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Battle for Dominance

By Charlie

Chapter One: First Day of School

Ring! Ring! Bam! A thin fist move itself from the mess of what used to be an alarm clock. Blonde hair peek shyly from under the blue blanket, but it only shuffle before deciding to play dead.

"Naruto, get out of bed! Right now!" a woman yelled. Her voice and tone was one not to be reckon with.

The boy, Naruto, groan and reluctantly step away from the warmth of his bed. Obviously playing dead wasn't the answer. He yawn and went straight for the bathroom. After locking himself in for a good ten minutes, he came out wearing a clean suit. Or it had been clean before Naruto put it on. The shirt's tail hung shamelessly from underneath the black suit jacket and the tie was wrap too loosely around his neck. With a barely-together backpack on one shoulder, he left for school.

His name is Uzumaki Naruto and he just moved here. This is his first day at an unknown school. He heard it is considered one of the best in the state, not that he cares, but being well-informed never hurt anybody. On a side note, his greatest dream in life is to finish school and move somewhere quiet, away from the noisy city life. With one glance at the nice cut grass, the graffiti-free walls, and a sniff of the great outdoors, he knew instantly this isn't going to work. It was a bad omen. His last school was undergoing a few reconstructions, but it isn't the reason he was sent here.

On a scale of one to ten (ten being excellent), he'd be considered a zero. His rep isn't what you would call good, but the truth is he's a really nice kid. In his last school, the way things worked was that you never trusted anybody and alway remember to watch your back. It was a kill-or-be-kill situation. Most important of all was to never, under any circumstances, draw attention to yourself. Naruto broke all of those rules. It hadn't been his fault. The kids played all kinds of pranks on him and he had a problem with being picked on, however many did not understand this and thought his retaliations to be signs of a growing psychopath. That was why he was kicked out and transferred. It wasn't a big deal; he just "accidentally" set a kid on fire. Okay, so it wasn't a total accident and it was a big deal, but the kid lived. Naruto had meant to put it out. Eventually. A pail of water was supposed to be knocked off and fall on the kid. Who knew it was the teacher who got hit. There was no actual evidence that Naruto had actually torched the sucker, but there were a lot of complaints from parents and the staffs had been all too willing to testify against him. So he was transferred to here: Konohagakure High School.

Naruto's parents died, leaving him an orphan and in the care of his aunt, Tsunade. Let's say she wasn't exactly happy on hearing he had to be transferred again. Actually, this is just the third time, but Tsunade had spent months on remodeling the kitchen and learning the next day that she had to tear it down, it didn't settle well with her. No one, not even him, dare ask how the kitchen related in any way to him transferring.

Naruto, being the good nephew that he is, decided to humor his aunt and restrain himself from playing any type of tricks to which he might get transferred. His aunt will so kill him if he does. The only way for him to do this is not be notice and also maintain the "Zen" status. Thank god he has the skills to do so, but Naruto never knew what awaits him in this brand new school. Naruto never had a thought of failure when he went to look for his locker.

Limousines were usually what models and really famous people ride to go places. You would never expect one to appear in front of a high school; unless it was the President coming for a visit, but Konoha had no such visits schedule for today. Inside contained four teenagers from well-developed families. They rarely came to school and when it happened, their stay did not proceed quietly.

The first one to step out is Inuzuka Kiba, a perfectly good healthy smile on his face. Out of his three friends, he is thought of to be the nicest and unfortunately, not the smartest fellow. There was really no particular reason why he was accepted as part of the group, but perhaps for comic relief and the fact that he is their childhood friend is probably a reason too. His face was feline, this was amplified by the puppy sitting on his head, and his sense of style roam nowhere near the wealthy part of town so he has often been mistaken for a commoner.

Next step out Hyuuga Neji, the third in line for the Hyuuga Corporation and a loyal companion. He is more mysterious than a criminal mastermind, no offense in saying so, but he rather not talk much about anything. He does have his high points, more in his long black hair which gave him an elegant feature; though his eyes were eerie, his manners is finely tune and sophisticated.

Then Nara Shikamaru came forward from the limo, carrying himself lazily. Do not be fool. He is far clever and sly than given credit. His appearance is by far the most common, having never taken an interest in fashion: his hair was clipped disorderly and his shoulders slump from tiredness; but his speech strays far from common. He grew up with an eager mind in search of unconventional means and it has yet to be fulfilled.

The last to come forward is a boy by the name of Uchiha Sasuke. His back walked straight and his long legs stretched wide before him, black eyes stare deadly ahead and unconcern of the cowardly faces around him. He comes from a powerful line of Uchihas and it is said royal blood runs through his veins, but this rumor has done more harm than good; it has only succeeded in boasting Sasuke's already-huge ego. Though rich and powerful, he is no more than a spoil brat. Sad, isn't it? But he, nevertheless, is their leader and together these four make up of a group that has dominated every population of Konoha.

They are called K4.

A boy walked wearily towards his locker, a container long battered and defiled with words of disgrace and mockeries. Bandages covered his arms, bruises flaunt themselves whenever he moved...if he had strength to move so much. His face had been once full of life and his body vigorous. Now it was nothing, but an empty shell, slowly gathering it's things and trying best to leave without another scratch.

Kids, fear etching every corner, dare not talk above whispers and hush voices. They dare not go near him or attempt any physical contact with him. Among the crowds, a few had once been his closest friends, but they now look on with indifference to his pain. Some had probably wanted to speak of guilts and apologies or possibly meaningless reassurance. None came, only whispers.

The boy had been called Rock Lee. He was one of those nice guys, caring about everyone and sticking up for what's right except he did his act too well and was finally fired from his protagonistic role. He had tried to play hero and fought in a battle he couldn't win. Obviously he lost. This was not the only evidence of his defeat. On the front of his locker, a red notice was super glued, a declaration of war.



Naruto walked steadily beside the lockers, whilst looking at his schedule. He growl inwardly at many of the classes and secretly planned ways to escape. He had been so into his thoughts he didn't notice four dangerous figures walking in his opposite direction. They were forms of omens, the four horsemen of his Apocalypse. He was doomed from the start, never had a chance to run or hide. Not that he would've.

These two met with a cup of coffee.

The blonde heard a loud gasp and some muttering curses. Curiosity getting the better of him, he looked and that in itself is a mistake. Mr. Field, Naruto's English teacher, had spilled black coffee on Sasuke's white shirt and he was making a poor attempt at wiping it off, only creating a bigger stain. Sasuke, never one for people touching him, shoved - or kicked - the man away. His "displeased" eyes sent Mr. Field scrambling to his feet, or rather he crawled away. Somewhere between the two.

Naruto, having saw the whole thing and not having yet realized he's powerlessness in this new environment, made the first mistake. He laugh, out loud. 'Teachers bowing down to students?' he thought amusingly before his back hit the locker, pushed by a merciless hand. He ceased his laughing and - no revelation still - looked directly into a pair of black eyes. Silently, he waited for the boy to speak first because as irritating as it was, a small memory happened to prop his dense brain and told him to be polite.

"You find something funny?" said Sasuke, a warning tone backing up the obvious statement.

If Naruto had not answer it... If Naruto had just cowered like every loser in this dump... If only - oh hell. Naruto's sharp and blunt answer escaped his lips and then he...just walked away.

All movement ceased except for the noise of disappearing footsteps. Sasuke, having not been surprised or amused in years of his K4 reign, quirk an eyebrow. That indication should've made it clear that someone's going to die, blood shall be spill, the whole sha-na-na-gan of a true coming apocalypse.

"He dissed you," scoffed Kiba, a true moron. "Ow!"

Sasuke lower his hand as Kiba nursed his bruise head, but his eyes train on a Naruto long gone. Kiba would've retorted, he always did, but the look on Sasuke's face made his comeback a gulp instead. Neji looked up from his phone and Shikamaru stopped yawning.

For Sasuke was frowning.

Naruto walked into class, late and upset. He felt he should be remembering something, but it was lost to him as twenty-one pair of nasty eyeballs observed him carefully. He stopped dead in his track and stare back, confused as to do what, but they dismissed him quite easily enough and went right on chatting with their friends. Naruto felt somehow demoted as he regained his composure and climbed the stairs in search for a suitable desk.

Fangirls, punks, geeks, et cetera were all neatly separated like toys on each floor and each section, except for one particular girl. She let off a dangerous aura for the students deemed it a duty not to go near her and Naruto liked it. He wanted such protection and perhaps being friends with her would make him as invisible as he pleased.

"My name's Uzumaki Naruto. I'm a new transfer student," he started, hoping to gain favor by being polite. "What's your name?"

The girl wore a big, black hoodie, well, most of her body was covered with black and he could not make out her face. Her nails were dirtied by black nail polish that should had probably been removed three weeks ago, but it seemed layers were added only. A few strand of hair peek out and Naruto guessed she had brown hair.

"Halie Coron," she answered simply, not picking up the conversation, but he was determined and followed her gaze.

"What are you looking at?" he asked, a little bored and a little curious.

"People," came her cold respond, but Naruto didn't care. He continued on the conversation by himself if he had to.

"What's so interesting?" Naruto always found people as interesting subjects for experiments, but to observe them made his thoughts dull and his head drowsy. And at that, he expected her answer to be psychological and complicated, full of hidden meanings; and he felt his hope die a bit.

She pointed straight at a girl in the front row and the girl in turn did nothing, but sneer back at her then turned back to whatever she was doing. "You see her?"

"Yeah." It was kinda hard to miss what with the pink hair and all. Naruto never did like pink and to have such bright colors staring back at him on someone's head made him a little uneasy as to whether the person is insane or not.

"Look how big her forehead is."

Well, that had been unexpected, but he looked nonetheless and couldn't take his eyes away. He instantly measured, estimated how many inches that was.The, he couldn't believe the sizes of that thing.

"Her name is Haruno Sakura. She's the president of Sasuke's fanclub."

Naruto truly shudder. He messed with a lot of people, but never a crazy girl high on boy love. Halie continued explaining Sakura's obsession with Uchiha Sasuke.

"-the one that had coffee spill over him this morning."

He blinked and look at her. 'Uchiha Sasuke?' He had to have heard that name somewhere before, but all his mind could concentrate on... "How did you know?"

"Words travel fast around here."

He nodded, but inside he was in a mist of confusion. The walk from here to there had been what, two minutes? Naruto hated rumors, mostly because it traveled faster than the speed of light.

"She hopes that one day he may look at her, then kiss her forehead and say how beautiful and wide it is. Then they can marry and have a lot of cocky babies with big foreheads."


Halie also explained to him about the K4 and all the work they've done on the students and school administrators. So, the way the conversation's going, Halie Coron and Uzumaki Naruto became best friends. They had lots of things in common; they both ave a hatred for the perky side of society and could never stand to eat wasabi, no matter how long they've been in Japan.

Mr. Field came in later and started teaching, but his hands trembled so bad he gave up during the middle and the class resumed their activities before he came in. Naruto had been talking quietly to Halie when something caught his eyes. It was a large poster, about human size and in the hands of Haruno Sakura. She talked loud enough for the whole class to hear her and so when she called the person in the picture Uchiha Sasuke, Naruto freaked.

Revelation hit him like a bitch. He finally remembered who Uchiha Sasuke was; he finally remembered how much of a coward he was suppose to act; and most importantly of all, he remembered how he never did any of those while in front of Uchiha Sasuke.

So basically Naruto knew he screwed himself over, but he naively though that if he avoided Sasuke and his posse, he might live. It'll only be what, four years? They'll probably forget him in between those long months, right? And just as he was walking to his next class, he ran right into the K4. He froze, but his eyes still worked and he notice how their attention were diverted to other things however, they were still walking towards him. He bolted to the nearest room, which happened to be the restroom. Fate had a bad thing for Naruto that day.

The K4 all went into the restroom.

Naruto had time to hide in one of the stalls before he could be discovered. He stopped breathing, but then realized how stupid it was and settle for breathing quietly instead.

Kiba looked around confusingly and stated matter-of-factly, "Dude, why are we all in the restroom?"

"How should I know? I came in here and you guys followed me," said Sasuke, noting how Neji and Shikamaru neither mind their current gathering place.Odd how they seem almost comfortable.

"So the blonde this morning, huh? Pretty fiesty, don't you think?" Kiba asked, changing the topic.

Sasuke shrugged nonchalantly, but his mind was full of Naruto. He kept replying those piercing blue eyes over and over again in his mind. They were so bright and burning, to him.

"Kind of cool how he laughed at you, huh?" Kiba added when Sasuke didn't response. And when he didn't this time either, his friends became worry. Neji stopped messing with his phone and Shikamaru clear away his sleepiness. This was the second time today their best friend has delayed in responding violently and so they thought he might be ill. Until his hand came down and slap Kiba upside the head. Shikamaru sighed and mumbled an incoherent 'troublesome', but his ears remained alert.

"Technically, he was laughing at the teacher," Neji pointed out, turning his attention back to his phone.

"So?" retorted Kiba.

Neji simply waved in reply and left his friends. It wasn't uncommon for him to just up and leave them. No one knows why though. Shikamaru too left, but not before calling over his shoulder, "Tell me when you're done planning." It was obviously directed at Sasuke, who had been looking quite malicious up till now.

Meanwhile, Naruto pondered on his situation and exclaimed his annoyance inwardly. 'Me and my big mouth? Why can't those two just leave? All I wanted was to finish high school, safely. Tsunade-bachan would be so angry if I mess this up, again.' He sighed softly and waited.

"He might make a good pet," Sasuke suddenly said, no hint of embarrassment at his exclamation especially with Kiba being present and all, but our dog boy was too busy with his...well, dog to pay attention.

'Pet?' Naruto felt his face grow hot; his anger wasn't faring much better. He didn't like the idea of being a pet to anyone. After a minute or so, they left, leaving Naruto to question his unfortunate fate.

Naruto groan as he dragged himself to class. He was late for Biology and now a perverted rich kid was out to get him. This is so not his day. He didn't want to attract anymore attention than he already did so he went with Plan A: avoid K4. It had been great up till the point where he literally ran right into Uchiha Sasuke on the way to Calculus and Naruto now knew why math class was invented, to screw people over...even more.

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