Wooooow. Hi, guys. *blush*

I just kind-of sort-of rediscovered . I forget the details to log into this account loooong ago - and went on a mission to figure them out again. :D I just read through this story for the first time in years - it's so crazy to look at this. I still like the idea, and I do love Kim and Shego. The writing as it stands though, eh - I'm thinking if I decide to continue this, I'll have to do a little revamping to what's already been written. Also, it seems like had some issues with conversion somewhere along the line, and now grammar and page breaks are all messed up and stuff. That's annoying - but, oh well!

I guess this is the part where I make all kinds of excuses about why I dropped off the face of the planet (got my first job, got subsequent jobs, met my first love, focused on getting into college, worked my ass off, just generally forgot about story entirely) but, fuck that. Jesus Christ, it is 2010 now. Unbelievable.

Anyway. I have a new account - with no associated writing so far - in case anyone's curious. If I decide to continue this, I will probably post it over there. The name is "the . amazing. sparrow" (no spaces).

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!