No this isn't a continuation of my series of stories, this is something I'm doing for fun


"JOSEPH WHEELER!" Kari Ironhide stormed, as she met up with her friends on Saturday morning, by the fountain in the centre of town, having taken the weekend off work. "IF YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY, THEN SO HELP ME I'LL…I'LL…"

"Wasn't me!" Joey said, backing away quickly, bumping into Yugi, "If it's one of those letters, I got one too." He waved an envelope in her face and she growled and pulled out hers and she, Joey and Yugi compared envelops.

Miss K. Ironhide

Living Room

Number 9

Fountain Road



Mr Y. Muto

Bedroom By The Stairs

Kame Game Shop



Mr J Wheeler

The Only Useable Bedroom

Flat 8B

Herder Street



"We have stalkers," Ombre said, highly amused, scaring the living daylights out of Joey as she appeared in her spirit form beside her hikari.

"Warn me before you do that!" He growled, then jumped another ten feet into the air as Yami appeared beside Yugi. "And you!"

"You've never seen me before!" Yami exclaimed as Joey claimed down.

"I have, but not all the time, only on and off since my duel with Marik." Joey replied thoughtfully, before he was slammed into by one of the people he hated most, "Damn it Rich-boy! Watch were your going!"

"If you think this is funny, you mutt, then so help me I'll…" He trailed off as he saw Ombre and Yami laughing their heads off, "What's so funny? No wait, you two don't exist, thank you very much!" He waved an envelope at Joey who grimaced.

Mr S. Kaiba

Second Largest Bedroom

Kaiba Mansion



"I've already told Yugi and Kari, I didn't do it!" Yami and Ombre had stopped laughing, Kaiba could see them, not that he would admit it. They'd been laughing because Kari and Kaiba's threats had been almost identical, but it made it interesting, Kaiba obviously had to be tired or he would not have admitted their presence even if he could see them.

"Joey, is this supposed to be a joke?" Someone behind them asked. Yugi turned around, it was Ryou Bakura.

Mr R Bakura

The Only Bedroom

Flat 2

East Street



"Ok, for the last time, IT WASN'T ME!" Joey yelled, "Why, if I wanted to annoy rich-boy over there, would I send myself, Yugi, Kari and you letters? I swear I didn't send them." The clock struck twelve and Kaiba suddenly stared at Joey.

"You do realise that last sentence was perfect English, though your accent is appalling." Kaiba said.

"Like yours is much better." Kari murmured under her breath, setting Yami and Ombre off again.

"You do realise that though those two laughing loons don't exist I can actually see them and I know what ever you said just set them off again." Kari blanched. "And day off or no day off, you still work for me."

Kari scowled and as she turned to Yugi, she blew a raspberry at Kaiba. That was it, the two yamis were off, demonstrating the 'rofl' that Kari was so fond of on msn. Kari and Yugi shook their heads while Kaiba just scowled, "We still don't know who sent us the letters. This Professor Dumbledore said to meet him here now, so where is he?"

"One thing before he arrives," Joey said, "Who's actually heard of this 'Hogwarts' place?" Surprisingly both Yugi and Ryou put their hands up as Yami and Ombre got to their feet, calming down.

"I lived in England, my name was down but my parents moved here before I started so…" Ryou informed them.

"Apparently Grandpa went there but was expelled for paying more attention to his games then his lessons." Yugi said, thinking. "He only told me when he saw my letter."

"I'm guessing it's like a senior school, but if we've only just been given our letters we're too old." Kari said, thinking, she'd never had any signs of magic until Rai had died, so she probably hadn't been down.

"Which is why I've come to collect you personally."

They turned around and saw a tall robed figure, but with no hood, but a tall pointed hat on. "Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts." He smiled at them and received a couple of smiles back. Kaiba was still scowling and Joey was being protective of the two smaller teens. "Your magic has only just been revealed to the wizarding world, there's no space in the Japanese wizardry schools, so you've been given a transfer to Hogwarts in England. Your letters had translating spells on them, so you can all speak English. The only ones we were sure didn't need them were Miss Ironhide and Mr Bakura."

"I can sense magic from this man," Yami said, Ombre stood behind her hikari with her hands on her shoulders. "Be careful Yugi." Yugi barely nodded, enough for Yami to see it but no-one else.

"Professor Dumbledore, sir," Ryou said, "Why would you send invites to us, when we're all too old for Hogwarts, and one of us," He rolled his eyes at Kaiba, "Doesn't believe in this at all."

"Mr Bakura, right?" Ryou nodded, "Your name was down but we lost track of you when your family moved to Japan. And this isn't compulsory, if he doesn't believe in all of this, while I'd rather you all came so we can teach you to control your magic, we can wipe his memory and seal his magic."

"That wouldn't necessarily work," That was Ombre, speaking directly to her hikari, "Whatever other magic Kaiba has he also has Shadow Magic." Kari nodded. "And it wouldn't work at all on you and Yugi. The Millennium Items should shield you."

"Why, exactly, am I supposed to believe in all this magic rubbish?"

"Because I scared him witless not that long ago. He certainly believed then." Yami smirked, Kaiba chose to glare at him, "Thought I didn't exist." Yami said to Kaiba, who continued to scowl as he turned back to Dumbledore.

"The only reason I'm here is because Mokuba begged me to come." Kaiba growled.

"Ah yes, Mokuba Kaiba, he also has a place for next year. He just missed the deadline for this year." Dumbledore said, "And there's a way around the fact you're too old, we can make you look like you're the same age as the other students."

"What do you think, Yami?"

'It would be interesting.'

"Should we go?"

'What do you want to do?'

"I'd quite like to see what this is all about."

'Then say yes.' Yami said, smiling. He looked around, Joey was waiting for Yugi's reply, Ryou looked like he wanted to go and Kari and Ombre were having a talk about it. Finally Ombre smiled and Kari nodded, grinning.

"I'd like to go." Ryou said.

"And me." Kari said after.

"Me too." Yugi spoke up,

"If Yugi's going, then so am I." Joey answered. They looked at Kaiba.

"I swear if this is some kind of joke…I'm only going so I can keep an eye on my rival." Kaiba growled. Yami smirked, Kaiba was interested, he just pretending not to be.

"Don't worry about your other half Pharaoh, he'll be safe at Hogwarts." Dumbledore said, looking directly at Yami. Who stared back, Ombre laughed and recived a piercing look from Dumbledore. "And your other half will be safe too, Princess."

"You can see them?" Yugi gasped.

"Most wizards and witches will be able to." Dumbledore said, "Don't worry, I deliberately avoided ease dropping on your conversations. I just guessed that both spirits would be worried about their other halves. Here." He said, handing out amulets. "These are charmed with the spell that will make you look the same age as the other students." Kaiba stared at it then put it on, with his duel monster card shaped locket.

Kari looked at Yugi, Joey and Ryou who nodded and put on the amulets. Yugi screwed his eyes up tightly, the light was so bright it hurt his eyes if he didn't. "You can open your eyes now." Came the amused voice of Professor Dumbledore, Joey was the first to open his eyes, he looked around. "Uh guys..." He was closer to the ground, and he saw something that made him worried, behind him, Yugi, Ryou, Kari and Kaiba opened their eyes, as Joey turned on the Professor, "What happened?" A small brunette growled. Yugi had to guess it was Kaiba, he was just glad their clothes had shrunk to fit their new bodies. He'd moved in front of Yugi, Kari and Ryou.

Yugi stared at the child in front of him, a tall blonde child who couldn't be more then eleven who had Joey's voice was glaring at the professor, "I told you, the first years are all eleven years old, the effects of the pendants only last while you're wearing them." Yami and Ombre stared at their hikaris, they'd agreed to their hikari's going to Hogwarts, but this was unexpected. Yami was surprised a how his hikari looked, "Yugi!" Yami gasped and the eleven year old version of his hikari turned around to face the Pharaoh, "You weren't affected?" This Yugi's voice hadn't broken and Yami was surprised at how small his hikari was, barley taller then Rebecca was. Yami shook his head and checked himself, no, he was still in the form of Yugi's true age, Ombre was too, as he looked over to where Ombre and Kari were having a loud mental discussion, he could tell it was loud because Kari kept wincing.

Ombre stared at her hikari, the girl was small anyway, but this Kari could only be about 11, and around 4'2", not that Yugi was much taller. Kari was staring up at Ombre, and slowly getting angrier and angrier. It was quite amusing seeing the teenage Princess backing away from an eleven year old version of her hikari. He was just glad the Tomb Robber wasn't coming out of the Ring to see this, he'd have taken the opportunity to try to take the children's Millennium Items. The small dark blonde girl finally turned to Professor Dumbledore and frowned, "This isn't going to work if it doesn't effect our yamis."

"You don't know if it works when they take over yet." Dumbledore said, both Yugi and Kari nodded and Yami and Ombre took over. Both children grew about an inch, Yugi's eyes turned crimson, Kari's eyes went magenta. Kari and Yugi's hair both changed, and the yamis vanished from they places by their hikari's side. The yamis were in control but they were children, this time the hikaris appeared as teenage spirits. "I guess it only affects the body, we're still our regular age as spirits." Kari said.

Dumbledore nodded, "It seems to work for your other halves though, as long as their in control, I'd recommend that you didn't come out as spirits with too many students around to see you." He answered as the hikaris took back over. Joey looked the two hikari's over. Both were small and looked like they could do with toughening up, he hated to say it but, before they'd become friends, he'd started bullying Yugi at this age. Kaiba scowled and took off his amulet, and they had to cover their eyes as Kaiba became a teenager again. "So it does work both ways, interesting. How exactly are we supposed to get to England?"

"I'll be taking you. If you grab your things and meet me back here, I'll take you." The others nodded and all dispersed.

"Oi, Ironhide." Kari turned to stare at Kaiba, "I won't be paying you for this you know." Kari bit her lip. "I'll have the company pay your rent, but that's it." Kari smiled.


They were at their houses and flats and back in less then 20 minutes. Dumbledore smiled, he didn't think any of them would bail. Not even the 'disbeliever' who'd been the first to return. Yugi and the others waited and Dumbledore pulled out his wand. "You'll need to put on your amulets before we go." They did and Joey smirked at the look on Kaiba's face. It would take a while for them all to get used to this, but Kaiba seemed to be completely stunned by the sudden realisation that yes, magic was actually real. Kari guessed Dumbledore said something in Latin and Domino vanished, to be replaced by a street in London.

"Welcome to London." Dumbledore said, pushing open the doors to 'The Leaky Cauldron.' "You'll be staying here until the departure day." He said, handing out train tickets. "There is a spell that makes the pub only visible to other wizards and witches before you ask, Mr Kaiba." Kaiba shut his mouth, he'd been just about to ask why non-magical people had been unable to find the pub before Dumbledore had spoken. "I have to go, you should be able to find your way around, you'll need to go shopping for school supplies later. You all brought your supply lists, I hope." They all nodded, "Tom will show you to your rooms." He said, pointing out the barman as he turned and left. Yugi, Joey, Kari, Ryou and Kaiba were all left in the middle of The Leaky Cauldron, completely confused as to what they should do next.

Kaiba went up to the bar. "Excuse me. We were told you could show us to our rooms." Tom nodded and took the five up to their rooms.

"I'm supposed to show you how to get to Diagon Alley later as well. If you want something to eat, don't hesitate to order." Tom said as he showed Kaiba, who was last, to his room.

About dinner time, after the shouting in the room next to his died down, Kaiba shut off his laptop and went downstairs to where the others were waiting for food. "Hey Rich-boy!" Joey called.

"We're going to get our supplies after lunch," Yugi said, as he sat down at the opposite end of the table form the mutt, "Do you want to come?" Kaiba growled but nodded. Then the food arrived and all chance of telling them he wasn't going to hang around with them once they got to this 'Hogwarts' place went out the window.