranus, Neptune and the other Outer Senshi are missing?" P-Ranma asked as Makoto and the other girls began filling in what had been happening since he and his counterparts had left this reality months ago.

"That's right." Makoto replied. "Micharu, Haruka and Hotaru suddenly vanished a few weeks ago and no one had seen them since then. We've gone to their apartment, their workplaces, Hotaru's school and every one of their usual hang outs, but we came up empty."

"I've been really worried, especially since I've been getting some very disturbing visions in my fire readings." Rei added. "What's worse is that we haven't heard from Setsuna."

"Who's Setsuna?" P-Ranma asked.

"Oh, that's right, you didn't meet her the last time you were here." Minako said.

P-Ranma thought back to those manga about the Sailor Senshi he had read and then snapped his fingers. "Wait a minute. She's Sailor Pluto, right?"

"That's right. How did you know?" Usagi asked with surprise.

P-Ranma shrugged as he was bit embarrassed that all of his knowledge about the Senshi came from reading manga. In this world, the Senshi were real, but in many other universes, they were just fictional characters in comic books and cartoons. He then gave a nervous laugh and said, "Well, let's just say that me and the guys have a very good source of information."

"Hey, speaking of which, how's Prototype? Did he ever say anything about me?" Makoto asked eagerly. She had not forgotten the handsome and dashing techno-warrior that by far put her old sempai to shame.

"Hey! Is Kojiro all right?" Minako asked. She had never forgotten the powerful and very sexy-looking Neko Ken warrior, especially his hybrid form.

"I wouldn't mind seeing Ranma again." Rei added as she remembered the blind fighter.

P-Ranma became a little nervous as the girls continued to prod him with questions about his counterparts. He began shaking his head while holding up his hands. "Whoa! Slow down!" Trainer then took a deep breath before informing the girls about the events that had occurred which caused him to be transported back to this universe.


In the Realm of Infinity...

"Well, it looks like Trainer's going to be busy for a while." Ranma Blue remarked.

Ranma Red nodded. "Uh huh. So what say we flash forward in time and see how they do?"

The other twin nodded as the viewer began switching scenes.


Two days later, in a secluded area of the city park...

"So these bands will actually increase our Senshi powers?" Rei asked as she admired the new accessory on her wrist. The other girl also studied the devices as P-Ranma began explaining to them how to use them.

"Basically, yes. According to what Prototype told me, these are newer models to the ones we... er, the Justice Five used during our fight with Blodia. Now the first level will increase your powers and physical abilities by a factor of ten. The next level will make you a hundred times more powerful."

"Why don't we just use the 100 times setting to begin with?" Usagi asked.

Trainer shook his head. "No. Prototype warned me that it's got to be done gradually or it'll put too much of a strain on your bodies. Heck, just using the Ultra Armor makes the person hyper-metabolic."

"What does that mean?" Usagi asked.

Ami nodded as she gave her the answer. "It means that your body would burn up thousands of calories within a short time."

The girl with the odangoes perked up when she heard this. "And that's supposed to be bad? I think that's great! I've been meaning to lose a few pounds!"

"No, that's not good for your body." P-Ranma said before turning to Makoto.

"Remember how hungry you were when you transformed back?"

"Hey, yeah!" The tall brunette replied. "I was really famished! I couldn't believe how much I ate. Come to think of it, you ate a lot too when you turned back."

The other girls nodded as they remembered the feeding frenzy that P-Ranma and Sailor Jupiter had went into after they had transported to Rei's temple. The food that the Pokémon trainer consumed alone would have fed a hundred people.

"That's one of the reasons why you girls should use these Power Armor Activators only when you need it." Trainer added. "You'll burn yourselves out that much quicker, if you use them too many times or for too long. But, since you girls are at half-strength without the Outer Senshi and with this new enemy, you're going to need all the help and power-ups that you can get."

The rest of the group nodded as the youngest member of the Senshi asked a question. "What about me? Don't I get Power Armor too?"

Trainer shook his head as he answered Usagi's daughter from the future.

"Sorry, but I only brought six Activators with me. Besides, I'm not too sure if your younger body could take the strain of the Ultra or Mega Armor."


"Hey, don't worry about it. Tell you what. My Pokémon will be your new partners in battle, okay?"

"Really?" Rini said with excitement as she gave Raiden a big hug. "All right!"

"Pika... chu!"


The girls and P-Ranma chuckled a bit as gazed upon a slightly frazzled Chibi-Moon.

Ami then gestured to her Activator. "By the way, what does this switch do?"

"Don't touch that!" Trainer warned, causing Ami's finger to quickly retract itself. "That's the Hyper Armor and Prototype warned me never to power up to that level. Having your abilities amplified by one thousand times might be too much for you. He said that it would strain even HIS body."

"Hyper Armor?" Venus repeated with interest.

"Yeah, but he said that it may prove to be fatal to any other person." Trainer added, making the Inner Senshi wince. "Don't worry though. I doubt that the enemy we're up against is so powerful that we'd risk that. The Ultra and Mega Armor should be more than enough." I hope. P-Ranma added silently.


In a dark and foreboding place, the two mysterious individuals who were holding the Outer Senshi captive were busy scheming at how to defeat this newcomer.

"Didn't Blodia fight against this Silver Senshi before, Sharok?" The first one asked the other. He was a tall, reed thin man with long, raven hair. He was dressed in dark, coarse robes.

The second person, a woman with fiery red hair and serpentine eyes nodded as she replied to her companion. "Yes, Mendola. I recall the reports of Blodia's demise. It was said that she possessed great power and many allies as well. I belive they were called... the Justice Five."

"Yes, but this time, she returned alone. There have been no reports of the rest of this Justice Five."

"Well then, it shouldn't be TOO much trouble to eliminate her and the Inner Senshi, correct? We have the power of the Outer Senshi at our disposal." The man gestured to the captive Uranus, Neptune and Saturn as they were slowly being drained by their bonds. In her crystal prison, Sailor Pluto remained in suspended animation.

"We shall see."


Meanwhile, in yet another reality...

Protoype sighed as he and his three counterparts ate dinner in the apartment that they were renting. After leaving the Evangelion Universe, they had been on their way to collect their missing comrade Trainer, when a certain dragon-warrior accidentally bumped the navigational controls and they had once again found themselves off course and in another alternate universe. Fortunately, things seemed to be quiet in this part of the space-time continuity and they were enjoying a little rest period, while the ship regenerated its quantum-phase drive.

"Good ramen." The blind fighter remarked as he finished off his bowl.

"Yeah, and I have to admit that this universe is LOT quieter than what we usually end up in." Kojiro agreed.

"By the way, Prototype. Did you find out about that Saotome guy who lives next door?" Draco asked.

"Yeah. Kazuya has no relation to us or any Ranma Saotome in this world. He's a nice guy though and a promising engineering student. He's even building his own automaton."

"Automaton?" The Cat Fist fighter asked.

"Robot." The technological Ranma answered casually. "I saw it. Cute, but primitive by my standards. He calls that mechanical squid of his... what was it again? Oh yeah! He calls it Ikariya. He's pretty absent-minded though and really clueless. He doesn't even know that someone's got it in for him."

"What? You mean that weirdo that we saw earlier?" The blind Ranma shuddered at the memory of that Nanbara freak. His very being was so twisted, he made Kuno look like the pinnacle of sanity.

"Yeah. He tried to slip a virus into Kazuya's computer, but I managed to catch it and redirected it to another location on the Internet."

"Where did you send it?"

"Oh, to this address. Since we're not going to be here for long, I figured that whatever happens here won't hurt anyone and..."

At that moment, they heard the doorbell ring. Prototype assumed that it was some salesman or such and went to answer the door. When he opened it, he saw that it was some female delivery person with her cap pulled down low over her head.

"Package for Mr. Saotome."

"Huh? I don't remember ordering..." Prototype said as the woman pressed a package into his hands. It was about the size of a shoebox and was quite heavy.

"Please sign here." The woman said as she held out a form and a pen.

"But lady, I'm trying to say..."

"Hey, Prototype, who is it?" Draco called out.

Prototype turned his head and replied. "It's some delivery person and..." He then turned back to the door. "Sorry, but..." He stopped when he saw that the woman had suddenly disappeared, leaving him with the box in his hands. Prototype shrugged as he turned back to his counterparts as the dragon warrior got up from the table and went over to him.

"So what is that?" Draco asked as he took the box and looked at it.

"I don't know." The techno-warrior replied as he read the label. "Never heard of Cyberdyne before. I don't remember ordering anything though."

"Well whatever it is, it's pretty heavy. I wonder what's in it?"

"Doesn't matter. I'll just put 'return to sender,' on the label and mail it back."

At that moment, the top of the box made a soft tapping sound as something inside it began knocking against the lid. Then a tiny voice was heard.

"Please let me out. It's dark in here."

"Huh?" Both Ranmas looked down at the box as the other two stood up and went over to them.

"What's in the box?" Kojiro asked, his natural feline curiosity now aroused.

"Best way to find out is to open it." B-Ranma said simply.

Draco looked at Prototype, who shrugged before nodding. Though he could have used his infra-red and x-ray vision to see inside the package, he decided that it wouldn't hurt to open it. Kojiro lent a helping hand, or in this case, a helping claw, by making a casual swipe at it with an index finger. The top of the box was cleanly sliced open and Draco carefully lifted the lid to peer inside.

"Thank you." The tiny voice said as a pair of eyes peered back at him.

"WHOA! IT'S ALIVE!" The dragon warrior was a bit startled as he threw up the box.


The blind Ranma detected the sudden panic as his seventh sense began tracking the falling package. Unfortunately, Draco had been standing near the door, which led to the stairway. Since they were on the second floor, whatever was in that box would be smashed on the street below. Reacting quickly, he pinpointed the source of the tiny scream, took out his battle staff and extended it.


A small object landed on the end of his weapon and held on tight. The remainder of the box's contents landed hard on the concrete and broke apart.

T-Ranma looked down the length of the male Amazon's staff and his eyes widened. "Hello, what do we have here?" He extended a hand and began emitting an anti-gravity field, which levitated the object off the pole's end and brought it into the apartment. It was then set gently onto the dining table as the four Ranmas crowded around.

Cyber Doll May smiled as she dusted off her maid outfit and gave her new owners a polite bow.

"Thank you for saving me."

The four martial artists could only stare at the six-inch tall and very perky little girl, with a very well-developed figure and a somewhat sexy-looking outfit. (1)


A few days later...

"Whoa!" Sailor Venus yelped as she dodged a barrage of energy bolts. The monster that had popped up, while she was on a shopping spree with Makoto and Trainer, was unlike anything they had encountered before. The thing seemed to be unstoppable and whatever attacks that were thrown against it would be reflected back at them. The creature looked like some huge mirror.

Nearby, Sailor Jupiter and the Silver Senshi were running interference, as the blonde Senshi decided that it was time to up the ante. Her normal light-based attacks were useless, as the thing could absorb and reflect them back at her. She decided to find out if the thing had an upper limit as to how much energy it could bounce back. She held up her arm with the Activator band and called out her transformation phrase.


Sailor Venus was immediately engulfed in a pillar of light and began floating above the ground. Her Senshi costume began taking on a metallic sheen as armor components appeared and attached themselves to her body. A kind of visor that resembled her old Sailor V mask appeared and fitted itself in front of her eyes. Her usual white gloves were replaced with metal arm bracers and her orange footwear became stylish mid-calf boots. A flowing short cape of gold appeared on her back, attached to triangular shoulder pads.


In addition to her change in wardrobe, her physical body began accelerating its body chemistry and cellular structure. Her figure became more curved and Minako gained three inches in height. Her bust size gained MORE than three inches. Her entire body became more... bouncy as she pirouetted once in the air before striking a pose with her arms crossed in a background of stars.


The cameramen of the TV news groups, plus every male viewer in Japan, were in the danger of drowning in their own drool.

The newly transformed Sailor Venus leapt high and crossed her arms in front of her. Strobes of light appeared about her and took shape, resembling crystal shards. The pointed ends were all directed at her foe.


She swung her arms outward, sending the barrage of energy projectiles at her opponent. However, these weapons were more solid than her previous light-constructs and the monster was unable to absorb them as they plowed into it. Its polished surface cracked apart like cheap glass and all the energy it had collected in the battle was released in one huge explosion. Sailor Star Light landed beside her comrades and took a victory pose.

"Breaking THAT mirror was seven years bad luck... for his master!"


At another time...

Sailor Mercury was considered the weakest, (physically), among the Inner Senshi, but she was also considered the most intellectual. And right now her high IQ was telling her that she was no match against her enemy at her current power level.

The youma that Sharok had sent to destroy the library was a walking computer. It's movements were precisely calculated to use minimum amount of energy for maximum destruction. It had been a fortunate thing that Amy was there doing a school research project.

The monster laughed as it easily calculated the power of Sailor Mercury's water-based attacks and countered them with power shields and energy blasts. Her freezing powers were just as useless since the walking computer had heating coils to melt ice projectiles and kept it from freezing. Mercury's visor and computer couldn't penetrate the disruption fields it was producing to find its weak spot.

"Time to see if this thing works!" Amy held up her Power Armor Activator.


A brilliant explosion of light enveloped the brainy Senshi as she began her transformation. Her body did not undergo quite a dramatic change as Venus and Jupiter's had, but she became more curved and her thin limbs became streamlined. Her entire figure was willowy and she moved with more grace. She also gained two inches in height and her short, blue hair came a bit longer and more lustrous.


Armor units began affixing themselves to her, including a far more sophisticated computer visor, which resembled a kind of virtual reality helmet. (Think of Sylphemon from Digimon, Season Two). The new headpiece had more advanced circuits than her old visor and computer combined. Miniaturized freeze cannons, which were powered by her augmented abilities appeared on her shoulders, mounted on new epaulets. The rest of her Senshi costume was enhanced with crystalline armor plates.


The youma winced as its computer brain analyzed this new development. Its foe's power levels had just taken a drastic increase and was now MORE than a match for it.

Sailor Ice-Tech landed in front of her enemy and began analyzing it. The transformation had taken into account of Sailor Mercury's best traits and improved on them, giving her augmented water and ice powers, and a more advanced sensor array. She easily found the creature's weak point through her new visor as the built-in computer began giving options.

The new and improved Sailor Mercury thrust out her hands and released shards of ice at her foe. She also released a dense and cold fog to serve as a distraction. As the monster brought up its shields to deflect the barrage, Sailor Ice-Tech thrust her fist into the air.


The ground beneath the youma exploded upward as a pillar of ice shot up and engulfed it, trapping it inside a frozen prison. The youma found itself suspended some fifty feet above the ground and encased in solid ice.

Sailor Ice-Tech smiled. Through her new visor, she had learned that her foe's underside was its weak point since its protective shielding did not extend beyond the ground. Now it was nothing more than a frozen sitting duck as she prepared to finish it off. The freeze cannons on her shoulders powered up as she took aim.


The weapons discharged hundreds of bolts of ice, which hit like armor-piercing shells. Once they embedded themselves into their target, they began emitting more freezing energy, which caused the computer monster to ice up and become brittle. One final burst from her Ice-Storm Blasters, and the fiend exploded into millions of ice cubes.

Though the use of excessive force was against her nature, Amy had to admit that she had never vanquished a foe so thoroughly before, and that her new abilities were a lot more effective than the old Sailor Mercury's.

Besides, she liked her new look.


Another day...

"How dare you threaten... oof!"

Sailor Mars went sprawling after being struck by the youma that was threatening to reduce her family's shrine to cinders. This particular monster was like some grotesque, medieval knight with heat-resistant armor and a flame lance. It was over twelve feet tall and was shrugging off her best flame attacks and retaliated with even hotter blasts. The tip of its weapon could scorch concrete and with the shrine being made of only wood and rice paper, the youma would make it go up like kindling.

Fortunately, the Silver Senshi arrived on the scene and released her water Pokémon Sea Storm. The Golduck immediately began throwing up psychic barriers to keep the flames from spreading, as well as using his Water Gun attacks to put out the blazes.

"Leave this hothead to me, Sailor Mars." Trainer said as she helped Rei to her feet.

However, the Senshi of Fire still had her pride as she pushed away her friend.



"Just make sure that the fire doesn't touch my grandfather's shrine! It's time for the new, Sailor Mars!" She held up her Power Armor Activator and shouted out her transformation phrase. "ULTRA ARMOR ENERGIZE!"

The Silver Senshi had to step back as the transformation process began. Like the other Inner Senshi, Rei was engulfed in a bright strobe of light, which turned crimson as her Sailor Mars outfit became more robust and shiny. A metal breastplate replaced the red bow on her chest as new arm bracers fit themselves over her white gloves. Her tiara morphed into a stylish headpiece which framed her face like a helmet. New, scarlet metal boots with high heels were fitted on her feet.


Red gemstones appeared on each side of her belt, shoulder pads and boots. Streams of flame appeared between them, giving the appearance of wings, (think of Shayla-Shayla from El Hazard). Sailor Mars, now taller, buffer, and a LOT sexier-looking, struck a pose in front of a background of a large erupting volcano.


The flame-knight now found himself outclassed as the enhanced Sailor Mars suddenly burned like a solar flare and became surrounded by an aura of flame.


The Senshi shot forward like a flaming comet and struck the youma dead center in the chest with her elbow. She kept on going and blasted THROUGH the youma, leaving a gaping hole in its torso. The creature gave one final scream of anguish before disintegrating into a pile of embers. Rei gave off a happy cry of victory as she struck a pose.


P-Ranma and Sea Storm could only look at her with huge sweatdrops behind their heads.


Back in the other universe...

"Hmmm." T-Ranma commented as he used his optic scanners to give May's systems a once-over. A cybernetic bioroid with an... anatomically correct, pseudo-organic outer shell. Her inner mechanisms are impressive, though still not up to par to what I've seen. Whoever made her is far more advanced than anyone else on Earth... besides me. Could be improved.


Sailor Senshi Universe...

"Hmmm. This may be more difficult than we thought." Sharok commented.

"Yes. We may need to up the ante and give more power to our creations." Mendola agreed.

"Of course, that means that we must drain more power form the Outer Senshi to do so. That might kill them."

"A small price to pay."


The bonds that were holding the Outers captive increased in intensity, causing them to scream out in more pain as the two conspirators used their energies to create another of their minions.


The other universe...

After Cyber Doll May had played back her customary introduction, stating her make, model, and copyrights, she gave a polite bow to her new owners. "I am pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Saotome." She then noted that there were four, nearly identical Ranmas. "Excuse me, but which one of you, is Mr. Ranma Saotome?"

Draco, Protoype and B-Ranma raised their hands. Kojiro of course, never answered to that name.

Seeing the confused look on the Cyber Doll's face, Prototype nodded as he explained. "Oh, I guess since I was the one that sent that e-mail, I would be the one that you want." He then began pointing to his counterparts. "This is Kojiro, Draco, and Ranma."

"Ranma? But I thought you were Ranma?" May said, getting even more confused.

"Well, technically speaking, I am, but I go by the name of Prototype to avoid confusion." (2)

"Okay, Master Prototype."

"Oh, and one more thing."

"Yes, Master Prototype?"

"You can drop the 'master' bit."

"All right. How about Sir Prototype?"


"Mr. Prototype?"


"Lord Prototype?"

The technological Ranma held up a hand. "Just Prototype will be fine."

"Okay!" May then filed that information away.

"Thank you. The only ones who call me master, are my Care-Bots."


T-Ranma nodded as he turned to the open front door and gave a sharp whistle on a very specific pitch. This sound was received by his ship, which was cloaked nearby. The hatch opened slightly and a squat, round shape that looked like a metal bug, jetted out of the craft. Once the hatch closed, the machine then sped up the stairs and into the apartment.

Cyber Doll May stared at the automaton as it came to the table, and extended its top half on a sleek, telescoping body. Two slender arms popped out and the right appendage smartly saluted its creator. A number one was imprinted on the top of its head.

"Care-Bot Unit One is online. How may I serve you, master?"

May continued to stare as T-Ranma gestured the Care-Bot to her.

"Unit One, meet... May."


Back in the other universe...

"WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Sailor Moon jumped to fro while being shot at by some huge monster with huge fangs and a LOT of spikes on its back.

"Don't worry, Sailor Moon! Sailor Chibi-Moon and her elemental allies will save you!"

Usagi's daughter took a dramatic pose on top of a nearby streetlamp, while holding out a Pokéball. Beside her, Raiden sighed out a mushroom puff. Ever since his master had told him and the other Pokémon to be Rini's partners, the Sailor Senshi-in-training had been getting too much into this. Most of the time, the Pokémon had to save her from her own worst enemy, namely herself.

"Sea Storm, I choose y... whoa!"

The pink-haired girl was about to throw the Pokéball with a fancy one-handed toss, (like the way Makoto did with her Sparkling Wide Pressure Attack), but she slipped off her perch and landed face first into a trashcan. Her legs went flailing about as she tried to get herself out, but that was when the youma decided to advance on her.

"NO!" Sailor Moon cried out as she gathered up her courage and acted to save her future offspring. She held up her Power Band and...


Sailor Moon was levitated off the ground and was surrounded by a nimbus of light. She spun and pirouetted while her long ponytails flared out. Her Sailor Senshi costume became more robust as her figure increased in size and curves. Her tiara was replaced with a more ornate headdress with angelic wings and a visor. On her back, the wings merged together to form a semi-transparent cape with a star design. Her gloves took on a metallic sheen as liquid metal melded itself to them. Her boots became sleeker, and a belt with a star-shaped buckle formed on her waist.


On her right hip, a two-handed, double-edged, short sword and scabbard appeared. The weapon's hand guard was in the shape of a heart with a white gemstone imbedded into it. The transformed Senshi drew the weapon and made several graceful swings and thrusts with it, leaving trails of star dust. She ended the transformation in a pose with the sword held high.


The youma could only stare as Sailor Moon Blade held her sword straight up and focused her newly increased powers. The blade flared with light as she called out her attack phrase.


She then sent the sword down in a graceful arc. Though she was more than a hundred feet away, the light being projected from the weapon lashed out and cut the youma in half. The monster let off a final scream before exploding into tiny fragments, which then faded away.

At this time, Sailor Chibi-Moon pulled herself out of the trashcan.

"Okay! Now you will the force of my Elemental..."

The pink-haired girl stopped in mid-speech as she saw that the enemy had already been destroyed.

Sailor Moon Blade could only stare at her new weapon which made Sailor Uranus' weapon look like nothing.


A few days later...

"I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice!"

"I am Sailor Mars!"

"I am Sailor Jupiter!"

"I am Sailor Mercury!"

"I am Sailor Venus!"

"I am Sailor Chibi-Moon!"

"We are the Sailor Senshi and in the name of love and justice... we shall punish you!" All the Inner Senshi said together while taking up a group pose. They then made some fancy hand movements and prepared to use their Power Bands.


"Uh... guys?" Sailor Silver Star said.

"What?" Sailor Moon asked as she and the others were about to use their Ultra Armor. They had seen the abilities that their new foes had displayed and had decided that more power was needed.

"I'm done." Trainer stated.

"Huh?" The other girls said with confusion.

"I said... I'm done." She gestured to the piles of ash that now littered the landscape.

"You're... done?!" The Inner Senshi couldn't believe it. Weren't there five huge monsters rampaging all over the place a minute ago?

"You guys really should shorten those intros. I swear they take longer than the battles." Trainer shrugged as she walked off. A moment later, there was tremendous facefault by the Inner Senshi.


Back in that other universe...

"You did what?" Draco asked in disbelief.

"Well... I kind of thought that May needed to be improved." Prototype replied nonchalantly. "Her energy consumption rate was too inefficient, and I saw how nervous you and Kojiro were when we had to hack into her USB port to recharge her. It figures that it would be located THERE. Therefore, I just installed a miniaturized proton core, so she'll have more energy to spare. And I also gave her a few basic upgrades like a power-strength booster, a speed-enhancer and some defensive capabilities. I mean, what's the harm?"


Cyber Doll Sara was furious when she had discovered that Prototype was delinquent on his payments for May, which totaled $1,450,000.00. Of course, if she had MENTIONED it to the technological Ranma, during the delivery, instead of going off to stuff her face with ramen, he would have paid it easily.

However, Sara had assumed that it was time to retrieve the May Unit, and when she saw May walking down the street with Care-Bot Unit 1 on a shopping trip...

Hah! This will be too easy! Sara thought as she snuck up behind them.



"WHAT THE...?!"


"Unit May? Do you require assistance?" The Care-Bot had been ready to unleash its own weaponry, but as soon as Sara made a grab for May, the little Cyber Doll spun around, grasped Sara by her index finger and slammed her repeatedly into the pavement. In addition to her new power core and strength-booster; which amplified her lifting power by a factor of five hundred, May had also been programmed with Judo moves. After beating Sara down, she then let loose with 50,000 volts of electricity from her hands, making the larger Cyber Doll light up like a Christmas tree. Apparently, May can now do more than just replace the TV remote.

"That's all right Care-Bot." May then bowed to Sara. "Please forgive me. You scared me."

As the two left, Cyber Doll Sara was still seeing stars while she lay on her back, sparking and smoking in several places. Her silver hair was frazzled and she had a glazed look on her face.

I scared HER?!


A few days later...

At the apartment complex known as Kasumi House, (and I don't mean the Tendo Dojo), the four Ranmas were discussing their plans.

"Do you think Trainer's all right? I mean, it's been about two weeks since we last saw him." Draco asked.

"He's all right. I can feel it." B-Ranma said.

"I wish I had a seventh sense." Kojiro remarked.

"I'm pretty sure that he's doing fine." Prototype assured. "He's got the upgraded Power Bands and his Pokémon. And remember, he's no pushover either. If I know him, he's probably running around as the Silver Senshi again. And with the new versions of the Ultra and Mega Armors, I'm certain that he'll still be there by the time we return."

"Okay... by the way, did you make any more upgrades to May?"

"As a matter of fact, I did. I figured that she needed some more weaponry, so I installed a miniature, repulsor-wave blaster... purely for self-defense, of course. Though I haven't fine-tuned it yet."



"Unit May, are you all right?" Care Bot Unit One asked. He and Unit Two were currently with their master's newest servant.

The little Cyber Doll was pulling herself out of the depression in the wall she had made when the recoil of her blaster had sent her flying back.

"Errg... I'm... okay." May replied as she dusted the debris off her maid outfit. Fortunately, T-Ranma had also installed a force-field projector, which had cushioned the Cyber Doll from the impact. The two Care Bots looked in the direction to where May's assailant had been repelled. There were Sara-shaped holes in the walls of several buildings, indicating her trajectory after being hit by May's blaster.


Sara regained consciousness in a heap of rubble a block away.

That CAN'T be the same G-99 we sent to Saotome!

The ramen-scarfing Cyber Doll decided that a different approach was needed.


A day later...


Cyber Doll Rena was having the time of her life as she rode Kojiro's back. It was quite a sight to see a saber-toothed tiger racing through the streets of the city.


Later that day...

Sara gritted her teeth as she received a message from the Retrieval Unit, stating that she wasn't going to repossess Cyber Doll May, because she was a friend of her tiger.

Okay... let's try another approach...


Another day later...

T-Ranma smirked as he gazed upon the very attractive Cyber Doll Kei as she moved her piece. The two were engaged in a very intense game of Shogi as the other Ranmas watched, Rena, and May watched.

Cyber Doll Kei was certain that she would win. After all, she had every mathematical and scientific fact inputted into her brain. In simple human terms, she had an IQ of 50,000. Her opponent was just human.

What she didn't know was that the Ranmas in the room already knew that she was a Cyber Doll. Kojiro and his blind counterpart could tell by her scent. Draco had used a scrying spell. As for T-Ranma, his sensors were far more advanced that even Kei's. His nanites had also given her sensors false readings so that she believed he was only human.

"I must warn you, that I shall have you in checkmate in three moves." Kei told Prototype.

"Well then, I guess I'd better do this." The technological Ranma moved his piece into a new position. "Checkmate."

Kei's glasses became fogged, her head tilted at an angle and her mouth gaped open. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh....."

"What's with her?" B-Ranma asked.

T-Ranma shrugged. "I guess her CPU didn't catch that maneuver and she's trying to process how she lost. She may be programmed with all the right moves, but it's the sneaky moves that really count. Looks like we've got another Cyber Doll in the house."


Meanwhile, back in the other universe...

Ranko, as Sailor Silver Star, dodged the blasts from Sharok and Mendola's latest creation. The Inner Senshi, in their Ultra Armor Suits also found it difficult to defend themselves against their newest foe. Backed by the powers of their Outer Senshi, the youma had more than enough energy to withstand their strongest attacks. Even the combined attacks of P-Ranma's Pokémon weren't enough to pierce the armored hide of the gigantic monster, which looked like some hideous lizard with cybernetic implants. Trainer's comrades could do nothing but protect Sailor Chiba-Moon from the beast's attacks.

Looks like it's time to up the ante! The Pokémon trainer raised her Power Band and shouted.


With the new upgrades, P-Ranma's new Mega Armor took on a more robust look. Shiny new shoulder pads fitted themselves onto the sides of her breastplate. A more stylish headpiece and visor replaced the one she had worn previously. New shin guards appeared and attached themselves to the tops of her boots. Eight crystal wings sprouted from her back and acted as energy collectors as she began channeling her powers.


"Holding up her hands above her head, the Pokémon trainer focused her ki and began forming a yellow-orange globe. The sphere began expanding in size, and soon it was as big as a house. She then thrust her hands forward and aimed the ball at her target.


The ball of energy erupted into a huge Hyper Beam Attack and lanced toward the monster. However, the beast held up its arms and formed a rectangular barrier to stop the attack from hitting it. Sailor Nova continued to fire, straining the shield to its limit.


"She will not defeat our creation." Mendola snorted.

"Yes." Sharok agreed. "We had studied Blodia's defeat and had this creation specially prepared against the Silver Senshi's strongest attack. That particular monster will absorb any energy and become even more powerful."




(1) I just saw the first few episodes of Hand Maid May and I liked it. And in this case, May will be joining our intrepid group on their journey through dimensions.

(2) Remember that Blind Ranma does not go by the name of Koga until they meet up with the original Ranma.