Divergent Courses

The Other place

"…" I stare into the void. The chaos of the other place. Wondering… wondering what Ptolemy thought of it.

I never got a chance to ask.

"Ptolemy." It's been two thousand years… today, two thousand years ago, a trip to the evening bazaar.

I saw it coming. So did you. I was interested in practicalities. You were interested in the mysteries of the universe.

"…" So we went our separate ways. Me spiraling of to the other place; weighed down by your death. You; awaiting doom, agonizing about your apocrypha.

And so, here I am. Passing time. Counting the seconds that cruelly carry me farther away from you.

Time is cruel. The magicians are cruel. The whole, damm, world is cruel. It just couldn't allow hope to live. It didn't allow you to live.

That was your folly, Ptolemy. You just didn't understand. Can you truly share someone's pain. No, only alleviate it. The stands of fate simply don't intervine. Only come closer.

Yes… that was your folly. One that sealed your fate. You simply didn't grasp base human nature.

"…" and so be it. Our's were divergent courses.

Another drabbish fic.