Author's note: I'm a fan of this movie and explored different endings. I have taken liberties with it and do not own it or any of its original characters. Please read and review. It's my first fanfiction! Also I'm no expert on Scottish accents. I only use the accent when characters are speaking.

Chapter 1

Lizzie Morrison awoke to a loud knocking on her door. Groggily, she squinted at the clock and saw it was past midnight. Good God, she thought, who could that be at this hour? Maybe Marie? Lizzie quickly got a robe on and rushed to the front door so Frankie and her mother would not awaken.

Lizzie wiped the sleep from her eyes and stood in front of the door.

"Who's there?"

"It's me, Lizzie." Lizzie gasped as the man's voice spoke. "Please open the door."

Lizzie could feel her heart begin to pound in her chest. Could it really be him? Lizzie opened the door to reveal the handsome stranger standing there panting as though he'd been running for miles. She gaped at him.

"What are ..." Words failed Lizzie as the stranger's eyes bore into hers. There was so much she wanted to ask, so much to say.

The stranger's eyes were filled with longing. "I couldn't help it, Lizzie. I know we had a business arrangement but…" He looked down at the ground as though it would give him the right words and into her eyes again. "I just couldn't stop thinking about you...and Frankie."

Lizzie stared at him not knowing what to say. She smiled at this man whom she would be eternally grateful for his kindness. She only stood there wordlessly.

The stranger leaned into her and pulled her into his embrace. He slowly lowered his face to hers and kissed an urgent kiss on her soft lips. Lizzie, finally recovering from shock, returned the kiss, and recalled the one they had shared weeks ago that had still haunted her.

"Ma? He's back?" Frankie asked excitedly.

Lizzie pulled from the embrace and looked quizzically at Frankie.

"Are ya here ta stay?" Frankie asked the stranger.

With a loud gasp, Lizzie sat up in her bed still stuck in between her dream world and reality.