Harry James Potter sighed as one of his most dreaded days approached. Going back to the Dursley's for summer vacation.
He said his goodbyes to Ron and Hermione then slowly dragged his feet off the train to where his uncle awaited him.
"Get moving!" His uncle Vernon gritted out, and out of the corner of his eye Harry saw Ron's last wave. Harry's pace quickened and soon the two had reached the car. Lifting his trunk into the car's trunk, Harry grunted at the weight and Hedwig hooted as he jarred her cage.
"Sorry girl." He murmured, earning a light whap on the head from his uncle.
"Hurry up, we don't have all day to waste on you." Harry heard as he finished putting his things away and walked over to the passenger side.

"No, don't. The back." His uncle said cryptically, and Harry sighed, annoyed.

The ride through town was uneventful with the no talking and all. Harry looked out of the back window and sulked. He was not having a great start to his vacation.
"Maybe Moony will take me away soon." He whispered, as he listlessly watched the passing landscape.

A good twenty five minutes passed and Harry had the distinct feeling they were not heading for Pivet Drive.

"Umm, where?" He slightly asked, not quite sure how his uncle's reaction would be. He was wondering if he was going to be put out on the side of the road or something.

His uncle just shook his head and kept driving in silence. Later than Harry liked, the two ended up in a modest neighborhood. Vernon drove his car into one of the flat's parking areas then told Harry to remain put. Windows rolled up and all.

The car was getting more than stuffy, nearly to the point of unbearable and Hedwig was starting to fidget. "How much longer is he going to make me wait in here. The sun's almost down!" Harry exclaimed. More moments passed and just when Harry was about to unlock the door and stretch his legs, he saw through a rearview mirror the mass of his uncle walking towards the car.

Harry stopped his fumbling as his uncle walked over and opened the passenger side door.

A young man of about twenty slid into the seat gently, and he closed the door quietly. From Harry's vantage point the couldn't see the man's features very well. Light brown hair and in a high ponytail at that, was all that Harry could see from behind.

His uncle soon re-started the car and Harry ventured to start conversing with the new man.

"Hi. I'm Harry, Harry Potter." He said cautiously.

Sharp, gray eyes soon faced Harry and the young boy stared back in surprise as he recognized something about this man that he couldn't place.

"Irvine Kannes, at your service. Mr. Potter." The man replied cheerfully.

Harry's uncle nearly slammed on the breaks, and tuned his face to sputter at Kannes.

"No need to be so ..respectful. It's just my blasted nephew, nothing good comes from him, I'll tell you that. He's just Harry." He said loudly, trying to make it clear that he didn't want the man to have anything to do with the boy.

Irvine leaned his arm on the armrest and leaned closer to the back. He winked over at Harry who looked on in surprise.

"Never mind such lofty displeasures, Mr. Drusley. I'll be kind to anyone if they just give me that chance. Including your nephew. Now, Harry, d'you know any magic tricks to entertain me with?" Irvine asked playfully.

Both Harry and his uncle's faces paled, but Vernon's decided to turn purple as well.

"There is no MAGIC allowed in my house. All that crude is just junk that messes with people's heads!" He yelled. His beady eyes were darting this way and that on the road and both passengers shared a smile with each other.

It looked like this day was looking up.