Hard to Get

Part 11--Final Chapter

Hello everybody, and welcome to the final chapter of Hard to Get. You don't know how sorry I am for not updating this story in like a month! I had been concentrating on my other 2 stories for a while, and I have also had a lot of commitments for school...but I'm going along okay now though! So here goes the final chapter of Hard to Get! Enjoy!

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Tails Workshop:

Sonic, Amy and Tails were frozen in place with shock. Shadow, the person which they saw get blown up with the Eggman Ship explosion, was standing in front of them with nothing but a single band-aid.

"It...it can't be" stuttered Tails faintly. "W--we saw the ship explode...and you didn't get out of the ship so...".

"It's impossible!" interupted Amy. "Even if you did chaos control, by the time you beat that Kairi girl, the ship would've already exploded!".

"Ah, it might seem that way" said Shadow folding his arms. "But it was thanks to that Kairi girl that I got to use chaos control".

"How so" said Amy sounding disbelieving.

"She thrusted me into the air, and it was there I used chaos control, fast and effectively it worked out" said Shadow boldly.

"So...i-is Kairi gone?" asked Amy shyly.

"I'd say so, you don't have to worry about her anymore Amy" stated Shadow.

"Thank you, Shadow" said Amy.

Amy jumped up onto Shadow and gave him a big bear hug. Sonic started tapping his foot at how long Amy was hugging Shadow. Sonic then cleared his throat. Amy noticed and hopped off of Shadow like he was some type of germ.

There was then silence. Sonic walked over to Shadow and had a 'manly' hug. Everyone went over to Sonic, Amy, Tails and Shadow and started congratulating them and giving them hugs.

"It's time for a celebration!" shouted Rouge happily. "Everybody back to my house!".

Everyone yelled for joy and all in a big group, bustled out the door to Rouge's house.

Rouge's House:

Everyone rushed to Rouge's house in a big crowd. People were staring at this mob of 'animals' running down the street jumping over park benches and hiking over peoples property. They got to Rouge's house and Amy started crying tears of joy, mainly because she was safely back on Mobius with her great friends. Rouge turned the music on loud and strated organising snacks and drinks for everyone.

Rouge got out her dance revolution and everyone rushed to it. Amy was so hungry, she could've eaten a horse right then and there. She then went over to Cream and gave her a big hug and a nice chat.

"Nice to have you back Sonic" said Knuckles shaking Sonic's hand.

"It's good to be back" said Sonic with a sigh.

"I've got good news" said Knuckles wiht an eager smile.

"What? You finally bought that cowboy hat you wanted?" asked Sonic.

Knuckles just stared at Sonic and raised his eyebrow. "How long have you known about that hat?".

"Never mind, so what's the good news?" asked Sonic.

"I'm going out with the one and only Rouge!" said Knuckles doing a little dance.

"When did this happen?" asked Sonic.

"A week ago!" said Knuckles. "She and I totally--".

"Oh Knuckles!" said Rouge in a seductive tone. "Can you come and help me in the kitchen?".

Knuckles stared blankly for a moment until he went into the kitchen smirking a very wide, cheesy grin.

"What an idiot" sighed Sonic. "God, why am I so nervous!".

"Nervous about what?" asked Cream innocently, who scared the pants off of Sonic. (A/N: Sonic doesn't even wear pants!)

"God Cream, you scared me!" said Sonic holding his hand over his heart.

"Sorry, but what are you nervous about?" said Cream.

"Um, uh, er, grown up stuff" stuttered Sonic. "Good one you moron" thought Sonic.

"Grown up stuff?" asked Cream. "Like what? Lovey Dovey stuff?".

"Wha?" choked Sonic.

"Mr. Sonic, you're sweating!" said Cream grabbing out her hanky and handing it to Sonic.

"Thanks Cream" said Sonic, taking the hanky with shaking hands.

"There you are!" said Amy, who had been looking for Sonic.

"A-Amy!" said Sonic in a squeaky voice.

"Hey ya Sonic" said Amy with a wave. "You want to come and dance?".

"Uh, I'd rather not, thanks anyway" said Sonic walking away.

"But, I wanted you to dance with me!" said Amy catching up with Sonic.

"I'm just not in the mood for dancing" claimed Sonic.

"Sonic are you alright?" questioned Amy, beginning to worry.

"I'm fine" said Sonic. "Just need a rest".

"Okay, I won't bother you then, call me if you need anything!" said Amy with a smile.

Sonic nodded and walked up the stairs to the spare bedroom Rouge had. He felt sick in the stomach and dizzy in the head. He was so nervous, he thought he was going to throw up. He then thought it over, and decided to do it right here right now. He just hoped for the best.

"Amy!" yelled Sonic.

"Coming my darling!" yelled Amy, running upstairs to the spare room.

Sonic was so nervous he nearly fainted. He was sweating so much it felt like he had been for a 20 minute shower. He kept fiddling with his fingers until she came into the room.

"What is it that you need Sonic?" said Amy skipping over to Sonic's bedside. "A drink? Some soup? Some medicine?".

"Um, actually, what I wanted to ask you was, um" stuttered Sonic, sweat pouring down his face.


"What I wanted to ask you is...um, er, uh" stuttered Sonic.

Sonic's nerves then took over him and blurted out something entirely different.

"If I could have some WATER!" yelled Sonic, clenching his fists. "Oh My God" thought Sonic.

"Um, sure!" said Amy who skipped out of the room to get some water.

"Idiot Idiot Idiot!" yelled Sonic, hitting his head hard.

Sonic then rose up his courage and rushed out of the room.

"Amy wait up!" yelled Sonic reaching out to stop Amy in her tracks.

"Sonic, you shouldn't be running when you're feeling unwell!" said Amy worried.

"Amy, listen to me" said Sonic pulling her in close to him. "The reason I'm unwell is well, I'm really nervous about something I want to ask you".

"Sonic, you can ask me anything!" said Amy in confidence.

"Alright well here goes" said Sonic taking a deep breath.

"Ask away Sonic" said Amy smiling.

Sonic then, without warning, got on one knee and held Amy's hand.

"S-Sonic!" said Amy, stuttering over her curiousity. "W-What are y-you doing!".

"Amy, I've been thinking, and, I think that, well,..".

"What S-Sonic!" asked Amy, nervous as to what he was going to say.

"I...I love you Amy" said Sonic holding her hand tightly.

"W-Wha?" said Amy trailing off.

"And that's why I want to ask you...for your hand in marraige" said Sonic, bowing his head donw to face the ground.

Amy just stared at Sonic with wide eyes. Tears welled at the corners of her eyes and some started to fall.

"S-S-Sonic, this i-isn't a j-joke is i-it!" stuttered Amy through her tears.

"I don't intend this as a joke Amy, but if that's the way you feel..." said Sonic.

"S-so this i-isn't a joke?" asked Amy, choking through her tears.

Sonic shook his head side to side. He then looked up at Amy and stared into her eyes.

"I'm sorry I don't have a ring Amy, but if you agree to my proposal, I will get you the finest ri--".

Sonic's sentence was muffled by Amy screaming for joy and jumping on Sonic, so fast in fact, he fell back in an instance.


Sonic got up and swung Amy around the room, and then pulled her in for a hug and a kiss. Then, all of the party came running up the stairs fearing something had happened, since Amy's screams were so loud.

"Is something wrong!" yelled Tails who pushed to the front.

"What's wrong!" yelled Shadow and Knuckles in unison. (Knuckles had ran from the kitchen with Rouge).

Everyone stopped at the top of the staircase to look at what there was to look at in front of them. Amy and Sonic had their heads together. Amy was crying and smiling at the same time. Sonic was laughing and was getting watery eyes. Everyone didn't have a clue about what was going on.

"Uh, can one of you explain why you're like crying and laughing?" asked Rouge, who had just come from the kitchen.

Amy nor Sonic didn't answer Rouge. They didn't even notice the people which had gathered around them, watching them.

"Well?" asked Rouge putting her hand on her hip.

They still ignored her.

"WELL DAMMIT!" yelled Rouge, getting impatient.

Sonic and Amy then snapped out of their little world and looked at Rouge. Rouge stared at them angrily. But Rouge did not expect what happened next. Amy jumped onto Rouge and started screaming 'I'm getting married' so loud, Rouge's eardrums would've burst.

When everyone heard what Amy had said, everyone's mouths opened wide, and eyes were not blinking.

"Is...is this true Sonic?" asked Tails, still in shock.

Sonic stared at Tails and didn't react for a while. Sonic then nodded, winked and held the thumbs up to Tails. Tails' smile windened a new length and he started cheering. As soon as the news sunk in, everyone started congratulating the pair on their new relationship.

"I'm going to plan the wedding dress and the bridal party dress!" yelled Rouge, putting her hand up.

"I'm planning the reception!" yelled Tails and Knuckles in unison.

"I'm going to plan the decorations!" yelled Cream, very excited.

"Whoa whoa whoa" said Sonic holding his hands up. "Just a minute".

Everyone thought they took the preparations too far. Maybe they should've left some for the pair getting married.

"What's Shadow doing for the wedding?" asked Sonic with a shrug of his shoulders.

Everyone wasn't expecting that at all. They all started laughing. Even Shadow started laughing.

"Let's get started on this wedding then yeah!" yelled everybody.

Amy hugged Sonic, and Sonic kissed Amy. Everything was going great in the life of the pair of hedgehogs. The wedding was going to take a lot of planning and a lot of effort. Everything was perfect.

Somewhere Unknown:

A hand, with flesh ripping off extended out of a pile of debris. The hand grabbed onto a solid piece of debris and pulled herself out of the rubble. It was dark, but you could see the silouhette through the light of the moon. She reached up to the sky and extended her now broken wings, and yelled and angry roar.

"It is time" said Kairi.


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