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The echo of what he said reverberated throughout the room.

"What do you mean?" I asked in disbelief.

"He's gone Serena!" Kunzite spoke softly.

"How can he be gone?" I asked steadying myself against the table.

"Sailor Pluto is the only one that can answer that!" He lied.

"You're lying!" I accused.

"Why would I lie to you?" His eyes were full of shock. He apparently thought I wouldn't be able to tell he was lying.

"I've been thinking about it since the morning after Darien and I danced together. His memories are the key to past and the way things were meant to be. You don't want to lose Mina again!"

His facial expression said it all, he had lied to me and what I had just accused him of was true. He looked away from me and that said it all, his concerns were mine as well.

"He's beginning to ask you questions about his memories and you're finally realizing what you have to lose and what Mina will have to go through again." I said softening my voice understandingly.

He brought his eyes up to mine and nodded again.

"Kunzite, I don't want Mina to lose you either. But she isn't the same person that she was when we were on the moon!"

"How can you say that?" He demanded.

"Her jealousy! Never in my memories have I ever been able to remember her once giving me the look she gave me that night. The hurt I felt, the betrayal, it was something I had never felt from her. She loves you as she always has, but as of now her friendship with me no longer exists. Her belief in you and me is gone. I realize that the Mina she should be and probably is somewhere inside, the Mina that protected me, but her life that was isn't even in her memories." I said sadly.

"Are you trying to turn me against her?" He asked accusingly.

I shook my head, my words were lost on him as I knew they would be, love doesn't always hear reason.

"I would never turn you against Mina, but warn you that although she is Minako in appearance her personality is not that of what it once was. I love Mina, but you were the reason for the phone call I received last night." I spoke tears striking my eyes.

"What phone call?" He asked

"Mina called me to ask me to stay away from you completely, that I should respect that I introduced you to each other and that if I couldn't respect that; we were no longer friends. I told her we were just friends and nothing more, but she then brought up the dance that you and I shared and the embrace she caught me in. I tried to explain that it was over Darien and you were comforting me, but…" I stopped as the tears came to my eyes full force. "She didn't believe me Kunzite, she thinks that I'm out to have you for myself, she wouldn't listen to me." I sobbed.

"This is all this has ever been about!" He stated, glaring daggers at me.

"You haven't thought of anyone, but yourself through this whole thing!" He barked.

"Yo! Odan..go…." A cheerful Darien entered the arcade. He stopped mid sentence as he saw me crying.

"Serena?" He asked, instantly ignoring Kunzite. He brushed past Kunzite and came to me. His arms enclosed around me and pulled me into his embrace.

I looked up to him and instantly felt the link between us, his memories had returned, he knew who I was, he remembered our past. I turned to Kunzite and saw the defeat in his stance.

"Kunzite….I'm sorry I had no idea." I said pulling from the embrace Darien held me in.

"I know Serena! I had no right to attack you as I did. I know you thought of how the others should remember, everything so you could have your friends back that you liked!" He dared.

"Don't you dare say that, I love everyone the way they are now and then. I have no qualms against them. I felt betrayal from Mina, she is a new person because the negaverse never affected her and the destruction of the moon kingdom doesn't haunt her memories. But I also envy her, not to have to relive the death of you and the death of my mother, to whom she swore loyalty. I also loved the fact that you both could be together again. But facing the past completely and utterly alone hurts more than you would know." I said feeling Darien's hand on my shoulder.

He faced me as I said those last few things.

"At least you don't have the time you were enslaved by the negaverse as a memory! Or the betrayal that ended your life" He barked back.

"No I don't!" I said in defeat.

"But that doesn't mean that I love Mina any less or my compassion for you is anything less. I trust you Kunzite." His eyes met mine and his defensiveness softened. "For me to trust a man who once was my enemy was hard to overcome, but you helped regain Darien's memories and for that all I can do is thank you and beg you to understand that while we both have our differences I can't change the past."

"Your desire is appreciated, but my only duty was to help Darien regain his memories and test you." Kunzite spoke before bowing deeply. "My dear princess, please take care of the man whom I once swore my loyalty."

"Kunzite?" I asked in shock.

He stood and held out his hand.

"The crystal will indeed return everything to what it once was." He said

"But how…" I started flabbergasted.

"Only you can activate it. As you see it wields no energy, the moon heir must activate it. This was Pluto's warning to me when she chose me. The past had been altered and she begged me to assist in the correction of it. She also warned me not to get attached to Mina." He said as I took the crystal from his hand.

"The past will return. You were granted your memories by Pluto, the fall that happened was not because Raye pushed you, it was the only chance Pluto would have to alter your memories. You were coming to the point of no reversal. But something unexpected occurred, the warriors didn't believe you, you'd lost the crystal, the wand and Luna and Artemis were nowhere to be found in this time line. There was nothing in the time that she could use to return the time stream, until she found me. Of all the generals I was the only one that had lived in this time line. And what interested her the most, was when I greeted her with a bow and respect. I had remembered the past and I had managed to become friends with the prince once again. The general that had been the most loyal and the last to fall under the mind bending spells of the negaverse. There was one occurrence that Pluto had not anticipated and it was your trip to America. I was recruited by Pluto three days prior to your leaving and I failed in stopping you."

"Then the return of Darien's memories should have never happened?" I asked.

"No, but miraculously he began to remember you shortly after he met you. No memories about the Moon Kingdom, just the meetings when you were both younger. These memories were new to him and he told me all of them from the main time line, but until the night you called him Endymion he never recalled the past on the moon Kingdom."

"I never called him Endymion!" I stated turning to face Darien.

"You did, love, the night of Kunzite's masquerade ball, directly before you fainted in my arms." He pushed my bangs out of my eyes and smiled at me sweetly. "I was afraid you wouldn't remember, seeing as you had a little too much of the spiked punch. But I figured you wouldn't care how I remembered, just that I did and that I'm sorry it took so long." He apologized.

Our eyes locked and a smile spread across my lips, he had said the words that I had wanted to hear for weeks; that I had just moments ago decided I wouldn't need. Boy was I wrong, those words meant so much. I threw my arms around Darien's neck and welcomed the embrace that followed. After a moment I turned to face a smiling Kunzite.

"What are you smiling about?" I asked.

"Look behind Darien." Was his simple reply.

Darien turned slightly and both our eyes widened. The crystal and the wand were floating in mid air.

"My job is done Serena!" He spoke moving into a bow again.

"Wait!" I called as he moved toward the door.

He turned to face me and smiled once again

"Yes?" He asked.

"Are you not going to say good-bye to Mina?" I asked.

He shook his head, "Mina doesn't need a memory of me from this time, and it will be harder for her to accept my death. I love her dearly and know that the Mina in this time line was not my Mina!" He said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Your loyalty to her and the rest of the scouts I had to establish for myself, you see, the Mina in this time wasn't my Mina, and as much as she looked like her, my heart didn't ache to see her after the dance."

"Why you disappeared before the women asking the men to dance. You wanted Minako!"

"The Mina in this time is a vibrant and sweet girl, but after time with her I realized that I could never be happy with her. She held nothing to the woman in my memories, she held nothing of the woman who had captured my heart, but she looked just like her."

"But the argument we just had!" I asked

"…" He couldn't say anything.

"My words were something you had been thinking, but you couldn't accept them coming from yourself. You needed me to make things clear for you!"

"I want her to be my Minako, but she's not. I can't truly be happy in this time line, at least not with my memories of Princess Venus the senshi, who was as loyal to her princess as I had been to my prince, until the very end of the Moon Kingdom."

I reached out and took the crystal in my hands and held it close to my heart. I concentrated for a moment and then it disappeared. My attire changed to that of my mid school uniform and my brooch reappeared. Darien was slightly younger and his ugly green jacket covered him. Voices came to my ear from the booth I had sat in moments ago, the girls sat in the corner booth chatting away. I was fourteen again and my life had been restored because of the crystal in my broach.

The man that had been standing in front of me before my eyes had closed in concentration was no longer there. Darien squeezed my shoulder and I looked to him.

"You tried didn't you?" He asked

"Yes, I tried my hardest to allow them to live, all of them, not just him." I said covering the brooch with my hand. He can never say that I didn't try. I had wanted Mina to meet the man that gave us our lives back.

Darien guided me toward the girls and there on the table stood Luna. I picked her up and hugged her tightly.

"Oh Luna I missed you so much!" I gushed.

"What is your problem, Odango?" Raye asked eying me suspiciously.

"Put me"…grunt…."down!" Luna demanded.

I placed her back on the table and turned toward Mina.

"Mina?" I asked,

"Yes Serena?" She asked stroking Artemis on the head.

"Do you ever wish you weren't a Sailor Soldier?" I asked.

"Where did this come from??" She asked.

"Please Mina, just indulge me." I begged.

She chuckled at my face and sighed, "Sometimes I imagine what my life would be like if I weren't the leader of the senshi, but then after a moment, I instantly remember my days as Sailor V and the life I had in Britain and the life that I had on the Moon and the life I have now. Would I have met you guys, what kind of person would I be if I hadn't been recruited as a scout so early in life? Honestly Serena, I don't think I would be very happy if I wasn't the leader of the sailor scouts. I have too much fun with you guys and besides I never would have met the man of my dreams."

"The man of your dreams?" I asked.

"Gosh Serena, how could you forget?" Lita asked in astonishment.

"Forget what?" I asked turning to look at Darien who was now at the counter standing with Kunzite and the three other generals.

"That we managed to save the generals from the negaverse. It wasn't easy, you know!" Lita added.

I smiled happily, the girls had a memory I didn't have and would never ask for. The key to their being here was the fact that the history had been rewritten. For once in my life I was happy with everything that had occurred.

I had my prince; I had my friends, my guardians and the love of my life. What more could a girl ask for?

Easy, a youma attacking the park.


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