In the wake of the passing of Raven, many emotional wounds had began to scar over. They all knew no matter how much in hurt inside, they must continue doing what they were destined to do. The protectors of Jump City is what they were destined to be, and that is a job that never rests. Villains and evildoers alike were in for quite a startling surprise when the Titans were back on the streets again, especially soo soon. They city was much apprecative of the Titans' service to them, even after all these years, they still knew soo little about their heroes. When word of Raven's death finally reacht them and fell upon civilain ears, many were saddened, but truly didn't know about her or the others at all. The mayor had discussed with Robin on several different occasions of some kind of memorial the city would pay for, but the details were still in the works. Beast Boy, on the other hand, felt as if there should be one put on the island, besides the Hall of Titans statue, which was being sculpted and would be ready very soon. Even though he wasn't much of an artist by any means, he managed to sketch several of his own ideas for Raven's memorial, and two really stuck out in his mind out of all. He couldn't decide, one had both Raven and Terra memorialized, the other was a very intricate one of Raven herself. Beast Boy chose the latter, feeling as if it is her that deserved it the most, even though it sounded awful to say, it was true, he missed Terra, but her time had already passed, and soon, very soon, she would be alive once more, but he contained himself by waiting. Little over a month total has passed thus far, time seemed to march forward as same as usual, the days and nights in their neverending cycle as well. Christmas was solemly celebrated this past year for the Titans, the first knowing that Raven was truly gone and would never come back, it was almost as if they had forgot, all of them even getting a present for her without thinking, doing it out of being used to every year. As with the rest of her belongings, they were placed in her room, the wilting roses still laying upon her bed, untouched. The days after quickly closed the freshly-opened wounds, allowing them to continue on what they must do, knowing that what they did decided the fate of the City, whether it be good or bad, it was all resting upon their shoulders. Yet, the peace and calm of another winter day was shattered.

"Guys!" Beast Boy called out, entering the central room, looking around, "Guys! Hey, I got something to show you, where are you?"

He gingerly moved across the room, going to Robin's room down the hall. Before he even knocked, he heard not one, but two voices, those belonging to Robin and Starfire.

"Robin?" Beast Boy questioned with a knock, hearing something similar to frightened scuffling, then someone walking to the door. It opened a crack, Robin's masked eye peering out.

"What, Beast Boy?" He questioned, almost as if he were annoyed.

"Whatever you are doing, it can wait, I have something extremely important to show you guys," he explained, knowing good and well what was going on.

Robin scoffed, going along with whatever was so important, knowing that he wouldn't go away unless he did, so he decided to make the better of decisions and go.

"Meet me in the central room, I'm gonna find Cy," he informed, starting back down the hallway to his other teammate's room.

"Oh, Cyborg?" He called out, rapping on his door, sliding open no sooner than he did so.

"What do you want?" He questioned in a similar tone to Robin's, but bored out of his mind, so prepared to go along with just about anything.

"There's something I want to show all of you that very important, trust me, it's worth it, come on, the other two are waiting for us in the central room," Beast Boy informed, pointing down the hallway.

"Alright, I'll bite," he stated, following his green friend.

Beast Boy led Cyborg down the hall, entering the spacious room, Robin and Starfire already waiting for him. Robin appeared to be adjusting his cape, Starfire with her gauntlets. Beast Boy shook his head with a smile as he entered, Cyborg motioning to Robin, pointing at his mouth. Robin appeared confused, running his hand across his lips, and looking at his hand, finding it covered in the very same type of lip gloss that Starfire wore from time-to-time, embarassed, he attempted to remove the rest of it quickly.

"Alright," Beast Boy began, "now that I have your undivided attention, I would like to make an announcement."

They eagerly awaited for their friend's information, knowing it must be important to basically turn it into a team meeting.

"There is something I wanna show you," he finally stated.

"What?" All three replied in unison.

"It's outside, come on, follow me," Beast Boy motioned to the elevator, starting to walk towards it.

"Beast Boy," complained Robin, "it's like ten below zero, the bay is almost froze over, do we have to?"

"This is serious, Robin," he replied, being just that, serious, "it's really important, besides, you aren't doing anything anyways."

Robin shurked away from him, not wanting to be embarassed in front of them yet again.

"Moving on," B.B. announced, continuing forward.

After exiting the elevator, the Titans grabbed their coats and other warm articles of clothing that was hanging on the wall, next to the door that led outside. The doors slid open, revealing the usual winter wonderland landscape, bright enough to blind someone with the sun reflecting off of the remaining snow. As Robin said, the bay was nearly iced over, all except for the shipping lanes and channels that ran through it.

"Ok, where is this spectacular sight you're supposed to show us at, B.B.?" Cyborg questioned, vapor visible from his breath, as with all the others outside as well.

"Follow me, it isn't far," he assured, walking down the path a ways, then tredging across the terrain of the island.

They followed, having gotten thus far already, it was senseless to turn back now. The island wasn't all that big to begin with, but the moderate snow made it that much more difficult to traverse on foot. He made his way to the side of the island that rose up to a cliff far above the waters of the bay, overlooking the city from that standpoint. The others made it there as well. They noticed a large, dark-brown canvas covering an object that jutted into the sky at the cliffedge, the wind billowing it to and fro.

"What is that?" Robin questioned, looking at the immense size of the hidden object.

"Ok," Beast Boy started, "before I show you, there's a little story behind this, trust me, it's worth it."

No one objected, awaiting his telling.

"Alright," he began, "you remember back when I basically had to get us kick-started again? I noticed all of the designs and ideas that you and Cyborg were working on, well, I decided to make a few of my own. Many weren't what I had imagined, but there were two that stuck out in my mind, this one, and one I will see if you want to submit to the city for them to build."

"Ok," Cyborg agreed after a moment, "so, let's see it."

"Very well then," Beast Boy replied, grabbing hold of the a piece of rope that held the canvas securely tied down. "Lady and Gentlemen, I present to you, our personal rememberence and memorial to Raven."

He pulled the rope as he said it, the canvas fluttering up and off of it, still tied down at one side, so he could still retrieve it. They stood there, mouths agap, shocked by what they saw.

"Beast Boy," Cyborg managed, "it's...beautiful."

It was a statue of Raven, made completely of obsidian, a dark black stone that had a very glossy finish to it naturally. She stood there, many feet into the air, leaning forward, as if she was overwatching the city, her arms spread out at her sides, as she were channeling power. Even a realistic cape was included, made of obsidian as well, as it wrapped around her body, simulating wind. What really made it awe-inspiring was the outstretched wings upon her back, simulating both raven and angel wings at the same time. They all noticed that the only changing factor was her eyes, which appeared to be made of some white stone, with amythest irises in the center of them, making a very penetrating and intimidating look from underneath the cowl of her hood. Silence was held for a moment, both out of respect and the sheer magnitude of its elegance and beauty. Robin was the first to manage to shake the trance that it had placed on him.

"How did you do this?" He managed, still looking at it.

"I managed to snake away some of the money from my family lawyer, the same that basically conned me out of my inheritence, keeping it all to himself. It has taken over 7 years to finally get some of it back, but that is how I paid for this. I also had the artisans that were working on this work around the clock, working in shifts of two, one worked all day, the other all night, not stopping until it was complete, so they finished it a lot sooner than normal, and I commend them for their excellent work."

"Man," Cyborg finally managed, "this is way better than anything me or Robin came up with, I mean, this is perfect, this truely memorializes Raven the way she should be, I know this is how she would have wanted it."

"I hope so," Beast Boy replied, joking, "a lot of hard work and craftsmanship went into this."

"Anyways," Robin stated, "how did you get this on the island, I mean, it wasn't made here, and we have been here the entire time, so wouldn't we have noticed this sooner?"

"I had it delivered the day you were running that lead on Brother Blood in Steel City, that's when the erected it and everything," Beast Boy explained.

Robin nodded, seeing that it truely made sense.

"It is friend Raven!" Starfire exclaimed, touching it, still holding Robin's hand, feeling happy for once since Raven's departure from this earthly realm for eternity.

"I'm glad you guys like it," he stated, "just wait until the city puts the other one up in the park, I put a lot of work into that one, a lot more than this one."

"Can't wait for it," Cyborg said with a smile, looking at the statue, bringing his eyes down to see a pedestal with a plaque behind Beast Boy. "What's that say?"

"Come up here and read it yourself," Beast Boy motioned, all of them doing so. They crowded around the plaque, made of obisidian as well, the letters raised and made of gold, clearly reading:

In Loving Memory of Raven,

A Titan,

A True Friend,


And Nothing Will Ever Change That.

Silence engulfed them, backing away from the memorial plaque, knowing its words were true to their meaning, knowing that was what Raven truely stood for, knowing that she was all those things, and as it stated, nothing would ever change that. Tears formed in their eyes, but not ones of sorrow, but ones of joy, knowing that Raven would never be forgotten and always memorialezed by this grand statue, all those, even from the shores of the mainland could see its majestic beauty. Time seemed to stand still at that very moment, but the tranquility was soon shattered. Their communicators went off in timely fashion, alerting them of trouble. Cyborg was the first to draw his from his side, actually beating Robin to it for once.

"Finally," he joked, flipping it open, then shutting it, "trouble in the Tech Sector, looks like Dr. Light is at it again."

"Titans, GO!" Robin ordered, attempting not to laugh at the pathetic villain's vain attempts, but still, he was just that, a villain, the very thing that stood between them and peace over the city.

All but Beast Boy ran back towards the Tower, finding someway of getting to the mainland, more than likely by means of the T-Car. He stood there, looking upon the statue, a smile on his face. Robin turned to see he hadn't moved yet.

"Beast Boy, come on!" He called out, motioning with his hand.

He understood, turning back to the statue, reaching out, touching it's dark, smooth surface.

"Time marches on I suppose," he said to himself, "but remember this Raven, and never forget it. I will always love you with the deepest sincerety of my heart, and nothing, absolutley nothing will ever change that, I promise you."

He smiled, turning to Robin's direction, morphing into a cheetha, easily sprinting past him and into the Tower.

"Some things never change," Robin thought, "while many do, some don't, and in my honest opinion, I don't think he's ever gonna change, but that's just him, and that is what makes Garfield Logan what he is, Beast Boy, and we wouldn't want it any other way."

They were awaiting Robin, all seated in the T-Car, Cyborg ready to take off. Robin jumped in through the door's window, sliding right into his seat, safety belt coming on in the same motion. Cyborg shifted it into gear, rocketing down the tunnel, disappearing into its darkness, all that was visible was the red glow of the tailights. A calm overtook the garage, as well as the Tower, its inhabitants off doing what they were to do and expected of, protecting what they, as well as the many citizens, held dear in face of insurmountable odds. Yet, there was always going to be one thing missing, no matter what, no matter when, but it was going to be missing, and that was Raven. Nothing could ever replace her, but she was something they gravely needed upon the team, but they knew what had happened was truely permanent, they had accepted it, but refused to believe it, but they must. As time moves on, things change, whether they be for the good or the bad, things change, and in the long run, this would be one for the good, helping the remaining members to rely on one another and trust each other more than they ever did before, never to allow such an atrocity to ever take place again. If anything, the loss forced them to come closer together as friends, strengthening their bonds, but also forming that ever-so large void within them all that would never be filled, maybe covered for a short time, but never filled. The only thing that could fill such a vast and deep void in their souls is one thing, and one thing only, the return of Raven, but they knew it wasn't to happen, and to keep thinking it would only prolong the healing process, turning sorrow into denial, so it was best to do what Raven wanted them to do, move on with their lives and not dwell upon her passing, only to remember her, and that is just what they will do, remember her.