An Angel from Hell
By Kayla Chavi
Chapter 10
Rating PG-13
Genre: Alternate/Romance
Website: Perchance to Dream

* * *

Here it is, the Epilogue and the end of An Angel from Hell. It was a very wild ride, but I enjoyed it immensely.

And yes, I did leave it open for a sequel if I ever get around to writing one.

* * *

I don't know how I survive the dawn of the morning, but somehow I got home. The outcome of the final battle had been this:

Jedeite survived, barely, but he did. Rei was dead, having died to save Serena's soul from eternal damnation. I had lost my best friend in her, Jedeite had lost a lover.

Years later, I asked him once how he dealt with the pain of loosing her over and over again. He just smiled at me and said, "You don't deal with the Pain, Darien, you embrace it and make it a part of you. It's the only way to survive."

Amy was still alive, but would never see again, nor would she ever walk. Beryl was very dead and not returning, I had that on the authority of the blond bitch that had kept me from saving Serena. Andrew was still alive, even though, he too had been at the site of the Great Spell. The Higher Powers had brought him there to test her.

Apparently, he and Serena and been brother and sister in his first life. Go figure.

And I....I was a vampire.

And I was now standing in front of a computer with a disk in my hand. Andrew had given it to me once I was coherent enough to actually think again.

"She wanted you to have this," was all he said to me.

Now I was in her apartment, in front of her computer, just staring at the screen. Slowly, I pushed the disk into the hard drive and began to read.

* * *

I awoke to the sound of someone murmuring my name over and over, begging me to wake up.

This was very unexpected, for I had thought that Haruka and Michiru would have me killed on the spot. Instead I was lying in my bed with Endymion lying next to me, begging me to be alive.

It didn't occur to me until later that he had every reason to suspect that I was dead. My heart didn't beat and I didn't breathe. To let him know that I wasn't lost I gently reached up and touched his hair.

He stopped his murmuring and pulled back to look at me. Seeing that I was alive and awake he covered my mouth with his, in a long and passionate kiss.

"Dear Gods, I thought I had lost you," he murmured.

"Never," I said back and gently kissed him. "What happened?"

He sighed heavily, "They want me to kill you," he said after a moment, "They said it would be easier when you were sleeping, but I just. . .I can't kill you, Senna," he said hoarsely and then kissed me again, just as passionately as before.

"What was the spell that they did?" I asked after he pulled away.

He sighed again, "It was a Calling. I am one of their rank," he said bitterly, "When I was younger I was called to join them because of my heritage. I--"

I gently pressed my fingers to his lips, "I understand," I said quietly and kissed him gently.

"Senna, if I don't kill you in the next three hours, I am going to go insane," he said seriously, breaking the tender mood between us.

I blinked and just looked at him, "I don't believe you," I said quietly. "It sounds like something they would make up to force you to go through with it. It isn't logical!"

He sighed and lightly stroked my hair, "I've seen it happen before, Serena. Believe me when I say that I will go crazy if you don't leave."

"Endy. . ." I looked at him sadly, able to feel that my eyes were filling up with tears. "I can't leave you. Please don't make me go."

"Senna...." he sighed and pulled me close.

I don't know what started it, but suddenly we were kissing, which for us, isn't that abnormal, but it seemed so sudden. The kiss was slow and deep, lasting for an eternity, but over much to quickly. He placed soft small kisses along my face and shoulder before pulling back and looking at me.

In that moment I knew what he wanted me to do.

"No," I sat up and pulled away. "Even I have my limits, Endy."

He sat up with me and grabbed my wrist to stop me from leaving the bed all together. "Why not? I know you want to."

"Wanting to and actually doing it are two completely different things. There is a difference between Euphoria and Death, Endymion." I looked at him, part of me horrified at what he was asking me to do, the other part of me curious of what it would be like to drink the Life Blood of my lover, my husband.

"I know that!" he said sharply and visibly tried to calm himself down, "I don't want to kill you, I could never live with myself."

"And you think that I am capable of killing the man I love and living with the guilt of all of it, because I'm a vampire?" I countered.

He didn't answer me. He didn't have to, I could see it on his face. That's exactly what he thought. It nearly broke my heart.

Nearly, but not all the way, but only because he was in a way right. I knew that even if I killed him now, I would find him again. He also knew that.

It's his fault that I have this weird obsession with him. Really, it is.

I sighed heavily, "Endy. . ."

He lightly took my hand and kissed it gently before tossing his hair over his shoulder, baring his neck. "Do it Serena," he said and pulled me back to him. "I don't want to kill you. I can't." The last sentence was whispered and I closed my eyes painfully.

He situated me in his lap so that I was straddling him, "Endymion. . .are you sure?" Our lips were a breath apart and he just kissed me, his arms locking around my waist tightly.

Like the last kiss, this lasted forever before I broke away to kiss the side of his face and neck. I heard him sigh softly and I teasingly nipped at the flesh of his neck, trying to break the serious mood that we both were in.

He laughed quietly, realizing what I was attempting to do and just laid back with me over him. "Minx," he murmured in my ear.

"Always." I closed my eyes and kissed him once more, "I love you, j'thia," I whispered.

"For eternity, my beautiful Senna, my angel from Hell," he said back and then I bit into the flesh at his neck.

I heard him gasp in pain as the blood filled my mouth. I drank slowly, gently pushing the Euphoria into him. I felt his arms grasp me tighter as I slowly drained him to death.

I felt his heart start to stop so I pulled away. He smiled up at me as I looked down at him. He reached up and lightly touched my hair.

"You're beautiful," he murmured and closed his eyes. I leaned down and kissed him one last time. "I'll find you again, Senna. I promise."

"I know you will," I whispered as blood dropped from my eyes and onto his chest. I let his weak arms draw me close and let him hold me as I felt his soul leave his body.

I cried my whole heart out the moment he died. I was truly alone again, for with him went my soul, my heart, and my love.

* * *

What happened later is not nearly so dramatic, in fact it's almost boring. It wasn't until nearly twenty years later that Atlantis sunk into the sea and K'thia was consumed by the ravages of war, due to the stupidity of our children.

I, of course blame Terra, who died after the war. She had ended up have most of the influence over my children, even though both Endy and I had protested her 'words of wisdom'. I'm amazed that Endymion turned out to be as wonderful as he did with a mother like that.

Jedeite and I became close, always looking for our significant others. He would make sure that if Reishe did become a Priestess that she wouldn't swear any vows of celibacy. I would make sure that Endy never looked at any girl other than me.

Darien, I've found you so many times and every time I've fallen in love with you. Each time is like the first. You always manage to have me feeling like that silly and clumsy fifteen year old girl. Sometimes I know exactly what you feel, and other times I'm so confused I don't know whether I'm coming or going.

I want you to know that I blame you for everything. It's your fault that I fell in love with you, its your fault that I spend my immortal existence looking for you. It's your fault that I border on being a pathetic love-struck girl and an amazing seductress.

Thank you.

I've lived my Unlife with a purpose other than kill, crush, destroy. My Unlife has a purpose, no matter how weird or pathetic it is.

Just remember, that if we don't find each other for a long time, that it is better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all. (Yes, I realize that belongs to Billy, but I was the one who gave him the idea for it in the first place).

Yours for eternity,

Serena, your angel from Hell

* * *

I saw the blood splash on the keyboard a moment too late and realized that I was crying. Crying for my love that I felt like that I had lost completely.

I knew now otherwise. I knew that I would find her when the time was right, and maybe this time we could have the happiness we wanted without stupid curses and angry ex-girlfriends.

I read over the last part once more and smiled. So she knew about my title for her. I tried to be surprised, but it didn't work.

I sighed heavily and ran a hand through my hair, noticing for the first time that there was an address attached to the disk. I frowned slightly when I realized that it was a warehouse.

Grabbing my coat, I looked outside to see that the sun was setting and then ran all the way to the warehouse. I was able to get the door open by breaking the lock. Flinging open the door, I was not prepared for the site that greeted me.

There were thousands of things that littered the large room. It was filled with paintings, and art, jewelry, and even a large bed. Each item had a small card telling exactly what it was, where it was from, and I assume what version of me, she associated it with.

I went through each item, the search taking me long into the night until I reached something that would have made my heart stop if it was beating.

It was a glass figurine of a Knight, his sword was raised to attack some great evil, and every detail was exquisite. The expression on his face was one of determination mixed with confidence and a little bit of fear as he faced whatever foe he was against. I smiled when I realized he had dark hair and blue eyes.

On the ground behind him was the damsel in distress. Her face reflected admiration and even a bit of love as she looked up to her Protector. Though it was almost odd that her hair had a problem deciding whether to be a light auburn or a pale blond. Her eyes were also blue, and her skin was amazingly white.

'To My Knight in Shining Armor, Darien. May you always protect and guard against the evils of the world, even if they do come in the form of hellish angels. Love always, Serena.'

The card was dated, February 14, 2001.


I fell to my knees and cried, for what wouldn't be the last time.

Serena was dead and it would be a long time until I would see her again.

It was the End of the World.

* * *

Of course the story doesn't end. If it did it would be a mockery of every love story that existed. The ending doesn't always have to be happy, it just as to have hope.

Several years later I was walking down a crowded street in Los Angeles when I heard a woman screaming out in pain in the back of an alley.

Worried, I followed the sound until I came upon a young woman with long black hair. She was leaning against the wall, screaming shrilly in pain. That's when I noticed that she was pregnant.

Not thinking, I took this woman into my arms and lead her to the hospital without saying a word. I won't go into the details, but later that evening she gave birth to a little girl.

Both she and her husband were ecstatically happy and thanked me for getting her to the doctor so quickly. Apparently she had been robbed and the trauma had forced her into an early labor. Without me, the doctors claim, she would have lost the baby in that alley.

I was just glad that the husband got there so he could have the joy of witnessing the birth, and hearing the screams.

So a few days later I came to visit the woman in the hospital, along with flowers, balloons, and chocolate. The woman's oldest daughter, a girl of about three or four with black hair and violet eyes, was sitting on the bed, holding the newborn baby.

"Hey kid," I said smiling.

"Hello Darien," the little girl smiled shyly. "Mommy says that she and Daddy don't have a name for my little sister," she pouted.

The mother laughed, "We always thought that we would have a boy and a girl, so we only picked out a boy and a girl name. Reilyn got the girl one."

I nearly choked, for the first time realizing that Rei was sitting in front of me. I looked down at the little girl in her arms. "May I hold her?" I asked, half afraid, half dying with anticipation.

The woman nodded and Rei handed me the baby carefully.

My eyes closed when I held her, my heart singing, and I felt a desperate tug at my soul when I held her.

"Serena," I said after a moment, looking down at the newborn.

The mother smiled, "It's perfect!" she exclaimed and Rei wrinkled her nose.

"It's a girly name," she muttered and I laughed quietly.

Serena just looked up at me, and somehow the same mischievous glint was still in her eyes, for she reached up and grabbed my nose, yanking on it.

I just laughed and kissed her forehead. Everything was going to be okay. I had found her, and in twenty years I would come back again and do what she had spent 8,000 years doing.

Pathetic? Yes.

Insane? Most definitely.

Wonderful? Absolutely.

I had found her!

My one and only angel from Hell.