Chapter 21

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Chapter 21




"Parseltongue or other beast talk"


"It wasn't a dream. Bugger!" Liz said before getting up with Angel in her arms.

"Well I'll be going now… Bye!" she mumbled while she was backing away towards the door, then at the bye she turned around and bolted.

Devil and Fire demon flew out of the room behind her.

Liz proceeded to dodge Shacklebolt before running full pelt through the halls, Shacklebolt following her all the way.

She ignored the elevators and made a 180 degree turn so she could push the door to the stairs open with her back before sprinting down them at an amazing pace.

Inside the office Mad. Bones looked at Tanks in astonishment.

"Think she's always that fast?"

Tonks just shrugged.

It wasn't long before Liz and the phoenixes were back at the manor.

The next morning found some of the elves that had been watching the children in an uproar because Susan couldn't be found anywhere that is at least until some one decided to check the library and found her curled up next to Blaze on the couch.

By the time every one was washed and at the break fast table Liz had all ready disappeared outside somewhere.

Liz was at Hogwarts having breakfast with professor McGonagall.

"Did you have any trouble with this week's homework?" McGonagall asked.

"One minor one when I transfigured the wrong cat. It did turn out right though."

McGonagall's chuckle drew the attention of their direct neighbours.

"But it was a squirrel monkey?" McGonagall asked.

Liz's only answer was getting the monkey out of her robe pocket and placing it on the table.

"Can you turn it back?" McGonagall asked.

The monkey ran down the table and went to sit in the open space in front of the teachers table.

Liz allowed her wand to drop into her hand from her wrist holster, aimed and a spell went sailing towards Lioness, who on impact changed back into the beautiful panther she was.

"Very good." Was all McGonagall said before returning to her breakfast.

Liz send Lioness home before finishing up herself.

Just as she finished the owls came in with the days post.

It was the daily prophet's arrival that caused disbelief and curiosity to spread.

For the first page described the happenings of the day before perfectly.

Fudge had been removed and Lily's daughter turned out to be a seer, and not only that, she too had survived a killing curse.

McGonagall and Liz finished their breakfast before they started on that day's theory, ignoring the hall.

10 minutes of lecturing and a demonstration later Liz was told to perform it.

"So you want me to perform the animagio revealio on any single 6th or 7th year?"


"Cool! If I do it correctly on my first try can I do someone else?"

"Yes you may."

"Okay, be back in a flash!" and with that she took of running towards Ella and Harry.

"Hey! wanna see your animagus form?" she asked.

"Yeah, why not. I already know I have a form but I can't figure out what it is." Harry answered.

Liz then looked at Ella.

"Don't look at me! I'm a vampire and vampires don't have animagus forms."

"No you're not and yes they do." was all Liz said before dragging her off.

Harry quickly followed his sister and Ella back to the head table.

"Ah! I see you have found yourself two willing students to help you." Mcgonagall said when she saw them.

"Do you call being dragged willing?" Ella. Asked.

Harry had to suppress a smile and even mcgonagall could be seen to suppress one.

"Would you leave the sarcasm to me?" Liz replied.

"Well Liz which one of these two do you want to do first?" McGonagall asked.

Liz looked from Harry to Ella and from Ella to Harry "Ella's I will do Ella's one first."

"Very well than" McGonagall said "Ella would you mind coming a bit closer?"

Ella took a few hesitating steps forward saying "Liz, are you sure you want to do my animagus form first?"

"Yes I do" Liz replied "Now would you stop whining I promise you it won't hurt, close your eyes and calm down".

"Alright then" Ella answered; she closed her eyes and calmed herself, like Liz asked her to.

Liz stretched out her arms in a relaxed state and closed her eyes, slowly releasing her magic.

Harry and professor McGonagall watched the transformation that Ella was undergoing.

Her legs became equal in length as her arms, here hand and feet became claws, fur now covered her body, a tail was now coming out of her behind and her face became that of a wolf.

Ella was now standing on al four paws and waggled her fluffy tail.

"Very well done" McGonagall said.

Ella simply sat down and looked at Liz as if asking 'please turn me back!'

Liz however ignored her and repeated the procedure with Harry.

When Harry had also changed he and Ella started bickering.

Liz rolled her eyes and whistled sharply.

"hi remember me? Stop your yapping!"

which amazingly enough stopped the fight.

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