If we remember, that far far away
the future is shining somewhere
we only have to be afraid a little bit
as we sit here under the beautiful blue sky

Fifteen-year-old Edward Elric and Fourteen-year-old Alphonse Elric sat in one of the many fields of Risembool. Alphonse turned, his metal suit clanking softly as he enjoyed the sight of the clear, blue skies.

Even though he and Ed were still searching for the Philosopher's Stone, they had made a stop in their home village to visit their childhood friend, Winry Rockbell. They had told her the day before that they were leaving in the afternoon the next day.

"Al," Ed began, "let's get going. We don't have time to stay here for long." He then stood up.

Al sighed. He remembered enjoying sunny days like this when he was younger, and he wanted to relive those days. He knew that in the future, he would be human again; he'd be able to relax in the sun and watch the clouds go by. "Alright, brother..." He said.

Al stood up, his armor body clanking as he walked with Ed down the pathway to the train station.

Beloved colors fill the window

Ed sat up in his bed, awakened by the Munich sunrise. He looked over at the other bed, where his roomate Alphonse Heiderich was sleeping. Ed frowned as he remembered back on the days, many years ago, when he would awake to the sight of his real brother.

If I can be with you again, before I turn
to the future that is shining somewhere
I want to see our time change
underneath that large sign

Ed brought his knees up to his chest and sighed softly, being sure not to wake Alphonse. Tears formed in his eyes as he thought of his younger brother's smiling, beautiful face. "I can't cry," he thought aloud, "I haven't since we've been apart, and I won't start today!" His voice was hushed and sad, even breaking a little.

There's someone I can't meet again, in this city
So I open the window

Ed slipped out of bed and quietly walked to the window. He opened it and felt the cool, fresh air caress his face. "Alphonse..." He said sadly, thinking of his brother. "I miss you."

If we remember, that far far away
the future is shining somewhere
we can sleep forever
under the beautiful blue sky

The light moon illuminated Alphonse's face as he layed in the fields of Risembool. "Brother..." He murmured. Tears formed in his eyes at the thought of Ed. "Where are you?" He cried out, hot tears flooding out of his dark brown eyes. Alphonse let the tears fall onto the grass as he continued to look up to the starry night sky.

Before I loved you
I was a child born in winter
Sometimes, I have doubts about
the things that started in the past
Oh I will never ever forget
the picture you attached to that New Year's card
It's the things that we can't do
that we long for so much

Ed frowned as he watched the sun rise over the buildings of Munich. "Al..." He said, placing his left hand onto the windowsil, feeling the icy cold wood against his palm. He continued to frown. "The icy coldness doesn't even come close to this feeling of mine..."

A silent tear fell down Ed's cheek, landing on the cold wooden apartment floor. "Alphonse..."

"Edward..." A sad smile played across Al's face as he said this.

The brothers would never know this, but they had said the same line at the same time.

"I love you."