Speak Out

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Acme Acres.

The name says it all. A world where young toons learn the art of their older counter parts and mentors. The Tiny Toons. Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Shirley, the list goes on. They spent many years creating comedy and mayhem. But as we all know, we have to grow up sometime. And the mayhem and comedy would stop for some, sending them out into the real world making them not so tiny anymore.

Fifi Le Fume always thought about those days. Now at twenty three, she had alot on her plate, being a model and all.

"Come on Feef babe! Lean your chest out more, show the camera those luscious curves!" The camera man instructed, snapping her out of her trance. She sighed and did as she was told, the camera taking in the image of her in a sleek, two piece bathing suit near a pool.

"Excellent baby! Your hot! And one more...done! Thanks Fifi, we'll call you for your next appointment."

"Thanks Jerry." the purple skunk said grabbing a robe from one of the pool chairs. She made her way down to the change room, passing men looking her over, and slipped into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Brushing her long purple hair out of her eyes, she got into her Cadillac and pulled out of the parking lot.

Twenty minutes later, she pulled into a little cafe where she saw a familiar pink rabbit in a nice woman's suit waiting for her at a table. Fifi got out of the car and ran up to the rabbit giving her a friendly hug.

"Babs, it's so good to see you!" She squealed in delight upon seeing her best friend for the first time in years.

"Feef, I've missed you so much! It's been years!" Babs stated in an even greater pitch than her friend's. They released each other and sat down at the table. They ordered a drink and prattled on about their lives since graduating from the Loonaversity. Fifi discovered that Babs and Buster were engaged, which wasn't hard to believe, and both were teaching at the Loonaversity full time.

"How are things with you Feef? I heared your moving up fast in the model industry." Babs said while taking a sip from her mocha.

Fifi rolled her eyes with a smile, "I wouldn't say that but I'm certainly not starving." She said.

"Chasing any cute guys lately?" Babs teased. Fifi chuckled at the thought of her over the top romancing when she was younger.

"Just one. His name's Danny and I've been seeing him for a couple months." She confessed.

"Hmm, lured him in with that sexy accent huh?" Babs asked, smirking. Another memory Fifi had to laugh at. She still spoke fluent French but had long since lost her accent. She didn't know how though. She figured that she had been speaking English for so long that it just up and left.

"Not quite. We met at the beach during Spring Break. He's a Rugby playerwith a killer body. We got to talking and he seemed really sweet so we broke away from the rest of the wild groups and found ourselves a nice secluded spot and well...you get the idea." Fifi explained wiggiling her eyebrows.

"Is he good?" Babs asked, her smirk growing wider.

"Meh." Fifi said waving her hand. Babs nearly spit her drink out through her nose from laughing so hard.

"Fifi! You'd say that about your own boyfriend?" She hollored out loud between giggles.

Fifi shrugged with a small smile on her face, "When he's selfish in bed, yes." She told her.

"Then why stay with him?" The rabbit queried.

Fifi sighed looking at the sunset. "I don't know...he's really good to me with everything else but there are times when...I can't describe it." She said throwing her hands up in the air.

Babs took her hand in her own saying, "Oh Feef, if you're not happy than find someone who will make you happy. With everything."

Fifi gave her a smile and squeezed her hand, "I am happy. Don't worry." She assured her.

Babs smiled back when suddenly her pager went off. "Looks like Buster needs me back home. He couldn't make Carrot Stew if his life depended on it." Babs told her getting up. They said their farewells, promising to call each other soon and both were on their way home.

Fifi was in deep thought over what she and Babs had disscused on the way home. Her relationship with Danny was starting to crumble. Even if he refused to realize it. Danny was becoming a little more...aggresive with her these days. He never hit her or anything but hewould get angry over the smallest things. In the bedroom, he was asking her to do things she didn't really want to do. Unfortunatley she did them because she wanted to make him happy. Is this really what she wants? Was Babs right? Was that day at the beach a mistake that would haunt her forever?

Her thoughts were shattered when suddenly her car engine made a sputtering sound and slowly came to a stop.

"No. Don't do this to me." She told the car, trying to start it over and over. To make matters worse, she was in the bad part of town and the sun had gone down a while ago.

She was desperate now, turning the key faster and harder. She should have gotten rid of this thing years ago. She had it since starting at the Loonaversity. It has done this a few times to her. Now was the worst time of all.

"Problem missy?" Came a voice from beside her.

Startled, Fifi looked up to see three large wolves beside her car door. They reeked of booze and the clothes they wore suggested that they were homeless.

Feeling her heart pump faster, she managed to say, "N...no. I'm fine"

The wolf in the middle flashed her a smile full of yellow teeth. "Seems that your car don't work. Me and my boys can fix it. For a price." He said, letting his eyes wander up and down her voluptuous frame.

"I...I don't...Help!" She screamed into the air, hoping someone would hear. The wolf in the middle slapped her hard across her face, almost knocking her unconscious.

All three of them ripped her out of the seat and threw her to the ground. In her dizzy stupor, she could hear them arguing which one of them would have their way first. Then she heard one of them shout out in alarm and the sounds of a struggle arose. Trash cans spilt over and the sound of bodies hitting concrete were all that she could hear. The sounds of people running in the opposite direction came next, then silence. Fifi's vision was still blurry and was still rather scared. Suddenly, the sounds of one pair of shoes came closer to her. She was trembling now. Hands gripped her arms softly and she felt herself being pulled up to her feet and leaned against her car.

The hands helped her stay upright as her vision slowly came back. Brushing the hair out of her face, she squinted at the owner of the hands in front of her. The bluriness had faded and she was staring back at the face of a concerned looking blue cat.


End of Chapter One

A/N: Alright, Chapter one done! I know it seems kinda corny how she was the damsel in distress but hey, I'm an old fashioned kinda guy I guess. Chapter two on it's way!