Author: JazzyMcWier

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Liz's POV

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I'm scared. For the first time since we came to the "City of the Ancestors," I'm afraid of real people, not just the Wraith. Well, with the exception of Kolya, but he has never been under my command. Pondering on that thought, I notice that it's suddenly gotten colder, but it's probably just the memory of Kolya holding a gun at my head, and walking around my city with his small army. My city. Ha. Yeah, right.

The doorbell pings and I glance up from the silver pocketwatch I'm playing with. The doorbell pings again, twice, then a third time, along with the grating, yet somewhat comforting voice of Dr. McKay.

" 'Liz'beth! Liz'beth, you in there?" A knocking. "Are you okay?" Sighing, I get up and open the door, sliding it open to him standing there, in his wrinkly pants and tight-fitting shirt—I blush a bit at that, as I always do—with his hands flitting about. What a sight I must prove for him! My hair—longer than I've ever had it, but I must admit, it looks kinda sexy—all mussed up, pink fuzzy socks on my feet, my white chenille robe slightly open, and I can see his eyes travel down then snap up to our surroundings, a sweet blush on his cheeks. "Hi, uh…Are you…okay or…?" I smile forcedly then stand back a bit, inviting him in.

"You want some coffee?" His bright blue eyes light-up even more—well, not literally, seeing as how Caldwell was the unwitting Gou'ld, not him. But if Caldwell could have a symbiote in him, any of us could. And that means Rodney, even.

"Sure, if you're…" He's amusing. He's so caring, but so unsure of whether or not I want his care. I don't blame his hesitance, either. I haven't given him much room for friendship, let alone room for something more. This year has been…different. We've fallen away from each other, through no fault of his, though. It's mine. And I intend to mend that.

"Rodney, I'll be fine. Come on in." He walks in hesitantly, taking in my room with much interest.

"So…that coffee you were talking about?"

"Yeah, over here." I go to what works as an Ancient mini-kitchen. I turn to him with two mugs of French Vanilla coffee as he sits—somewhat uncomfortable, I note—on my bed. "There's a balcony out there," I hand him the mug and our fingers connect a very slight bit. His fingers tighten reflexively against mine and I look away towards the door leading to the aforementioned balcony.

"Oh. Thanks. Yeah, uh…" Rodney swallows nervously and takes the mug from my outstretched hand. "To the balcony, then?" I nod in what I hope is an inviting way. "Right. To the balcony." He sweeps his hand forward in a half-bow, very odd and uncharacteristic of him. Then again, a couple of weeks ago, he did offer me his jacket in John's time-dilation field, so, anything is possible. It's also possible that I don't know him as well as I assume.

"Mmm…" We step out into the cool twilight air and immediately I feel the goosebumps on my arms prickle. It's a nicer feeling when it's welcome, as the wind's welcome over my body. A hand appears in my field of vision, blocking my view of the slick, oil-black ocean swirling around my balcony.

"Penny for your thoughts," I turn to him, leaning easily against the rail, my hair blowing before my eyes. Seeing his worried face and the look in those eyes when he surveys me through his long eyelashes, I decide to tell him everything.

"Kavanagh said something to me," Rodney snorts, an annoyed, skeptical sneer on his mouth as he glances out towards the waving ocean.

"He says a lot of things, Elizabeth, or haven't you noticed?" I feel myself smirk at that.

"He and I, as you know, are not getting along, shall we say?" Another snort, this time dryly amused.

"Hardly surprising news. Go on."

"And he said—let me see if I've got it right—oh, yes, 'There's no need for the Trust to blow it up when Dr.Weir's at the helm!'" I glance down, away from those intense, scandalized eyes, mine filling with what I hate to admit are tears.

"Oh, Liz…Come here," He puts his (surprisingly!) muscular arm around me and awkwardly eases me to him in what might be called a hug. I've been using that word an awful lot with him. Awkward. What a strange word for such a strange feeling. But this feels quite natural, and not a bit awkward, once we settle into it.

"Dr. Weir…." Zelenka. He's a sweet man and I love him like a brother, but right at this moment, I know Rodney and I are thinking the same thing: damn the man! "Dr. Weir? I need to see you in lab2, please. I've got something you need to see." Rodney's the first to pull back.

"I…uh…we should probably go see…what Radek wants…"

"Yeah," I sigh, leaning back against the rail again, slurping my coffee. "I guess." I glance up coquettishly, the show of affection making me a bit bolder. He clears his throat and takes a gulp of cold coffee and leans against the rail, mimicking my pose, but with a more male stance.

"So…to the labs?" He holds an arm out for me to take and I saunter over to him.

"Yeah…then how about a walk in the moonlight?" I take a peek at his shocked face, seeing his expression transform into one of sly contentment. He expects me to take his arm, but he doesn't expect me to do what I do. I give him a sweet, quick wink.

At least there's one person I don't have to be afraid of. And he's standing right next to me.

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