Empty Grave
By Henrika

Henrika- Sorry for the long hiatus. I have a ton of backlog, I just haven't had the energy or the will to type it. This was a spur of the moment thing, hitting me as a scene with the first couple lines, then fleshing out a little more. I will try to get some stories up (readers roll their eyes in exasperation). No, really. I am currently working on another fic for another genre, but will try to post.

"It really is raining this time, isn't it?" He asked.

"Yes sir." Hawkeye answered.

And he found he couldn't shed a tear. He honestly thought the irony was going to go and crush him.

It was another funeral; exactly the way Roy always imagined funerals. Gloomy and raining and filled with people in black suits, dresses and sashes. He himself was standing there in his dress uniform, the black sash draped over his chest. It was a state funeral, much like the last one he had attended. Save for the fact that he was only seeing it through one eye. Save for the fact that the grave was empty. Save for the fact that he knew somewhere in the heart that the deceased has accused him of not having, that the deceased was in fact not deceased.

It was a sham grave, a sham ceremony in his eye. There had been no body, yet they still filled out the certificates and ordered the funeral. He supposed it was a nice gesture that they hadn't considered him a deserter. People were weeping around him. He didn't understand that. They had to realize that this was just for show, just a gesture from the state to show that they recognized the value of the people's hero.

And the people that would truly be crying if they thought he was dead weren't. Most of them weren't even there. His beloved family hadn't even come. And strangely, that gave Roy hope. They didn't believe the rifle salute or the flag over the coffin or the headstone either.

But there was a niggling voice in the back of Roy's head that said otherwise. Because that beloved family was real, that equivalency existed, that his death was certain.

He was going to have to submit himself to the government tomorrow. Explain his actions and why he had done what he had done. His dreams were going to go up in flames and he found that oddly fitting.

He stared back at the grave, already lowered into the chilled ground. He remembered a thousand promises that they had made. Roy shook the rain from his hair and put his cap back on. He stepped up to the grave, mindless of the shocked gasps from the mourners.



Not true.

He shoved a little dirt onto the grave with his foot. "You promised to dance on my grave Full Metal. I'm holding you to that." He laughed lightly, further shocking the onlookers. He slapped the gravestone in that same off-handed gesture he had used the last time they saw one another.

He wasn't crying.

Henrika- I don't think Roy has ever really stopped believing in Ed, from the very beginning even.