A very strange heir.

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Chapter 1

The coronation.

It was the day of Aragorn's coronation and everyone was nervous.

Aragorn had a little quarrel with his boots they were just too damn tight.

Legolas could not find his comb.

And to make matters worse were the facts that Gandalf was nowhere to be found, Gimli had fallen into a fountain because a guard pushed him in.

The four hobbits were not allowed to the coronation square by a guard who thought they were children.

Faramir had slipped on a wet step of a stair and fallen into Elladan and Elrohir taking them down the stairs with him.

A furious Elrond had found them in a messy heap at the bottom of the stairs.

He was furious because the hairpins of the twins had broken halfway down the stairs.

But thank the Valar after a minute or ten Gandalf reappeared.

When he heard al the problems from a very anxious Aragorn he said: "well I'll just go fix those problems you just calm your nerves and try to think of something to say to all those people out there."

And that's exactly what he did.

He started with the problem of the hobbits and the very pissed-off wet Gimli.

"Gimli I have had a maid deliver dry clean clothes to your room go change." He said after which he turned to the guard who was still keeping the hobbits of the square.

"And who are you to deny them entrance?" he asked in a friendly tone.

"A citadel guard first class Mithrandir."

"And what do you think they are?"

"Children, my lord."

"WRONG! THEY ARE THE PERIANNATH!" he suddenly yelled at the guard.

"Now if I hear that they were not at the coronation because they were not let on the square, I think I'll turn you into a toad."

He then went away, leaving a very scared guard, to find the maid who had delivered Aragorn's shoes and had washed the stairs.

The maid he found to be the one of the shoes and stairs also had an beautiful Elvin comb and asked at every single elf she met I he or she was missing his or her comb.

"I know the owner of that comb." He said to her after which she gave him the comb to deliver because he was running late with her other chores.

He had the maid pick up the wrong shoes and deliver the right ones and make her apologies to the lords Elrohir, Elladan and Faramir.

Which the maid did and very quick at that she was really terribly sorry that they had fallen and that she given the wrong boots to lord Aragorn.

Next, he went to Legolas rooms and found them in a simple word disarrayed.

With a frantic Legolas looking into every single corner of the room in search of his comb.

"What's the problem Legolas?" he asked.

"My comb! I can't find it anywhere." Legolas replied still on his knees looking under the dresser.

"Oh your comb. Do you mean this comb?" he asked after pulling a comb from his pocket, which the maid had given to him.

"Yes that comb thank you Gandalf!" he exclaimed after receiving the wanted object.

"Where was it?"

"In the laundry room it was found inside the tunic of an elf but the maids didn't know whose tunic it was."

"Oh by the way do you have some pins that the twins can borrow? Theirs broke when Faramir decided it would be fun to fall of the stairs and to take them down with him." He asked with a small chuckle.

"Of course! What colour do their robes have?"

"The usual red and blue."

"Alright here Mithrandir." Legolas said while handing Gandalf a few blue and a few red hairpins.

"Thank you Mellon-nin." He said while exiting the room.

He went to the rooms of the twins where he found a furious Elrond yelling at his sons for not having brought back-up pins.

"Calm down Elrond! I have some pins for the twins' right here. Just be thankful they did not break anything! And that Legolas saw this coming. Oh and by the way it was not their nor Faramir's fault they tumbled down the stairs! One of the maids has been neglecting the drying part of the stairs cleaning." He said to Elrond while he handed the pins to the twins.

"I assume that maid has been punished!" Elrond said agitated.

"Of course."

"Now did I miss any problems?" he asked.

"did you fix the part about Estel's shoes?"


"the hobbits and Gimli?"

"yes and yes. Seems like i'm done."

"Now the days of the king have begun, may they be blessed."

Aragorn rose gave a little smile and turned to face his people.

He started to sing a beautiful Elvin song and after the song ended, he walked down the stairs.

He met Legolas they switched a few words and then he met Elrond with behind him at both sides his brothers. Who all had a mischievous glint in their eyes. Before he could wonder about this though the flag bearer came forth and showed her face.

It was Arwen.

He walked to her, grasped the flag with one of his hands, and whispered something to her then he pulled her close and kissed her in front of all his subjects.

Then they walked to the hobbits that started to bow but he said:

"My friends, you bow to no one." And after that he bowed to them.

After that, they went inside for the festive dinner.