Chapter one

I know I should be worried about Deamon and Angel but I needed to post this, it's an idea I have. It will probably be short and I hope you will enjoy it. There will be a few chapters to it, but I'm guessing not more than ten or twenty probably not even that much. Please let me know what you think. Also this is the first time I have written in first person so let me know what you think.

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It was a beautiful day in Japan. I walked down the street on my way to the local coffee shop, called The Crown. It was above a very fun arcade, but for some reason my friends planned to meet at The Crown coffee shop. I looked at my watch, for the first time in my life I was early. I was early by thirty minutes. I walked up to the arcade and stepped in front of the doors and smiled as they opened.

It had been years since I had been in that arcade, six years in fact. I had moved to America three years ago, three years after the last battle that Sailor Moon had ever fought. Queen Beryl was her name she had been the wicked, thing to ever come into History. She had killed the man of my dreams. Everyone had been reborn except him. I had stayed in Japan for three years after the end of the battle, but I never saw him again. The last I saw of him was the kiss I gave him before he died. I never managed to hold on to a boyfriend in America, they wanted too much out of me. Not commitment but something much more precious to me, I'm going to let you all guess what that is, not too hard to figure out.

I stepped into The Crown Arcade. I had twenty five minutes to be up stairs. I look around and noticed that the place had not changed much. The only thing that appeared to have changed was that the sailor V games had been replaced by new ones. All except one. The one game that led below to our sailor hideout was still in the same place. I'm guessing Andrew couldn't move it or he dared not to. I smiled, went over and stuck some yen in. I started at the very first level and managed to move on for a while. After level thirty a child looked over me and gawk. I died shortly after when I took my eyes off the screen to look at the little boy.

"Wow lady, no ones been able to get past level five." He said staring at me with awe struck eyes. I smiled at the kid and turned back to the screen and saw the high score list. I chuckled softly, the top nine names still belong to the scouts, but the top name belonged to TUXM. It stood for tuxedo mask. I sighed as a tear rolled down my cheek.

"Are you okay, lady?" asked the little boy.

I turned away from the game consul and smiled down at the little boy. He sure was a sweet little one. Not many children cared about strangers these days.

"I am just fine, thank you for asking."

"Okay, if you say so!" The little boy spoke before he ran off. I smiled shortly after he had left. I then turned toward the game consul again. I think the reason I couldn't hold a boyfriend in America was because Darien was still in my heart and meant the world to me; he was my first and only love. I haven't love another man the way I did him since I left Tokyo. I did how ever keep my hair style that he loved so much. I loved it to and wasn't going to think of cutting my hair. It took far too much time to grow it this long and I wasn't about to chop it all off because I lost the one I loved.

I looked at my watch and sighed. It had only taken fifteen minutes to play that game. I must have been pretty good when I was younger because when I began playing it, it was like nothing had changed since then. I rose from the stool and made my way to the counter and sat down. I missed Andrew. I stared at the counter. I thought about the last time I had been in The Crown. Every time I looked over to this counter Andrew was cleaning it with a cloth when he wasn't busy. I chuckled softly as I thought of this.

He always had to keep himself busy.

Someone walked up to the counter from the other side and I lifted my head to look at this person, so as not to be rude. A smile crossed my lips. The person who was behind the counter was Lizzy. She looked older now, but she was still a beautiful young girl. She was my age and probably working her way through college

"Hey Lizzy," I spoke happily. I watched her smiled fade to a quizzled look.

"Hi…um..." She stammered

I chuckled a bit at her. It had been six years and we had not really hung out much. So I wasn't the least bit surprised that she didn't remember me.

"It's Serena!" I said laughing slightly.

"No way, Serena?" She asked.

"Yes it's me, in the flesh, how have you been these last six years?" I asked skipping anything she was going to comment on that would make me regret ever leaving Japan.

"I've been good; I'm making my way through college right now." She said smiling.

"Ah doing the same thing that Andrew did, huh?" I asked.

"Pretty much, only I'm not going to be a doctor, I'm going to school so I can take over my dad's business. I want to keep these places in the family. No one outside of it is going to take. Not if I can help it." She spoke smiling.

"Glad to hear that, Oh dear look at the time, I have to head upstairs." I said looking at my watch. I stood up waved and made her way up the stairs. I was going to be late now. I had taken more time than I thought, but when I got upstairs, not one of my friends had shown up yet. I looked around. I had thought they would have come up the stairs from the outside of the building, but there were very few people in the place.

I sighed softly and looked at my watch again to make sure I had changed the time, I had. I walked over to the booth we use to sit in and sat down with a soft plop. I looked at the table and saw nothing on it. They hadn't even come yet. Oh well I was never on time and they said it was their lunch hours. I guess I shall wait a little while.

I suddenly felt a presence next to me and sighed. It was the waiter, or at least that was the first thought in my head. I didn't look up this time; I just lifted my hand and waved a little bit. It was supposed to have meant 'come back later', but the figure remained at my side.

I looked up slightly annoyed and then gasped. It was Andrew. I quickly pushed my way out of the booth and hugged him.

"How have you been Serena?" He asked chuckling.

"I've been good and yourself!" I asked releasing the man.

"Still working to be a doctor, but almost done." He said.

"I'm glad your dream is coming true." I said staring at the man in delight

"So what brings you to my family's business today?" He asked raising an eyebrow.

"I'm meeting Lita, Mina, Amy, and Raye, that is if they show up." I said smiling slightly. "And your self?" I added.

"I'm meeting Darien today!" He said.

My smile instantly fell and I sat down on the edge of the bench. I looked at him like I had lost something. I realized he couldn't be talking about the Darien I knew, I mean he had died after the incident with Beryl. I shook my head and looked at him. The look on his face appeared to be worry.

"You do not mean Darien Shields right?"

"Of course he means me, who else do you know named Darien?" Came a man's voice from behind Andrew. The man then came into my peripheral vision.

I looked over and my eyes about fell out of my head. I suddenly got light headed and fainted right there.


I awoke lying in a soft bed. It smelled like roses and something else that blended well with the first smell. My head hurt badly, like I had hit it on something. So the first thing I did was lift my hand up and touched my forehead. After this action, came a slightly raspy yelp from my throat.

"Ah you are awake finally!" Came a voice I instantly recognized. I placed my hand at my side and turned my head too look at him. I turned it too quickly and instantly had to shut my eyes from the pain that came piercing behind my eyes.

"I suggest you do not make any sudden movements. You hit your head on the table and then the edge of the seat at The Crown." Spoke the man.

"That would be why I have a splitting head ache." I mumble still holding my eyes shut. I slowly opened them as the pain died away and gasped.

The man was standing with his back to me, but with nothing but a towel on. I moved my head slowly to look the other way and stopped when I heard him chuckle. I instantly grew angry. I was staring at the ceiling and was in a fowl mood now.

"What is so funny, hmm Mr. Shields?" I asked sounding angry.

"Well I just heard you gasp." He spoke before his head and his chest appeared in my view. I quickly closed my eyes and felt a blush creep into my cheeks.

"Please Mr. Shields could you put on some clothing?" I asked my voice sounding very soft.

"What was that? I barley heard you!" He spoke.

"Ehem!" I cleared my throat and asked again a little louder, "Could you please put some clothing on?"

I then felt his hand brush my face and my eyes shot open to see him still standing above me with his hand mere inches from my face. He grinned at me and I looked at him shocked.

"Please!" I begged. My head began to throb and I closed my eyes in pain. I then felt a cold cloth on my head.

"Keep that on your head, it will help to dull the pain. I shall be right back with some water and aspirin.

As I held the cloth on my head, I smelled something on the cloth. It was s clone of some sort. It smelled wonderful. I inhaled the scent and sighed softly. It smelled like the sheets I had laid in and made me never want to leave. He had been right the cloth had helped to dull the pain. I heard him as he walked back into the room.

He walked over and I heard him place a glass on the bedside table and he removed the cloth. I opened my eyes and shut them almost instantly. He had put some pants on but he still remained shirtless. I felt a blush creep back into her face and felt stupid. This was why men did not want me as their girl friend in America. I couldn't stand to see them in anything but clothing, unless swimming for some reason that did not bother me, but any where else it caused me to blush. I heard him chuckle again but this time chose not to reply.

"Madame, if you do not open your eyes I can not give you the aspirin." He spoke. I opened her eyes and made sure to look only at his face. It held a smile. I then tried to sit up and instantly fell back onto the pillow and cried out in pain. I closed her eyes as a pain shot through me left arm.

I heard him stand and place something on the table. After a moment I felt a shift in the bed and assumed it was him sitting on it. He moved a hand under my back and pulled me into a sitting position. He touched my lips with the aspirin. I opened them gladly and tasted the nasty coating on them. Then I felt a glass at my lips and opened them for the water. I took a small amount of water; he then placed the cup on the stand again. I swallowed the aspirin and felt him lay me back on the pillow. He then took my right arm and applied slight bits of pressure up it, with no reply he moved to my left and I cried out as he reached the elbow. He did it again and I cried out again. He then got off the bed and walked away.

I sighed and opened my eyes again. I looked at my left elbow and saw a slight bruise that to others might not appear to be there. I felt it with my right had and winced in pain. There was something wrong. I didn't know what happened, but I could guess. I am guessing that when I fainted I hit my head on the table and as my head hit the bench my arm hit the bench as well or the leg of the table.

You are probably thinking how is it possible for my arm to hit the table leg when it is in the middle of the table; well these booths are rather unique. All the tables can me moved. They are not bolted to the floor, neither are the booths. Not sure why but the crown always liked being different and let me tell you when they had a karaoke night, being able move the tables came in handy. Anyway I hear Darien coming back.

Yes I just called him Darien. In my mind I am aloud to, just not to his face. He slowly sits on the bed so as not to wake me I presume because I seem to have my eyes closed again. As he places a cold ice pack on my arm I opened them to see him wearing a shirt, only it's not buttoned. I sigh and avoid my gaze.

"Why does it bother you that I am not wearing a shirt?" He asked apparently noticing me averting my gaze.

"I'm not sure, but it does that to me with all men. I get nervous and I blush and can not look them in the eyes." I feel him move slightly as he buttons up his shirt. I look over at him as he does the last button and smiled at him happily.

"Thank you!" I beam happily. I then see a blush creep on to his face and he stands hastily, turns around and clears his throat. Okay that was so obvious. He is avoiding me now. Well I don't care I prefer it when he's fully clothed for the time being. Oh my goodness did I just think that. Oh dear for the time being? How could I think that?

Oh he's looking at me again. I smile at him half heartedly.

"Thank you!" I say looking to my arm and sighing. I knock the ice pack off and try to sit up again. This time I bear the pain and reach my destination and bow half way. "Thank you." I reply once again.

It may have been a few years since I have been in Japan but I have not forgotten my manners.

"Why are you bowing?" He asks moving to my level and looking at me in the face. He then takes my arm and looks at it. He touches it softly and watched me as I winced. He released my arm and I instantly start to crave his soft touch again.

Oh my goodness I just thought that. Oh good grief I have barley seen him and already I want him to hold me. This is not good; I thought I had gotten over him. I guess since he is no longer dead I can like him again.

"I am thanking you fro everything you have done. I am sure you are the one who brought me here and placed me in your bed." I say no longer bowing but looking into his eyes.

"Well Andrew would have taken you to his place but he got called to the hospital he is working at for an emergency. That's actually why you are here. If he hadn't gotten called to the hospital I am sure we never would have had to leave the crown."

"Sorry I was such a burden on you." I say pushing aside the sheets and placing my feet on the floor. I then notice that my skirt has rising up to my thighs and I instantly put it back down and stand. I wobbled a bit, placed a hand on my head and fall back down onto the bed. I guess I must have hit my head harder than I thought. I raise my hand to my head and look down. His hands are now on my shoulders comforting me.

"I was not trying to insult you. I was only mentioning it because I thought you would rather be in a place you knew verses a stranger's apartment."

"You are no stranger!" I reply to him not thinking.

"Excuse me?" He asked socked He removed his hands from my shoulders.

"Err… well I knew you when I was younger!" I said trying to come up with something.

"Really?" He asked. Just as I look him in the face, his eye brow quirks up and I can't help but smile, he looks cute.

"Well Mr. Shields you don't remember the kid you use to call Meatball head?" I ask already knowing he will say he does remember me.

"No!" He replied. I look at him as if I was just hit by a bus and then I started to tear up. He doesn't' even remember me. I must have meant nothing to him. How could this be? I loved him for so long and he can not even remember me.

"I only lived in Japan till I was a little older than eighteen then I moved to the U.S. on scholarship and got my doctrine in medicine." He said.

How can that be? I met him when he was eighteen and he was tuxedo mask when he was eighteen. Wait he had barley turned eighteen when I had met him. The fight with Beryl must have made him lose his memories, after all he did die in that battle, but so did the scouts and they were reborn with their memories.

"Darien?" I asked, my face returning to a normal look.

"Yes?" He asked puzzled.

"Do you remember fighting the Nega Verse at all?" She asked.

"What are you talking about? What is the Nega Verse and why would I have been fighting them?" He asked looking at me as if I were insane.

"Never mind, I guess I was dreaming or something!" I replied chuckling.

"Guess so." I watched as he looked at his watch.

"Anyway my lunch hours over, so I need to get back to work. Since you apparently can not stand with out falling, you are welcome to stay awhile. I'll be back at around eight." He stood up and began shuffling around for things he needed. He stopped for a moment and looked at me "Actually I want to make sure you don't have anything wrong, so I'll take you with me." He said shocking me.

Okay here is the first chapter not very eventful but I hope you like it please let me know what you think.