Claire stared at the pregnancy test. There was no way this was happening. Just then there was a knock. She quickly stuffed the pregnancy test in the paper bag and threw it in the trash can.

"Nate," she glared at him when she opened the door.

"Good morning sunshine," Nate looked tired and frustrated.

"What are you doing here?" She studied him.

"Using the bathroom," his eyes dared her to contradict him.

It was odd, she reflected, that she felt like she understood Nate. Nate was the one who seemed to know when and where he was needed. However, at the same time, she'd grown up with David. Nate had split when she was only about ten.

"Good morning," her mother's cheery voice made her cringe.

"Hi Mom," she poured herself a glass of milk and sat watching her mother bustle around the kitchen.

Could she ever be that kind of mother was that in her ability? Their family was so fucked up she could hardly imagine the idea.

"Mom," David walked in. Her brother was looking tired as well, she knew that everyone in her family had problems. She always felt trapped with no one to turn too.

"Good morning," David smiled at her.

"Hi," she finished the milk and stood.

"Claire, what time will you be home," her mother's sweet smile made her want to scream.

"I'll be out all night," Claire didn't want to explain.

"Oh I see," her mother was clearly not happy with that.

"You don't like it do you?" Claire challenged her.
"Claire," David was going to defend her crazy mother.

"Fine defend her, see you all later," Claire burst out of the house feeling like she was escaping from prison.

"What's up with her?" David glanced at their mother as Nate walked in.

"What?" Nate poured himself a cup of coffee.

"Claire, she's acting snippy," David explained.

"Snippier than usual?" Nate found a smile on his face.

"Nate," Ruth admonished.

"Sorry Mom, but you can't deny that Claire sure has a personality," Nate argued.

Ruth picked up her purse, "I'm going to work, I'll be back at five," she walked out.

Just then Claire hastened back into the house.

"Wow, where's the fire?" David teased.

"I forgot to take out the trash," she dashed by them.

Nate watched his sister as she ran back down the stairs with only one of the four trashes from upstairs.

"Claire, wait up," he followed her out.

"Something going on?" he watched her face.

"No Nate," she was lying to him, but he let it go.

"Okay," he watched her head off and sighed, he had enough things to worry about with Lisa and Maya.