Chapter 15

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6 months later

Wouldn't you know it? We're moving again. This time we're moving into Patrick's lovely house on the beach. It used to be his grandmother's before she passed away. It's beautiful there. Frankie is excited about all the photo opportunities he'll have since Patrick has taught him all about camera angles, lighting and focusing. Frankie even knows how to develop his own pictures! Patrick has made it now so that his assignments don't take him away from home for so long anymore. On local assignments Frankie goes to help him.

Our wedding took place at the beach at sunset. That was Frankie's idea. It wasn't a big "to do" but it was perfect. There were roses everywhere. I wore a new wedding dress, very unlike the one I wore when I married Davey. Frankie also helped me pick it out.

Patrick looked so handsome in his tuxedo. My knight had finally found me and rescued me. I remember thinking how lucky Frankie and I were to have him.

Marie was my maid of honor and Allie was Patrick's groomsman. Frankie gave me away. My soon looked like such a handsome young man in his tuxedo. Ma cried, of course. I think most of all she was relieved that Frankie and I would be taken care of. Ma's moving with us, of course. She's looking forward to tormenting a certain neighbor already.

Four months ago, for Frankie's 10th birthday, we had a small gathering at Patrick's house. Catriona was there too. That day Frankie surprised me; he surprised all of us. He me, to Patrick and Ma, to all of us while he signed. We were all so proud of him. Catriona was beaming. Over the months he has become clearer in his speaking and doesn't write down what he has to say anymore. We've found that he has quite a lot to say. He is happier this way.

Patrick and I are in love and happy. Most importantly we are a family now. After we settle into the house, we plan to start trying to have a baby. Patrick's always wanted a girl. Frankie really likes the idea of being an older brother. Patrick is a wonderful father. He is so patient and kind. I count my blessings everyday. I don't honestly know what I did to deserve this man. I thank God for sending him to me and Marie for putting us together.

Right. Marie and Allie plan to be married in 3 months. They are in love and very happy. They promise to come visit often.

I unwrapped a picture frame wrapped in newspaper. It was a picture of the three of us making silly faces. I recalled everything that has led up to this point. It made me smile. Frankie told me once that if you believe in your dreams enough, they would come true. How right he was.

The End

A/N: If you haven't already come check out some other paths Patrick's life has taken. "The Letter" begins where Patrick writes to Frankie and "The One" takes place inside the movie prior to Lizzie and Patrick's meeting. Hope you enjoyed and happy reading:)