"Hard To Get"

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Amy's House

It was a rainy afternoon and Amy was extremely bored. Just a few minutes ago Cream dropped by but she couldn't stay because her mother wanted her back in time for dinner. Amy was watching children play in the rain outside her window until her phone rang. She picked it up, "Hello". "Hey Amy" said the voice on the other line. "It's Rouge". "Oh hey Rouge, what's up?" spoke Amy. "I was just wondering if you wanted to come to my party I'm having tonight, I've ordered a DJ and everything" stated Rouge. "So are you coming?". "Um, I don't know.. I was going to spend a nice relaxing night here by myself.." said Amy. "Sonic's going to be there" said Rouge. Amy's ears perked up. "I'M SO THERE, what time Rouge, what time!" shouted Amy. "Whoa, ok ok it's starts at 7 sharp ok?" said Rouge. "Seeya there". Amy hung up the phone and went to go have a shower.

Amy's Bedroom

"Hmmm..." pondered Amy. "What should I wear, my best outfit is my pink alterneck dress...but I wear that everywhere". "Maybe I should have a quick shop for a dress before I get to the party" Amy thought. She got her purse and rushed out the door.


Amy went into a party wear shop called "Diva" and had a browse in there. "Oh man...some of this stuff is just too skanky" thought Amy. "I wonder what Sonic would like to see me wearing". She looked around but she couldn't find anything, so she was going to look somewhere else. She had her head down and wasn't watching where she was going when she bumped into someone and fell flat on her back. "Ow" said Amy, "that hurt". "Are you alright?" asked a voice that was very soothing and calm. "Uh yeah I'm alright" said Amy. She looked up and saw a teenage girl with really long black hair and purplish eyes. "What's your name?" asked Amy. "Kairi" stated Kairi. "Hi, I'm Amy" said Amy in a cheerful voice. "Nice to meet you Amy" said Kairi.

Amy told Kairi about how she was looking for a dress for Rouge's party but she hadn't had any success. "Hmmm..." pondered Kairi. " I think I know where you can get a nice dress that'll suit you, follow me". Amy followed Kairi around to this shop named "Millenium Girl". Kairi went straight to the party section and brought out this flowing pink dress with no sleeves, a slit up the right leg and a sequin patter in the middle. "Omg" gasped Amy, she loved it to pieces and was thinking that Sonic would love it too. "Thank you so much Kairi" said Amy. "You're welcome Amy" said Kairi. "Well you have fun at this party of yours and i hope you win the heart of this Sonic you were talking about" said Kairi. "Fat chance" sighed Amy.

"What do you mean fat chance" said Kairi curiously. "Everytime I do something nice to him, he doesn't care. He always runs away from me and never really talks to me" said Amy sadly. "Have you played "hard to get" yet Amy?" said Kairi. "Uh, no, is it a game or something?"said Amy quizzically. "Well, if you want to get this Sonic to like you, you're going to have to pretend to not like him. "But, how would that help Sonic like me?"questioned Amy. "If you pretend to not be interested in him, then he'll start to recognise you more. It'd be even better if you could find someone and pretend to go out with them, this would make Sonic jealous" said Kairi in a matter-of-fact kind of way. "Does it really work?" said Amy eagerly. "Yeah, but you got to have commitment to it Amy ok, you can't just give up on it, you got to stay to it to make it work ok?" said Kairi. "I can do it, I'm sure I can" said Amy very determined. "Good" said Kairi. "Now go and get to your party, and have fun" smiled Kairi. "Ok, and thank you for everyone, I won't forget you" said Amy, and with that she was off.

"I'm sure you won't forget me Amy" smirked Kairi evilly, "I'm sure of it".

Amy's Bedroom

"Kairi is such a lovely person" thought Amy. "She helped me alot" said Amy. "But there's one thing that was weird about her" thought Amy. "When I went close to her, this really weird dark aura would surround me, I don't know if it's just me but it gave me the shivers" thought Amy out loud. "Oh well" sighed Amy, "Maybe it was just me". "Now it's time to get into this lovely dress" smiled Amy.

Amy came out and she was stunning in her pink dress. She had put a pink headband in with a jewel on the front and shoes that wrapped around her legs till it got to her knees. Amy applied make-up which was very rare for her and grabbed her handbag and went out the door to attend Rouge's party.


Amy was thinking about how Sonic would react when he saw her in this dress. Then as she was fantisising about Sonic asking her to dance with him, the thought popped into her mind. "Oh I almost forgot about that hard to get thing!" thought Amy. "Man...this is going to be harder then I thought". She was nearly at Rouge's place when she saw Sonic up ahead. Amy's jaw dropped. He looked really sophisticated and very very cute. Amy sighed. "Much harder then I expected" said Amy in a sad tone. But then she remembered Kairi's words. "You have to stay commited Amy, you can't give up, you've got to make this work out". "I can do this, I can do this" Amy repeated under her breath. She got to Rouge's doorstep and took a deep breath. "Here I go" said Amy. She opened the door and went in.

Park Across From Rouge's Place

"Don't worry Amy, you'll win Sonic, once and for all" said Kairi. "That's what I was made to do, and if it involves hurting someone who gets in the way, I'm prepared to do that" stated Kairi in a sly tone. Kairi looked at Rouge's place and then turned and spread her built-in wings and soared threw the sky to her base.

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