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Murrue opened her eyes feeling strangely satisfied and exhausted. Being in space there was only endless night, no way of knowing if it was morning or afternoon. The only way to tell was ship time but the only clock was at her desk, and she was too comfortable to get out of bed. Her eyes drifted from her desk to the centre of the room where her clothes and underwear were floating above the floor. She didn't normally sleep completely naked since it would take more time to get dressed and head to the bridge during an attack. But she also saw a pair of uniform trousers and military boxer shorts. Who did those belong to? Trying to bolt up into a sitting position she found herself restrained by a strong muscular arm around her stomach with a hand holding her breast.

"I see you don't remember what happened last night," came Mu's low voice behind her. "You were moaning so loud I thought the rest of the ship would hear us and come to investigate,"

Murrue finally smiled relaxing in Mu's capable arms. "No I remember everything clearly now, Commander. I find it hard to believe you're awake right now considering how aggressive you were,"

"Well considering how hot you are I couldn't help myself. It isn't easy for two people to ignore the attraction they have for each other," he replied massaging her C cup breasts. (A/N: If that's not the real size of her breasts tuff luck.) "By the way are you on birth control? It might not be such a great idea for you to get pregnant during a war,"

"You have nothing to worry about, Mu. I've been taking the pill ever since the war started. It helps to alleviate the stress. And stop poking me in the thigh," she ordered, pressing her back further into his chest.

"Yes ma'am," he said, slipping his rock hard member into her wet passage earning a soft moan. "This time I'll go slow,"

"Wait, I wanna take it up the butt," she moaned as he light pinched her nipples.

"Demanding aren't we?" he chuckled, pulling out of pussy and pushing into her tight little ass. "Now, try not to scream,"

Having never taken it up the butt before Murrue was unprepared for the initial pain his slow movements caused. But her body quickly got used to the size of his length moving in and out of her ass. He was fully intent on making the pleasure last as long as possible for her, ignoring her every time she asked him to go faster. They soon changed positions with Murrue's face buried in her pillow and Mu on top, still moving in agonisingly slow thrusts.

"OH, God!" she screamed into the pillow as her first orgasm of the morning ran through her body. "I want you to cum up my butt, Commander. That's an order,"

"As you wish, Captain. But first I need you on your back," he replied pulling out of her, flipping her over above the bed.

Setting her back on the mattress Mu positioned her legs so her head was nearly touching her calves. Holding her ankles in place Mu rammed his length back into her ass, plunging deeper with each thrust. As her moans got louder the speed of his trusts became faster till he was pounding away like a jackhammer. Mu came seconds after she did shooting his load up her ass. With his battery now completely out of energy he collapsed on her with her legs over his shoulders. Pulling out of her he gathered her in his arms, floating above the bed, both utterly exhausted.

"That was fucking fantastic," Mu panted, feeling cold metal pressing against his back.

"I have to agree with you, Commander. But I wonder if anyone heard us," she wondered, falling asleep in his arms while floating around the room.

Meanwhile in another location in the ship, three other mobilesuit pilots were all giving their girls special attention after passing by the captain's quarters. Their screams, moans and grunts could be heard throughout the crew quarters.

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