Disclaimer- I do not own DBz. Influence on a true story.

The Pure Light

Chapter 1

Pan was a normal 15-year-old girl, in her parent's eyes anyway. To them she is happy but inside her she hurts, the pain of breakup, feeling invisible, and unattractive, and ugly. Videl worries constantly about her and the attitudes she has towards Gohan.

It was a Friday during school and Pan was in science she was listening to her friend Marion talk about her boyfriends notes again. Pan pulled out her mirror and looks at the pimples on her face. She hears Marion change the subject and decides to tune back in. Pan's mood lightens as class continued suddenly Marion was complaining how she had a fat bubble that shows through her clothes. In Pan's mind she was screaming at her for saying she was fat. Class ended and she went running to her locker, lunch was next but as long as she was with her other friends it wouldn't be as bad. Bulla always put a smile on her face, no matter how bad the day. Soon enough lunch was over and she headed towards Spanish, it was boring but at least she had some time to herself and think. Thank Kami periods 9 and 10 ended and she ran home.

Sitting on her front porch the kid she had a crush on walked to his door. Pan wanted to say hi but was to shy. He didn't know she felt inside but her soul told her she couldn't go wrong with him, a sweet and calming person he always comforted her when something bad happened in the family. At diner Pan kept to herself until Gohan made a rude comment, he did it without realizing it (that's what happens when you grow up with a family with mostly guys, no offense.) Pan jumped out of her seat and run upstairs to her room. She closed the door and slid down it. The hurt she had deep down came bursting out tears kept flowing. Crying into her arms she thought about her life, was it really that important, even if she didn't kill herself could she do anything to change her life? A thought ran threw her head maybe it was time to talk to someone.

Okay everyone chapter one is done. This chapter was just to give you a rundown of her life and true feelings again this is based on a true story. No flames, helpful comments appreciated. Thanks