Chapter 9

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"Twins? What are you talking about? All of the ultrasounds showed one baby."

"These things happen from time to time Lu. There are limitations on all testing and machines; you know that."

"For all I know, there could be six in there! I…OW! Lu cried out in pain again. "How much longer do you think Andy?"

"Its hard to say really. Twin B is in a good position, but is still a bit high up."

Jonas was in shock. He couldn't believe he was going to be a father of 2 so suddenly. "Surprise twins" He thought to himself. "How could this happen in real life? Things like this happened on TV. How are we going to raise 2 at once?"

Lu's contractions began to intensify. Why was this happening to her? Once again, she was 10 cm. Andy was at the foot of the bed telling her to push. She couldn't take anymore of the pain.

"I can't do this anymore!" Lu screamed. "I'm exhausted! It hurts like hell"

"I know Lu, but you have to keep going." Andy said, starting to count to 10 again. Jonas gripped Jonas' hand and pushed with everything she had. Another hour had passed, and Lu made no progress. Twin B's heart rate began to drop, and Andy had officially started to worry.

"Lu, stop pushing for a moment." Said Andy. "Listen to me. I think its time for a c-section. You are not progressing, and the baby's heart rate has begun to drop. I'd rather do it now then in a rush later."

"Ok, do it." Lu said.

"I…what? Delgado, aren't you going to argue with me?"

Lu laughed. "No, I'm not. I think you're right."

Lu was wheeled up to the operating room, and prepared for the surgery. Jonas remained by her side holding her hand.

"Are you ready to be a dad again?" Asked Lu.

"Oh absolutely. All the experience from the first one has given me a lot of confidence." Jonas leaned in and kissed Lu.

As Andy began cutting, Lu could not believe this was happening.

"Leave it to Delgado to pull a stunt like this." Andy thought to herself. Moments later, Andy pulled the baby out into the world. "Its another girl!!"

Lu and Jonas both had tears running down their faces.

"Andy, make sure there is no one else in there!"

Everyone in the room laughed as Andy finished up. The baby was perfect. 7 pounds 2 ounces. 20 inches long.

"That's big for a twin; both babies were big for twins." A nurse said placing the newest baby in Lu's arms. "Well that explains my humungo belly doesn't it?" Lu said smiling.

"What will her name be?" Jonas asked Lu. Without hesitation, Lu said Isabella Rose, if that is okay with you". Jonas agreed as he took his second daughter into his arms.

Andy allowed Lu and Jonas some time alone to bond with both of their new babies, and gave Lu an opportunity to feed them. Then she insisted Lu get some rest. Lu protested that she "was fine."

"I don't want to hear it Delgado. You gave birth twice in one day! A natural delivery followed immediately by a c-section. You need to rest. Don't pull the superwoman routine with me!"

Jonas completely agreed with Andy, and told Lu he would be down in the nursery with the babies. He kissed both Lu and his daughters goodbye.

By this point, Lu was honestly so exhausted she fell right into a deep sleep. While she was resting, word of her extra special delivery buzzed through the halls of Rittenhouse Hospital.