Killed by Them

by Luke Mason

Fade in - briefing room

"And what do we have on that wierd death cult?" Agent Johnson was a tall lean man, who paced back and forth before the whiteboard at the front of the room.

"I have Agent K's last report right here sir," said Agent Lynch, brandishing a manilla folder. "Its pretty interesting reading"

"Thats why we're here Lynch. What's the executive summary?"

"Well, according to her last report, they still meet daily, often more than once a day. And her cover is still intact. She thinks they're starting to take her into their confidence."

"Umm, excuse me Agent..." The asker was new to the club, cults and societies department of the FBI.

"Yes Agent Merch?"

"Which cult are we talking about, and who is Agent K?"

"I'll take this one Lynch" said Johnson. "Were talking about a cell of a much larger cult that we've clearly identified. The leader of this cell is a guy named Rube. If you could Lynch?" Lynch started to put headshots of the cell up on the whiteboard for the rest of the room to examine. "As I said, this older man here is Rube, the 'father' of this little gang. This is Roxy, his 2nd in charge. The others are Mason (No last name), Daisy Adair, and George Lass." There was a small short whistle from the back of the room when Daisy's picture went up on the board.

"We once think Daisy was traded from another cell for one Betty," another photo, "but she's now missing, presumed dead. We think it was a loyalty thing."

"This is the interesting one" Johnson said while tapping Georgia's photo. "She is the youngest of the group. Georgia is an assumed name. She seems to have taken it after the girl who was killed by fragments of the deorbitting Russian space station"

"Oh wait, you mean toilet seat girl?"

"Thats the one. Working that out was a major breakthrough. It seems they have all taken their names from people who died in some particulary gruesome ways. And they take them from all through history." At Johnsons gesture, Lynch started putting more photos up on the wall, under the existing ones.

"This is the original Georgia Lass. She was 18 years old. The girl on top's real name is Milly Haagen. Her official record is clean. As you can see, they look similar, but different. Surveillance has noticed her staking out the originals house on more than one occasion. She seems to have some sick fascination for the younger sister. Ms Adair was a starlet who died on the set of gone with the wind. Picked up twice for propositioning. Mason and Rube we have no last names for, but the original Roxy Harvey was murdered by her roomate. Assumed to be a crime of passion."

"Now, we've identified one possible link to another cell. This is Penny. She's apparently a registered nurse."

"Why are these people so important Sir?"

"Because after more than a year of surveillance, we are fairly certain that they are responsible for the death of at least one person per day each. Sometimes more. We are looking at a group of serial killers that make Manson, or that old guy in Russia look like new-born babes." Johnsons pacing stepped up a notch. "And they're dangerous, because they are disciplined, clever, and inventive. These aren't run of the mill assasins. The people they hit often die in broad daylight. But they have a fatal flaw. They like to be there to watch. They're ghouls of the worst kind. And we will take them down"

There was a sussurus of agreement from the room. A few people shifted in their seats.

"Ok, here's the plan. We cant use local police, because this one, Roxy, joined the local force. Probably at the instigation of...

Fade out

Authors note:

I just finished watching season 2 of Dead Like Me. I loved this show, why did they have to cancel it sad

This is what could happen if the real world misinterpreted the groups little morning meetings...

If you can't guess, Agent K serves a mean cup of coffee -