Chapter 17

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Two weeks after Gohan got kicked out of the house Videl gave him divorce papers. He figured this was coming when he didn't hear from her and she wouldn't answer his calls. In court he realized how much he screwed up because Pan didn't want live with him, where ever that would have been because he lost the house in the settlement. The judge decided that Pan could see him on the weekends and anytime she had a week or more off some school. During the entire thing Videl never looked at him, and he gave up trying.

Gohan had started renting an apartment in about 2 towns over, a half hour away from Pan but about 10 minutes closer to his job. When he came to start moving his things he noticed that Videl had already packed everything of his from their bedroom. Pan helped him carry his things to his car. "Dad I didn't tell the judge I didn't want to live with you because I am mad at you, it's only because my life is here"

"I understand Pan don't worry about it"

As time passed the relationship she had with her parents slowly started to fade. Her dad would either not be home or he would have pissed her off so might see him three times every five months. Pan's relationship with Videl wasn't much better; Videl started treating her like a little kid and would disapprove of anything that made her seem less like a girl. This pissed Pan off because her mom was just like her when she was her age and she enjoyed it. Trunks came over one day and they hung out in her room. "Trunks I am so sick and tired of this, their lives are fucked up so they have to ruin mine I hate them!"

"No you don't Pan you love them that's why you do what you do"

She started laughing, he had a look of fake confusion on his face, and (it means he was acting with his facial emotion and expression).

"You probably think I'm nuts for laughing at nothing"

"I think you're nuts but not for that reason"

"About a year ago I used to go on a website and talk to this kid every time; he said something like that to me a lot"

"Was his name Ryan?"

Pan's smile was wiped off her face, how did he know about Ryan? Maybe he went to the sane website too, yeah that had to be it.

"I was Ryan, I went on with a different name because sometimes people would com on and say "I love you" or let me give a "wonderful night", I got tired of it so I made up a name it just so ended up that I was talking to you everyday, are you mad?"

Pan wrapped her around him and told him it made her somewhat relieved knowing that a friend was the only one that really knew her feelings and not some stranger.

About two months later Pan was on the verge of prison in her mind. She had learned that Gohan started dating a woman that hated Pan and to make matters worse Pan wanted to get away from Videl because she was so sick of her. Videl had tried everything from letting her sleep over her friends for a week, to sending her to Chi-chi's for a month. Nothing worked her attitude towards Videl never changed. She also started hanging around a new group of people they smoked, drank, and two out of the four people owned guns that they took everywhere.

"Pan if you hate him so much why don't you get rid of him?" said one of the guys

"I don't know, I guess because hi is my father" replied Pan

"Anything I hate of gives me too many problems I get rid of, and I never have any regrets." said the stoner.

"Well I don't know I'll have to think about it"

"Well I know what will change the pace for you Pan, a party at a friends house tonight, you should come it will be fun." a girl told Pan.

She agreed, she really wanted to do something different with her new friends, and she hadn't been to a party in ages.

When Pan asked her mom she said no because she didn't know them but Pan told her friends to park over a couple of houses away turn their lights out. At 9o clock she made sure her mom was downstairs then she changed into a crop top and a skirt that her friend lent to her. As soon as she noticed the car she opened her window and snuck out, her friends opened the door before she showed up so she could jump in. As she got in they closed the door and pulled away, Pan fell back in her seat because they started pulling away before she sat down.

"Well don't you look cute, see I told you that skirt would look good on you"

"Yeah thanks Melissa it fits nicely too, on a different note where are we going?"

"The guy driving Tony, told her to a party at a friends house because when your there it's never a dull moment. They parked over in the block before and walked over. When they got in Tony walked in first then Melissa and Pan and after her came in Tony's friend Sean.

Pan came home high on so many drugs and sick to her stomach from drinking the punch. When they drove home Sean and Tony stumbled to open her bedroom window and helped pushed her through. They ran back to their car and then they went home. Pan wanted to sleep but as soon as the car pulled away her bedroom light went on. Trunks was standing there.

"What the fuck Pan, you scared your mom"


"No not whatever, I called your house at 9:15 and when your mom went to get you she realized you weren't in your room she started flipping out I was able to act like I forgot that I was meeting you somewhere and hung up, she thought you ran away or something"

"Trunks I want you to stop the sentimental talk I really don't give a shit; I had a great ti…"

"Pan you okay?"

He stepped forward as Pan got off her bed and ran for the bathroom, she closed the door and threw up. Trunks walked out of her bedroom and walked into the bathroom, he held back her hair, and said "you did this to your self, Pan just be lucky Videl didn't wait up for you"

"Shut up" …she threw up again "Trunks I don't have to listen to you"

"Yeah but I know you'll be glad later"

She slowly stood up and walked back to her room, Trunks laid next to her and waited for her to fall asleep before he left.

Over the next few weeks change came; Pan started doing drugs heavily. This made her violent, she also became depressed. Trunks didn't realize how bad the situation was until he found a note on his bed on evening from her and it read:


I have come to the conclusion that LIFE SUCKS! There is no point to it I mean why should I bother trying when it's never good enough, it never pleases my parents. I am a failure and a loser to myself, my family and my life, I am a person who has nothing going for me. I am tired of falling short of everything I do, I am tired of crying, and everything sucks. To see a change you must be a change right? Well that is a lie, I change and nothing happens. I hate myself, I hate my school and I really HATE LIFE! Nothing goes right, nothing helps. I hate this feeling oh please make it stop. I am gonna end their lives, and if I fail then I will end mine, maybe that will end the pain. I love you Trunks, I hope to see you again in the future.



"Damn it Pan"

He ran out and flew to Gohan's apartment; he hoped it wasn't too late.

She held the gun up and pointed it through the open window, her hands were shaking, and she was sweating. Gohan was on the phone with his work completely oblivious to what was outside. Pan wanted to shoot, she hated him so much because he caused her so much pain, plus everything her friends told her before was running in her mind.

"Pan this is the only way to end the pain" she told herself. Pan closed her eyes as she slowly pulled the trigger back. Trunks landed, "Pan don't do it, it won't solve anything!"

She took her hand off the trigger waited for it to go back in place and dropped her hands to the sides of her. Trunks walked over to her "come on lets go somewhere else" he grabbed her hand and flew off. They landed in a park and sat on a bench, Pan sat and looked at her lap the gun sat there still loaded and ready to shoot, Trunks sat next to her not sure what to do next. "Hey Pan can you give me the gun?" She handed it to him, never taking her eyes off her lap. They sat there not saying a word for a while until "Trunks what do I do now, I can't live anymore with this pain"

"To be honest with you I have no idea, but I do know is that I won't let you do anything alone, I will do anything you ask"

"Love me that is all I ask"

"You know I do"

Trunks pulled her close to him and put arm around her.

"I am scared of the night because everything that I plan to do to hurt someone happens then, I feel like someone else is in control of me"

"Then I will keep you safe, I will protect you always"

"But I feel so alone, like I have no where to go, and I have no one"

"I will be your shelter, your not alone you have me"

He kissed the top of her forehead. In the distance you could hear the movie The Phantom of the Opera playing for the parks a movie under the stars.

"I feel surrounded by darkness, there is no light"

"Can I be you're your light?"

"You're so pure you probably don't want someone tainted with evil"

"You can call me your pure light then"

"Okay, mister if that's what you want"

"Hey you're smiling again"

Pan got closer to Trunks and they listened to the music playing, because the song would have a lasting impression on them forever, the people singing sung of what Trunks and Pan both wanted from each other. They stayed there and listened to the truth that was being sung.

No more talk of darkness Forget these wide-eyed fears. I'm here, nothing can harm you- my words and calm you. Let me be your freedom, let daylight dry-your tears. I'm here, with you beside you, to guard you and to protect you…

Sat you love me every waking moment, turn my head with talk of summertime…Say you need with you, now and always…promise me that all you say is true- that's all I ask of you…

Let me be your shelter, let me be your light. You're safe: No-one will find you your fears are far behind you…

All I want is freedom, a world with no more night… and you always beside me to hold me and to hide me…

Then say you'll share with me on love, one lifetime…let me lead you from your solitude… say you need me with you here, beside you…anywhere you go let me go too-Christine that's all I ask of you…

Say you'll share with me one love; one lifetime… say the word and I will follow you…

Share each day with me, each night, each morning…

Say you love me…

Love me- that's all I ask of you…

Anywhere you go let me go too… love me-that's all I ask of you…

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