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When Paige and I walked down the halls together on Monday morning, not many people paid much attention. We'd been friends for awhile now. However, many people didn't notice our laced hands, but those who did were, in a word, shocked.

During our first week together, we were very subtle. Paige and I agreed that we didn't want rumors flying around the school about us, and they weren't really, not yet anyway. I was actually surprised that Jay didn't spread any rumors.

One day the next week, a Monday I think, I decided to kiss Paige. Just a quick peck, but nearly everyone was around. Our relationship was around the school by the next day.

About a week later, I decided it was time for our first date. I wanted us to go to the movies, but had to convince her first. I was working in the office and she stopped by, so I figured it was the perfect time to ask her. "Hey, Paige, why don't we go to movies on Friday? We're both off."

"As in a date?" she asked.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Do you really want to go to the place at which we work on our day off for a date?" she questioned.

"Yeah," I said.

She sighed, "I don't know."

I leaned on the desk, my elbow was on a button, but I didn't think it was very important, "I'll pay."

"So now you're trying to buy me?" her voice was serious, but her eyes were twinkling and she was smiling, so I knew she was teasing me.

I smiled, "So what if I am?"

"I have to warn you," she said, her serious tone giving way a little, "I'm not a cheap girl."

"I don't care," I responded, "I'll pay the price." Then I got up, taking my elbow off the button, and we both started laughing.

"I'll think about Friday," she said, before leaving.

I got back to my task in the office. I was done by the time the bell rang. My journey through the hall was, for lack of a better word, interesting. People were looking at me as if I'd sprouted two heads and I was very confused. I'd expected this when Paige and I had first gotten together, but we had been an item for almost three weeks and I'd never gotten these looks before.

Paige must have been rubbing off on me because I actually cared about these looks I was getting. I wanted to know why people were staring at me like they were, which was completely uncharacteristic of me. I stopped by the bathroom to look and see if I had something on my face. When I got out, I was so surprised at myself that I let out a small gasp.

The next day, the looks didn't lessen so I decided to investigate, but didn't know who to ask. Just before third period I was at my locker and saw Jay walking by. He looked at me and chuckled right before turning the corner. I slammed my locker shut and followed Jay. "You know don't you?"

"Know what?" he asked.

"Why has everyone been giving me weird looks all of a sudden?" I demanded.

"Can you not think of any reason?" he asked.

"Jay!" I yelled. "Tell me!"

"I'll tell you," he said, "if you agree to make out with me for at least half an hour in my civic."

The bell rang and I groaned. I knew that I should get to class, and not go along with Jay, but my curiosity overcame my conscience, as it often does, and I followed Jay to the back of his civic for a make out session.

"Okay, now what is it?" I asked.

"Well, it could be the fact that you announced to school that you were paying Paige to go out with you," he replied.

"But I never--" I began, but cut myself off. I thought of the day before when Paige and I were talking and I my elbow was resting on a button. I suddenly realized that I had been pressing the intercom button, unbeknownst to Paige and myself. When I looked at Jay he was smirking.

I slammed the door to his car shut and stomped back to the school. After my conversation with Jay I felt so paranoid. I thought I heard everyone whispering about me. Maybe they were.

However, the rumors died down when Paige and I weren't hanging out around each other much anymore. We decided to "take a break" from each other for a little while. Plus she had mentioned hearing something about Spinner and Darcy breaking up. Though I've learned that you can't believe everything you hear.

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