An Angel from Hell
By Kayla Chavi
Chapter 1
Rating PG-13
Genre: Alternate Romance

* * *

I like to think of myself as an ordinary guy. Really I do. My life is normal. Well normal for me and as normal as it can be in the crazy world that I live in. I mean who would have thought that a simple guy like me, Darien Kincaid, would end up a Demon Hunter by the nice young age of 19, and manage to capture the attention of the stunning Serena.

Just so everything's clear, Serena's a Vampire. A Master Vamp at that. And I'm mortal, something she likes to remind me of quite frequently, and have been killing her kind for almost seven years before we met.

She also likes to remind me that I'm male. Not that I forget! And not that I'm a freak or anything, she just likes to poke at my pride, telling me that I'm hormonal and lusty, that I think with my.....never mind, I think you get the idea.

I would just like to say though, that being a Demon Hunter is not easy and though Serena would like you to believe that I spend all my time doing....again I think you get the idea, my love life isn't that exciting. In fact its quite the opposite, and quite frustrating.

It doesn't help that Serena tends to kill any other women I look at. Like I said, frustrating.

But I'm rambling, and loosing point of the story, or whatever it is that I'm trying to say. The story is quite simple actually. It all started on a dark and not so stormy night, when I had the misfortune of meeting an angel. An angel from Hell.

* * *

Walking through the back alley's of New York has got to be the worst thing ever. But here I was, fulfilling a stupid calling that my wonderful father bestowed on me. Not that fighting the undead doesn't have its perks, its just that it gets tedious.

So here I am walking. And listening, using some Power that I managed to get, to listen for the whispers of the Undead. And I hear a scream. So being the super-hero that I'm pretending to be, I run towards it and come across two people in an alley.

One is definitely male, tall and blond. In the pale light of the moon I can see that his skin is too white, too pale to be human. And he's glowing.

Damn it! Why is it that they always have to be men? I really don't need my ass kicked tonight.

He turned towards me with a smile, a cruel smile that was supposed to scare me. Smiles like that stopped scaring me once I became a Demon Hunter. Fear is something that I just don't feel anymore. I sighed melodramatically as the blond guy shoved the girl to the ground and advanced towards me.

"I've heard of you," he hissed, "boy." It was meant to be an insult. I didn't care very much, and didn't get angry. Emotions just slow down the whole Hunting process, and I was tired and wanted to get home. After saving the girl of course. **Maybe she'll be grateful and not fawn all over me** I thought hopefully.

"That's nice," I said calmly, pulling a long wooden stake from my black leather jacket.

"You think that you're going to kill the great Alan?" he continued advancing towards me. Thinking that his unearthly glow would frighten me.

"I don't really care if you're the great Master himself," I said standing my ground. "And sorry to burst you're little bubble, but I've never heard of you, or seen you before, so why don't we cut the chatter and get on with it?" Alan narrowed his eyes and in a blur attacked me.

Well he thought he did anyway, what he ended up doing was running into the stake that I had positioned quite effectively in his heart. He snarled and tried to pull it out, but I just twisted it, shoving the splinters deep into his heart. Alan looked at me surprised and I just smiled my cool and confident smile as he turned to dust, falling to the ground.

Then I turned my attention to the girl. She slowly pulled herself off the ground, managing to look seductive and innocent at the same time. She smiled and I found myself lost in a pair of beautiful aqua marine eyes.

"My Knight in Shining Armour," she whispered looking up at me through lowered lashes. "How the fates would laugh at me now" Her golden hair cascaded down her back, loose and free. Her skin was white and milky, much like the pale moon.

Then I realized that she too glowed.


She must have heard my thoughts because she began to laugh softly, walking towards me. She was so clearly the predator, and for the very first time in my life I was frozen where I stood. The Power of her gaze held me there. "Darien Kincaid," she murmured as she stopped in front of me. Her body was so very close to mine. "At last we meet."

"At last?"

"At last," she brushed up against me, her breasts lightly touched my chest as she began to circle me, "I've been watching you," she continued, "for a very....very," gaze wandered over my frame and I felt my entire body begin to harden under that unblinking gaze, "very long time."

"Is that so?" I managed to get out, hoping that I sounded calm and controlled.

She smiled looking up and meeting my eyes, "Yes."

"And you are?" I asked lifting an eyebrow, thank all the gods that be, I was able to do that.


It was a simple statement. Unlike Alan I knew who she was. She was one of the First. Old. Powerful. Deadly. And quite, quite able to kill me with a single thought. That scared me, if I was going to die I wanted to die fighting. That was the only thing that has ever scared me about her. Well that and her beauty. She smiled again and came to stand before me.

"Do I frighten you, Darien?" she murmured her lips a breath away from mine.


Again that slow, knowing smile. She knew I was lying and was amused by it. "You know I could kill you," she whispered, her hand lightly brushing the forelock of hair that was forever in my face, away.

"I know." A pause, "Do you plan to?" I asked coldly.

Control. I told myself, Control.

She smiled lazily and pulled away, "No. Though I am slightly hurt that you killed my friend. I don't have any company for the night. You've left me alone," she pouted, again she was innocent and seductive at the same time. She couldn't have been more than sixteen when she was made, almost a women, but still a child.

I tried to be revolted by the darkness and evilness of it all. I'm disgusted to say that it was again the opposite. This beautiful demon aroused me. And dammit! she knew she did and enjoyed every moment of it.

"I doubt that you are ever alone, Serena."

She laughed again, it was silvery and a lot like the clearness of bells, Elvin. Though the Elves would be very insulted if I said that to one of them. They take the fact that they are one of the Higher Races very seriously. Being compared to a Vampire, no matter how beautiful she may be, is insulting.

But again I'm rambling.

She sounded and looked like an angel. And here I was sworn by duty and honor to kill her. But I was frozen, rooted where I was standing, in the ashes that belonged to Alan.

Slowly I tried to tighten my grip on the stake. Serena knew immediately what I was trying. She just sighed and shook her head, the stake burst into flames, forcing me to drop it.

"You can't kill me Darien, you know that."

I didn't respond and again forced myself to meet her eyes. This time I almost drown in them.

"I won't have to," I said calmly, "Not even you are immune to the sun, Serena. It will rise and unless you want to become a pile of ash like your friend, then I suggest you find shelter."

She looked past me to see the pink horizon. Serena closed the distance between us in an instant. Again she lightly touched by face, her white fingers trailing along my jaw and over my lips. She kissed me softly.

"We will meet again, My Knight," she murmured and then in a blur of white was gone.

I stood there, tense, tight and hard. Only when the sun was over the first morning's clouds did I move. Going home and hoping that I could unwind until the next night. Which for me, I know came too soon.

* * *

I look back on that experience and cringe slightly.

I should have known, I should have guessed. I tell myself that one over and over, but its no use. I'm only mortal--

"Mortal with a very long story to tell and write. You're rambling again Darien. And you're tired, the sun is setting, you should rest."

"Thank you ever so much, Serena" I muttered at her, slightly annoyed that she's interrupting me.

"It's only because I care about you," she gave me this Look and I sighed. "I'll take over from here My Knight. They, after all, should have the full story."

"Sure Serena, whatever you say" I yawned and she gently pushed me into bed, covering me up like she would a child.

"Now sleep and don't worry about your story, I'm going to tell my half of it."

"Great, that's just what they need, your words of wisdom"

* * *

Darien's resting now, finally sleeping. The poor man never stops working even after all of these years. Actually for me it hasn't been very long, but then again I'm thousands of years old.

Darien thinks that I'm going to tell you my point of view on our first meeting. He thinks that he knows everything already, that he knows what I was feeling that day. But he's wrong.

You see, that night in the alley wasn't the first night that I had met Darien Kincaid. It was probably only the fifteenth. Unfortunately my Knight doesn't remember the first time.

The first time happened so long ago, but I remember it like yesterday. Once you become the Undead, you remember everything, perfectly, and exactly as it happened.

Sometimes if I try hard enough I can even remember what I was feeling.

* * *

The written history of my people has become lost. So lost that no historian even knows that we existed outside of legend. And let me tell you, the Legend of Atlantis, is so totally screwed that the only thing that is correct is that we existed and sunk into the sea.

Atlantis was already older than most of the known countries today when I was born. I was born a princess, seventeenth daughter to my father who had several wives, although I was the first daughter of the Queen. My father was not King, that was my Uncle. Which meant that I would be Queen when my Uncle and Mother died. It also meant that any children I might have would be first in line for the throne. That's how we did things, through the mother. It was the only way of making sure that our bloodline was pure.

I was fourteen when I first met Darien. His name wasn't Darien, however, it was Endymion. Mine was still Serena, I guess that it will always be Serena. He was in his early twenties and so very handsome. His hair was long and black, his eyes were a piercing blue. Those in its self was odd, every one in Atlantis was blond or a light brown. Our eyes were either green or violet, never blue. My eyes were abnormal for our people being a dark aqua marine, though more marine than aqua. All of our men wore their hair short, once in a while a young man's hair would brush his shoulders.

Darien's hair was longer than mine. My hair was a red brown then, not the blond that it has paled to now, curly and went to my mid back. Alright, his hair wasn't that much longer than mine, but it was long and pulled back into a simple horsetail.

But I digress, sometimes I'm as bad as Darien.

Endymion was pulled up before my Uncle, his arms bound behind him, the guards shoved him to the ground. I was sitting on a low stool next to my Uncle, the rest of our Family was seated on pillows behind us in a semi-circle. My older brother, An'dre, was on the other side of my father, his stool slightly higher than mine, but not as high as the chair that my Uncle sat upon.

I winced slightly as I heard the marble floor impact on his knees. He clenched his jaw and looked definitely into my Uncle's eyes. There was a fire and hatred in them that blazed, and if he had any Power, I'm sure that the Palace would have burned, even though it was made completely of black marble.

My Uncle narrowed his eyes at this young man who knelt before as, wearing the garb of a slave, a loin cloth and nothing else. Needless to say that Endymion was strong, it clearly showed. I couldn't pull my gaze away from him, not because he was half naked or beautiful, but because of the feeling of nobility he emanated. He carried himself like a King.

"Endymion," Uncle began, "The Prince of the K'thie. Welcome to Atlantis," he said with a cruel smile. The Court laughed softly at the humor. I did not, and neither did An'dre. "Your armies tried to invade the Atlantis Empire. You failed."

"Obviously." Endymion continued to glare and the Court tittered at his simple remark. I allowed myself a small smile. Uncle just frowned and narrowed his eyes slightly before continuing.

"Because you are a prince I can not kill you, no matter how much I would enjoy doing so. Unlike you K'thie's I have a sense of Honor." Endymion fierce look continued, his entire body tensing at the insult, "No you will remain a slave in the Palace. I will give you to one of my daughters."

Endymion snarled something in his language causing Uncle to laugh. I cast a look over at An'dre, who shook his head at me, clearly upset at this as I was. Neither An'dre or I liked Uncle, to us he was cruel, bloodthirsty, and lusty. The man, after all, had seven wives, fourteen sons, and eight daughters, not including the slaves he had managed to impregnate.

"King-Uncle," An'dre stood, "I don't think that making a play object of Endymion is a fitting punishment. Even becoming Min'ko's plaything." The Court stifled laughter, my cousin was known for her ability to wear out the male slaves given to her for play things.

Uncle raised an eyebrow, "Then what do you propose, Lord-Heir?"

"Give him to Serena."

"WHAT?!" I yelped standing suddenly. Endymion looked over at me, as if he had suddenly realized that I existed. I saw him look me over and then turn red.

"She is a girl-child," he said with disdain. But Uncle liked the idea, he seemed to think that all I wanted was to produce an heir, or something along those lines. He never took me seriously and was beginning to smile.

"You're reasoning?" he asked my blond idiot of a brother. Since being declared heir, An'dre had to have reasoning's for everything.

"It's obvious that the K'thie Prince would not want to give an heir to a people and country that he hates. He will have to live knowing that his son or daughter is ruling the country that his people hate with a fiery passion. It will also give us power to demand a truce, the Rulers of K'thie will not allow their armies to attack their grandchild." I glared angrily at An'dre.

"You're forgetting one thing," both Endymion and I said at the same time. An'dre suppressed a small smile, but I ignored both him and Endymion, "You're assuming that I will allow this man to take me. May I remind you that the law says that any heir I produce must be of my husband."

"I am King, my word is Law." Uncle was not impressed with my defiance.

I narrowed my eyes, "You can not force me to take this man into my bed,"

"And you can not force me to take her," Endymion added in a quite but strong voice.

Uncle just laughed softly, "I won't have to." He sounded so very certain that Endymion would be a typical lusty male like himself, and that I would be a typical women and be overcome by my new slave. "Take him and prepare a bed for him in Serena's chambers."

I watched them forcefully drag the Prince away and to my rooms. I sat back down on my low stool, blocking everything out and trying desperately not to cry. If this man had no honor, mine would be striped from me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

In that moment I hated Uncle. I hated An'dre for placing me in this situation. I even hated Endymion for failing in his attack and getting himself captured alive.

But I hadn't even met him yet. And now, I was sharing a room with him. Me, fourteen year old girl on the verge of womanhood, and him, an ex-Prince and now slave, in my rooms.

And it was barely time for the mid-day meal.

* * *

I avoided my rooms all the way until sunset and long past. The torches along the wall were beginning to burn out when I finally returned to them, praying that the event that had happened earlier today had just been a dream. That I wouldn't loose myself to a stranger.

I slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door. I almost walked out when I saw An'dre sitting on one of the couches. He grabbed me forcefully and pulled me into the room and closed the door, locking it swiftly and holding me tightly.

I struggled for a while, telling him how much I hated him. After I was all cried out and very tired he set me on the couch, kneeling in front of me.

"I'm sorry Ser' I didn't think--"

"That's very clear," I interrupted him and there was a quiet laughter coming from one of the corners. I looked past An'dre and saw him leaning against the wall. I glared coldly at him and then noticed something. First I noticed that he had fortunately got some clothes. They were simple but at least he wasn't bare-chested anymore. The second thing I noticed was that his hands weren't tied anymore. "Why isn't he chained up?" I demanded angrily.

An'dre sighed, "Ser' if you would just calm down I'll tell you everything. But you have to promise to trust me and not say anything."

"You think I'm going to trust you after what you did to me today?"

"She has you there, Dre" Endymion laughed quietly. An'dre just sighed and turned his attention back to me, waiting for an answer to his question.


"Fine," I huffed pulling my glare away from Endymion, who looked more like an exiled King, then a slave.

"D'mion and I have known each other for many years," he began, shocking me, "He didn't bring an attacking army like Uncle said, he came on a mission of peace. We wanted to bridge the gap between the two countries."

He stopped and I swallowed the lump in my throat, "Go on," I whispered and Endymion joined us, kneeling next to An'dre, just a short distance away from me. The closeness of him distracted me slightly, but not enough to not hear what An'dre was saying.

An'dre continued with the story of how he and Endymion had met and what they had planned. Then they got to the part that began with the words, "And to seal the alliance we were going to betroth you to Endymion."

Before I could react Endymion smoothly cut in, "But that's out of the question now," he said simply looking at me with a calm and a little bit arrogance.

I wanted to hit him.

"I had no idea you were so young," he glared at An'dre, "Your brother led me to believe that you were older and of a marriageable age."

I clenched my jaw for a moment, "I am," I whispered.

Endymion met my eyes completely surprised, "You're only fourteen!" he exclaimed.

"And in a year I am going to be married to some miserable bastard and by the time I'm sixteen I will have my first child and be pregnant with the second," my voice was cold and dispassionate.

"That's the way we do things here, K'thie," An'dre sighed

Endymion sighed and ran a hand through his impossibly long hair, "That's barbaric," he said after a long moment of silence.

I actually smiled, "I agree."

An'dre rolled his eyes, "Its the way things have been done for centuries."

"Easy for you to say," Endymion and I said at the same time and I flushed, looking down. An'dre just grinned and stood.

"I really am sorry Serena." he said before he left. I rolled my eyes and then realized that Endymion and I were alone in the same room. I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from screaming as he stood and turned to me.

"You have nothing to worry about m'lady," he said going to the bed that had been made for him, "I won't touch you."

I laughed quietly and nodded going to my own bed. I climbed between the sheets, "Because I'm a girl-child." I said dryly as the rooms torches dimmed at my thought.

"Because you are a women and a Lady," he said simply. And then nothing else was said until morning. I feel asleep realizing that my prayer had been answered. I was safe, the man in my rooms was a Prince and I was a Princess. Our social places made it easy to control. I was off limits and he knew it.

Unfortunately less then a year later I would become frustrated by Society and its rules.

* * *

Uncle wanted to celebrate my fifteenth birthday with a betrothal to a Prince of the Egyptian Empire. He had become almost as frustrated as I was with Endy's inability to produce an heir. Our frustrations were completely different. He wanted revenge, I was in love.

My fifteenth birthday came and went. During which I managed to insult the prince, by claiming that I was an equal with him. I guess in Egypt its different, women don't really speak directly to their men.

And then there was the fact that he didn't like my slave, who was constantly with me. Endymion appeared to be more of a body guard now, which amused the rest of my family and Court. The idiotic prince wanted to seal our marriage even before it was decided. I kneed him in the groin to stop his advances.

Endy broke his jaw and three ribs.

I wanted to tell myself that he loved me the way I loved him. The love between a man and a women, I wanted it. And I wanted it to be with him. Unfortunately all he ever saw me as was a little sister.

Needless to say I was extremely frustrated.

I tried to tell myself that it was better that he loved me like a sister, that kind of love was unconditional. Romantic love could change at anytime. Of course I was just fooling myself.

So there I was, leaning on the rail of my balcony, lost in though and sighing quietly to myself, when Endymion came up to me.

He stood next to me, bracing himself on the rail and looking out over the ocean, "Senna?" he asked quietly, "Are you alright?"

I looked up at him and forced a smile, "I'm fine," I said, smiling slightly at the name that he had given me, though at times it seemed more like a title than a name. He raised a dark eyebrow, his dark blue eyes almost looking directly into my soul. "Really," I said in a convincing tone. Who I was trying to convince? I'm not so sure, "I'm just tired."

"If you're sure that's all it is," he said after a moment. I knew he didn't believe me, but what was I to say? Yes, Endy, something is wrong. I'm totally and completely in love with you. He'd laugh, or cringe and pat me on the shoulder, saying that I was just in love with love. He'd tell me that I'm still a child.

"I'm sure," I said quietly and then levered myself off the railing, going to walk back into my room.

"Senna?" he stopped me with a gentle hand on my shoulder and I looked up into his handsome face.


"I'm sorry, it was nothing," he mumbled and then turned away. I sighed and then went into my room, leaving him alone on the balcony. I heard him mutter something to himself in his own language, it sounded like he was chiding himself for something. I dismissed it and changed for bed, quickly climbing in.

After a few moments I heard him climb into his bed, being quiet, as if he didn't want to disturb me. I fell asleep quickly.

That night I was attacked. I didn't realize it until my assailant was over me in his attempt to harm me. I barely had time to utter a quiet outcry, when he smothered me. I fought him, but he was much larger than me and I couldn't push him off.

I screamed into his hand and tried to bit him as his other hand wandered to my night clothes, pulling them up. Then he was off of me and I heard him crash to the floor. Endymion was on top of him and they were struggling. I heard the sound of metal and then their was a low moan as I heard a knife or sword slide into human flesh.

That was and will always be a sickening sound.

A few moments later Endy came into my view. He was disheveled, his long black hair unbraided and loose, getting all tangled. "Senna, are you alright?" he asked me, coming to the side of the bed and kneeling next to it.

Then I began to cry, sobbing hysterically, as I realized what could have just happened to me. Endy pulled me into his arms and sat on the bed, holding me as I cried. His hands were gentle as they stroked my hair and back. He lightly rested his head on top of mine, occasionally brushing his lips across it.

"Senna, l'tie qui. Yu fristi alrng." He murmured this into my hair over and over as I cried into his shoulder, "Senna, l'tie qui. Yu fristi alrng."

It was a long time before I fell back asleep, Endy holding me the entire night.

* * *

I woke up in the embrace of two very strong arms. I was confused for a moment, twisting slightly to look at who was holding me. When I saw that it was Endy, I stopped moving, not wanting to wake him up and stop what I considered a small miracle. I laid my head back onto his chest and closed my eyes.

He must have already been awake because I heard him breath in deeply and shift. But he didn't let go of me, a fact that I enjoyed very much. He murmured something softly into my hair and gently kissed my forehead and closed eyelids.

"Gods, Senna," I heard him whisper, "You're beautiful." My eyes snapped open and I lightly felt his hands run over my hair, back and sides, "I can't believe that I almost lost you," he continued and then began to talk softly in his own language.

Eventually I must have betrayed myself somewhere because I felt him pull away and look down to meet my eyes. He smiled slightly, "How long have you been awake?"

"Not long," I whispered and blushed slightly, "I was enjoying hearing you talk in your own language, it sounded musical. I didn't want to move."

He laughed quietly and lightly held the side of my face, "Are you alright after what happened?" he asked gently.

"Better," I whispered.

"Good." He kissed my forehead again, briefly touching his lips to it before pulling away to climb out of the bed. I touched his shoulder in an attempt to stop him and make him stay. He stopped, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking down at me, "What is it Senna?"

I pulled my hand back, "Thank you for saving me," I whispered and he caught a hold of my hand before I could pull it completely away. He gently kissed it and smiled.

"I would die for you, Senna," he whispered and kissed my forehead again.

Then there was a knock at my doors. Endymion stood and I sat up, "Who is it?" I called out, noticing that Endy had already gotten rid of the body and to this day I'm not really sure what he did with it.

"An'dre," my brother called out. I sighed and took a deep breath, "Are you decent?"

"Come in An' and get your mind out of the privy," I said as he opened the door. He and Endymion exchanged this Look, making me even more confused.

"D'mion told me what happened," he said gently. I raised an eyebrow, when had he had time to do that? I thought he had been with me the entire time. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I said quietly, "Endymion saved me."

"I know, he and I got rid of the body. I believe that Uncle sent the assassin." Endymion swore quite profusely and in several languages. Me and An'dre looked at him in disbelief.

He flushed, "Sorry," he muttered.

"Why does he want me dead?" I asked confused and shuddered slightly at the memory.

An'dre sighed, "He doesn't, he wants you pregnant," he said softly and then turned to Endymion and began speaking rapidly in a language I didn't understand. Endymion obviously didn't like what he was hearing, because he swore again.

They continued to talk and I got frustrated, "Will you stop talking as if I wasn't in the room?!"

Both men turned to me, surprised. An'dre flushed, "I'm sorry, Serena."

I just glared, and started to get angry. I got out of the bed, my red curls I'm sure a tangled tumble, "I'm a person and if you can't talk about whatever this is in front of me, then do it when I'm not around. At least give me that respect. You keep treating me as if I'm an ignorant child! I'm not, I'm almost Queen."


Endymion smiled slightly, "The assassin was supposed to try to impregnate you," he said simply and what was obviously the blind truth, "Your uncle thinks that there must be something wrong with me." I raised an eyebrow and he continued, "He has confided in your brother that in two days there will be another attempt."

I closed my eyes tightly and tried to comprehend what he was saying. I began to shake, my hands, my entire body trembling. "Gods," I whispered.

An'dre bit his lower lip and looked at me with pity, "I'm sorry Serena," he said gently.

"You keep saying that," I said in a daze. I think that I passed out because the next thing I remember is Endymion holding me on the floor. An'dre was kneeling next to me, holding one of my hands as I slowly opened my eyes.


"I'm fine," I managed to whisper in a horse voice. I slowly pulled away and stood, "I need to think." I walked out onto my terrace and stood looking out over the ocean. Inside a very strained heated but quiet argument was going on.

"All of this could be avoided if you would just--" An'dre was saying.

Endy cut him off, "And become no better than your uncle?" I winced, so he still thought I was a girl-child.

"D'mion you're experienced, all you would have to do is court her and this would be no problem. I know you want to!"

Endymion sighed and there was a long quiet, "I won't take something from her that sacred."

"You K'thie's and your sense of what is sacred!" My brother said exasperated, "It's not like--"

"It is!" Endymion nearly roared, but managed to keep it a hush, "Where I come from you don't dishonor the princess! Your sister is a women and I will not dishonor her!"

There was another prolonged silence.

"You can never marry her D'mion, you know that," An'dre said quietly, "And if you don't father the child soon then you're life will become very much forfeit."

"I know," Endy whispered, "Gods I know!" An'dre sighed and then I presume that he left. I turned back to the ocean and looked out, pretending not to have heard any of that.

I didn't know what to make of it anyway. It was plain to me that while Endy was attracted to me, he was also disgusted with the fact that he still saw me as a little girl in body. My mind was that of a women, but he couldn't get past it. That's what I thought anyway.

He came up silently behind me and was quiet for a long moment, "Serena?"

I slowly turned around and met his eyes. "I want to go to the Temple," I whispered softly, "I need some time to think."

He nodded and turned to go back inside, "Do you want me to come with you?" he asked before he went into the room, "At least until you reach the Temple, I know that slaves aren't allowed inside."

I nodded and he smiled slightly before disappearing.

* * *

I finished the customary prayer and chant as I knelt in front of the alter of the Moon Goddess. I burned the pieces of paper that contained my prayer, watching them disappear in ashes and smoke. Closing my eyes I took a deep breath.

"Sometimes even the Gods can not help us." I turned around to see the High Priestess standing there. Her long silk robes were the color of flame, making her dark hair even darker and her violet eyes stand out. She was exotic, having come all the way from the High Temple to live here at Atlantis, and sometimes I envied her beauty and grace.

I bowed and she smiled slightly, "What is the problem child?" Reishe asked gently coming up to me. She saw the tears in my eyes that threaten to spill down my cheeks. Again she smiled, "I see, the fact that you are still a child, or the fact that you are a women in love?"

"Is it that obvious?" I whispered looking down.

Her warm, gentle hand she placed lightly on the side of my face, and then under my chin to make me look at her, "Your Majesty you are still young even though you are being forced into a role that was meant for someone much older. You are doing well for a girl who has more burdens on her than the normal mature women has. And you are in love and I suspect that the handsome slave does not return your affections the way you want him too."

I closed my eyes and nodded, "Yes."

Reishe gently kissed my forehead, "You are strong your majesty and will overcome your childhood. And I believe that your prayers to the High will be answered sooner than you think." She slowly withdrew her hand, "And the young slave has been pacing like a restless lion for the last three hours. He awaits your return."

I opened my eyes and nodded and she gently led me out to Endymion. Relief was plain on his face when he saw me, "I was beginning to get worried that maybe the gods had decided to take you away from--to live with them."

"Not yet," I said quietly and smiled slightly.

It was a long quiet walk to the Palace and then to my rooms. I was tired from the days events, but Endy insisted that I get something to eat. He had food ordered to the room, and a small feast was laid out on my bed. I sat down and looked at the food, and half heartedly began to eat. I motioned for Endymion to sit and eat with me.

He hesitated for a moment before joining me. We ate in a comfortable silence and soon I was full, eating much more than I had intended to. Other slaves came and cleared the food away and I sat there on my bed in silence for a long while.

"What does it mean?" I asked out of no where. Endymion looked up at me surprised, and very confused.

"What does what mean?" he asked cautiously.

"Senna. You call me that most of the time, but last night when you said it, it sounded more like a title then a name." I asked bluntly. I was tired and confused and really not all there inside me. I wasn't being rational, I was also much more daring than I would have been if the day hadn't been so long or so tiring. And besides, this had been bothering me for months, I had to know what it meant.

Endymion flushed slightly, "It's a term of affection that my people use for those they care about. I thought it fitting given your name."

"But literally," I pressed, still being blunt, "What does it mean." And please don't let it be little sister, I added silently.

He was quiet for a long moment and I began to worry that he wouldn't tell me what it meant. "Beloved," his voice barely audible. My eyes widened.


"Yes." He didn't meet my eyes.

"The rest of what you said, last night and...and this morning. What does L'tie qui. Yu fristi alrng mean?" I stumbled slightly over the words.

Again he was silent. Slowly he met my gaze and there was a fear in his eyes that I had never seen before. But what did he have to be afraid of? I wondered.

"I love you. I'll always protect you. L'tie qui. Yu fristi alrng," My eyes widened a considerable degree and I watched him stand and go to the door, preparing to leave when I didn't say anything. "I'll be--" he started hoarsely.

"Endy don't go!" I whispered, "Please?"

He stopped and turned back around and then I realized what he was afraid of, or at least part of his fear. He thought that I would reject him, or have him killed!

Which in any other circumstance, I could have done. Slaves were slaves, subhuman. Mina had killed several of hers just because they had thought that they could love her.

I held out my hand to him. He took it swiftly, kneeling on the floor next to my bed. I lightly touched the side of his face, brushing the hair out of his eyes. I lightly kissed his forehead, "Xalliva zi, j'thia" I whispered in the High tongue of Atlantis. His eyes widened slightly.

I smiled at his stunned reaction, it seemed so totally out of character for him, to be so surprised and not controlled. I lightly touched his lips and face, his hand leaving mine to do the same. Then he took my chin in his hand and leaned over to kiss me.

My first kiss on the lips, my first kiss ever from another man. Even the idiotic prince hadn't managed to kiss me. It was soft and gentle and very warm. A tingling sensation went through my body and I closed my eyes. After a long moment I felt his tongue, lightly run over my bottom lip and I slowly parted my lips. His tongue slipped inside my mouth as the passion of the kiss increase, but it was still gentle and slow. Endymion took his time, not wanting to scare me it seemed, and to teach me at the same time. It seemed like that kiss lasted forever before he slowly pulled away.

We stared at each other for a very long moment and I realized that I had been holding my breath as I slowly let out a quiet sigh.

"Stay with me tonight," I whispered and he flushed.

"Serena, I--" I gently pressed my fingers to his lips, silencing him.

"I'm not asking you to do anything dishonorable," I said quietly, knowing how important my honor was to him, "I'm just asking you to hold me and stay with me."

He nodded and then took me in his arms as he laid down next to me. He lightly stroked my body as I rested my head back into his chest, placing my arms over his.

The realization came to me that I was in the arms of my beloved, my j'thia, and for that one night I was safe and happy.

* * *

I looked up from Darien's computer to see the sunlight start to peek through the blinds. Had I really been telling this story the entire night? It didn't seem like it, but I had written pages and my story with Endymion wasn't even halfway over. The memories left me with raw emotions, things that I hadn't thought about or felt in such a long time.

Endymion and Darien are so different sometimes, but in some things they are identical. They are the same person, but their differences make me love him even more. Every time get to know him, its different and new. Another reason why I love him, he changes while I change, but at his core he is still the same honorable man.

Sometimes his honor frustrates me to no end. It always has, and it probably always will.

But my story isn't over, I still had to tell about....well I can tell about all of that later for I can hear Darien starting to wake up and I want to torment him.