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A Hyuuga's 1st word

Neji and Sakura smiled down at their 11 month yr old son, Hitoko. The baby slept peacefully, his little chest falling up and down gently.

Gripping Sakura's hand, Neji led Sakura into their room and immediately pulled her into his arms as they fell onto the bed. Sakura laughed softly.

After giggling for a few minutes Sakura moaned as Neji nipped her ear. Angling her head so Neji could get batter angle Sakura bit her lip.

Neji smirked, loving how she responded, just as he was about to get in another kiss a loud crash echoed. Neji growled, leaping out of bed he shushed Sakura.

Opening the window he turned on his Byakugan and looked around. His chakra feeling up the air to detect if anyone was inside, then suddenly. "BOOOO!"

Neji reacted by instinct, his kunai sweeping through the air, Naruto, who had been hanging from the tree outside uoside down came down with a crash. "HOLY FREACKING #q DUMBASSS !q! WHAT THE WAS THAT I MEAN I SWEAR! DAMMIT THAT HURT!"

Neji smirked as he watched his current brother in law swear and curse.

"WERE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME! HUH! DAMMIT NEJI I'M YOUR BROTHER IN LAW!" Naruto scowled, rubbing his aching backside.

"Oops…" Neji smirked as Naruto gave him the finger, "Sry Naruto… I'm married."


Neji chuckled and turned to see Sakura throw a whole bunch of Kunias at Naruto with a fierce glare. Naruto dodged them all with loud yelps, Neji couldn't contain his mirth. "THIS SI NOT FUNNY! DAMMIT NARUTO, YOU WOKE UP HITOKO!"

Neji's head snapped up, his glare menacing. "You… did… what?"

He ran down stairs and threw the door open with a loud crash.

Naruto backed up slowly, his face going rapidly pale. "Um.. Neji…" He began backing up, "Er…. Sry?"

Neji nodded then lunged Naruto wasted no time in running, seeing Sakura he dove behind her. Not even realizing that she was holding a grinning Hitoko. Neji of course realized it and got even more pissed off. "Dammit Naruto hold still!"

"NO! You'll kill me!"

"It'll only hurt for a minute!"

"NO, YOU'LL KICK ME IN MY SPOT AND THEN I WON'T BE ABLE TO HAVE KIDS!" Naruto began to run around Sakura with Neji chasing after him.

"You can always adopt.."


"Stand still Naruto!"





Naruto looked back to see Neji charge at him with a chakra filled fist. "HOLY CRAP!"

Hitoko clapped his hands gleefully, "Crap!" Everyone froze, Sakura's head swopped down to stare at the baby. The baby grinned at all the attention and clapped his little hands some more. Gurgling and laughing the baby pointed at Naruto and cried out, "CRAP! OLIE CRAP!"

Naruto's eyes popped out of his head, in panic he began to wave his arms around. "NO! DON'T SAY THAT! BAD HITOKO! DON'T REPEAT WHAT UNCLE NARUTO SAYD, IT'S BAD!"

The baby cocked his head, "Crap?" He grinned and looked at his father pointing at Naruto, "Crap!"

Neji growled, his face etched with anger. "Yes my son….. Uncle Naruto IS crap…."

Lunging Neji snatched Naruto into a strangle hold when suddenly a blur passed by. "Neji!"

Neji whipped around to see his cousin Hinata charge at him like a boar. "Crap…."

Sakura stood in the back and sighed, Naruto who being chased by neji who was being chased by Hinata were running circled around the Hyuuga mansion. And she had a feeling she was going to get no sleep. But.. looking down at Hitoko.. she had a feeling Hitoko was going to sleep just fine.

20 yrs later..

Hitoko sat at the table with his uncle, aunt, dad and mom. He frowned, "Hey dad… wasn't my first word… crap?"

"Yup…." Neji and Sakura turned to glare at Naruto who in turn just blushed, cowered and muttered some stuff.

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