He walked through the park slowly, his mind warped with thoughts. Why did his son have to be born into the branch part of the family? His son would have been a perfect leader for their clan! He shook his head, he wished their was something he could do.

He turned the corner and saw a little girl hiding behind a bush shivering. She looked up at him through big watery green eyes. Her pink hair falling in front of her. He walked to her carefully as to not scare her. He knelt down. "Why are you crying?" She looked at him and said nothing, she just pointed at her forehead. "It's big, I get teased because of it. No one wants to play with a big forehead girl." ,She whispered.

He looked at her forehead and smiled. "It's not that big! Those kids are just being foolish." He took her hand. "And I want to play with you!" She looked up at him in shock. "Come on! How about you swing and I push you?" She smiled and nodded. He lead her to the swing area and pushed her, smiling as she giggled and laughed.

After about an hour of swinging they were in the sand box making a sand castle. She sighed. "Your really nice, I haven't met anyone like you before." He smiled, "Then maybe you should get out more." , he said while poking her. She giggled.

She sighed, "I wish I could meet more people like you, but the other kids say that I'll be lucky if I can meet even one person who can except my big forehead. They said I'll probably never marry!" Her eyes watered.

He tilted his head. His son would have to choose a bride if he was to be leader. He thought for a moment. "I'll tell you what, if you don't find a husband by the time your 22 and my son is a clan leader, he'll marry you!" Her eyes widened.

"He would?"


She smiled, "No I doubt it."

He shook his head, "I know it! How old are you anyway and what's your


"I'm 7 and my names Sakura."

He smiled, "My son is a year older than you!"

"Why would you want me to marry your son anyway?"

He looked at her sadly, "Because if he was to be leader, he'd need

someone like you."

She looked at him surprised, "Someone like me?"

He nodded, "Yes, there would be lots of pressure on him and stuff on


She nodded her head and looked at him with determination. "Then I'll do my best!"

He laughed, "I'm sure you will, just know this. Despite how my boy acts, don't give up on him. Things will…are..hard on him." He sighed, "I'll be trusting you with him, ok?" She nodded, he smiled. "Good. So don't worry about finding a husband, if you don't get one, wait for my boy." He dusted himself and got up, "You'll recognize him, he'll be wearing this mark." He removed his head band to show her the Hyuuga branch mark. "And he'll look just like me." She nodded in understanding. He waved his goodbye and walked off.

It was night time by the time he got home. His son ran over to meet him. "Father! Your home!" He smiled, "Hello Neji."

"Father there is a meeting, it's suppose to be important." He nodded and ruffled his son's hair, walking to the place that he knew the meeting would be at.

3 hrs later he walked out of the meeting room and wrote his will, he knew he would be dieing. He made out all of his wishes and walked to Neji room. He slept beside his son, watching his son sleep. He smiled sadly, he would never get to see his son grow up. But at least he knew that his son would be ok, everything was set for Neji.

The next morning he, the father of Neji Hyuuga and brother of Lord Hyuuga, was dead.

Present day, ch.1

Lord Hyuuga paced the room, he had made his decision and he was going to stick with it. He smiled, as for the rest, his long dead brother had taken care of.

Neji walked into the room wondering why his uncle would call him into the main meeting room.

"Neji please step in and sit." Neji froze, his uncle wasn't usually this nice to him. "I've made a decision. Hinata and Hinabi don't want the leadership position of this family. So I've decided to give the position to you. You deserve it." He chuckled as Neji's eyes widened.

"Clan leader?...yes..of course." Neji bowed slightly.

Lord Hyuuga smiled, "That's good, but there is one more thing. Your father left it in his will that if you were to get this position you must TRY to get a certain girl to marry you."

Neji's eyes narrowed, "Who?"

Lord Hyuuga sighed, "Her name is Sakura, your father wrote that she had pink hair and green eyes. She's a year younger than you….. I think you an me both know the girl he was describing."

Neji nodded, "Haruno Sakura."


Sakura stared out the window. Uchiha Sasuke had walked out of Konoha and her life nearly 6 yrs ago. When he walked out he took her beliefs on love with him. She didn't believe that there was a someone out there for her. Maybe everyone else but not her. And just like she had predicted a long time before, no one would marry her. But not because of her forehead, mainly it was because most guys were taken or away.

She put her chin into her hand, she wanted a family. But from the looks of it, the only family she would get is the family of friends she had. She still remembered the man she hadmet and the promise they had made. But she doubted that it would come true. She was 22 going on 23, that promise had been made almost 15 yrs ago. The guy had probably forgotten the promise.

Neji walked through the streets remembering what the will had said. His father had written that he should try to get the girl. Even should she say no, he would get the position, but if he didn't try. He wouldn't get the position. His father had written that if he was to just show her the mark on his head she would know understand everything. Neji wondered at that while he turned the corner. Had her and his father made some deal or something? If she had known his afther why had she never said anything?

He shook his head to clear his thoughts as he paused realizing that he was in front of the Hokage's office. He sighed and strode in, he was going to need Sakura's address if he was going to go through with will, he had no idea where Sakura lived. She had move out of her parent's house after she had made the Anbu. She was a medical Anbu though and spent most of her time in the hospital so he had never talked to her and had barely any missions with her. Plus she had always been too weak in his estimation.

He went directly to the file holder like a man walking to his hanging. Never had he felt so weird about anything in his life.

Author's note: This is my 1st Neji/ Saku fic so please give me and this fic a break. This fic isn't going to be very long, and yes, the guy at the beginning is Neji's dead father, Lord Hyuuga's twin brother.