Title- AIM with the SVU

Summary- What happens when 4 detectives and one ADA talk over AIM? Sounds stupid but I promise it's not.

Disclaimer- Don't own them, but my hopes for Christmas are still hopeful! 

Characters- Olivia, Elliot, Munch, Fin, and Casey.

Author- StablerSVUfreak

Anything else? - Nope, not today, just enjoy!

"Guys you can go home." The voice of Captain Cragen rang throughout the precinct.

"Seriously?" Olivia asked; it had been a long time since they actually got the night off.

"Yeah, I will call you if anything comes up." Cragen shut his door and the Detectives' looked at each other.

"Well, I'm out." Fin announced.

"If he's out, then so am I." Munch added grabbing his coat and following Fin.

"I keep telling you this, and I'm going to say it again, get a car!" Fin shouted. Munch laughed and started on a conspiracy about the government and cars.

"Shut your wise ass up!" Fin yelled. Olivia and Elliot exchanged glances and each let out a small laugh.

"Guess I'm going too." Elliot said.

"Yeah, going home to the kids?" Liv asked. Elliot stopped in his tracks.

"Not tonight." He told her as he walked out.

Casey was sitting in her apartment doing absolutely nothing. She had invited Liv over for a drink, but somehow Olivia refused.

Probably going out with El. She thought.

She sighed.

Nothing else to do. She told herself as she pulled out her laptop.

Maybe somebody will actually be on.

"Welcome Casey, you've got mail." The computer greeted her upon log on.

"I've always got mail, stupid computer." She scowled at the computer.

While reading one of the e-mails from The Lawyers Journal a small box appeared right in the middle of the screen.

AIMisaconspiracy2- Hey Casey!

Great, Munch, this is going to be even more boring.

Objectionimaredhead- Munch….

AIMisaconspiracy2- Yes?

Objectionimaredhead- Why do you have AIM?

Before he was about to answer another box appeared on Casey's screen.

1badassganstacop- CCAAASSSEEEYYYY!

God. Now Fin?

Objectionimaredhead- Want to join Munch's and I's conversation?

1badassganstacop- Surrrrreeeeee.

Casey invited Fin to the conversation and Munch went crazy.

AIMisaconspiracy2- Fin, what kind of SN is that!

1badassganstacop- I was just about to ask the same thing!

Objectionimaredhead- Munch, Fin, please! Spare Me! Can Olivia join too?

AIMisaconspiracy2- Yeah, bring on Liv!

sweetOlivia27- Bring me on Munch?

Objectionimaredhead- Anyone know if Elliot has a SN?

sweetOlivia27- Yeah he does, and guess what? He's on right now!

1badassganstacop- Only you would know Liv.

sweetOlivia27- ;)

AIMisaconspiracy2- Invite him.

AngryCop007- I've been on for awhile.

Objectionimaredhead- To bad we didn't say anything mean.

1badassganstacop- I second that, so what's everybody doing now?

AIMisaconspiracy2- Talking to you

1badassganstacop- Funny…

sweetOlivia27- How long do you think this is going to last?

Angrycop007- What?

SweetOlivia27- Having the night off

AIMisaconspiracy2- Probably not very long

1badassganstacop- I'm surprised Cragen even let us have the night off, he usually has a book up his ass.

Objectionimaredhead- That's mean

Angrycop007- So what, it's funny and true!

SweetOlivia27- Isn't his birthday soon?

AIMisaconspiracy2- Yeah, I think in two days.

1badassganstacop- How old?

Objectionimaredhead- I think 56 or 577.

Objectionimaredhead- Woops, I mean 57 not 577.

1badassganstacop- No I think 577 is more exact.

sweetOlivia27- lol

AIMisaconspiracy2- lol

Angrycop007- lol

SweetOlivia27- Hold on, cell's ringing!

AIMisaconspiracy2- Great, probably Cragen telling us to come back in.

1badassganstacop- Yeah, oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Objectionimaredhead- What should we get him for his birthday?

Angrycop007- Toupee?

AIMisaconspiracy2- Yeah, and some socks

1badassganstacop- Why socks?

Objectionimaredhead- Yeah why socks?

AIMisaconspiracy2- He always gets us socks, why not him?

Angrycop007- True.

sweetOlivia27- Guys, Cragen wants me to relate a message.

1badassganstacop- What?

SweetOlivia27- He wants me to tell you that we all need to go back to the precinct and…

Angrycop007- And what?

CapCragenofthe16- One, I'm not old!

Objectionimaredhead- Uh-oh.

CapCragenofthe16- Two, thanks Olivia for inviting me to this conversation

Angrycop007- OLIVIA!

CapCragenofthe16- Three, Munch if you get me socks, you will riding the desk.

AIMisaconspiracy2- ……….

CapCragenofthe16- Four, Fin I'm not 577! That goes to Casey too!

Objectionimaredhead- Hey! It was a typo!

1badassganstacop- Sorry…..

CapCragenofthe16- Five, Elliot, do not get me a toupee for my birthday!

Angrycop007- Why not?

CapCragenofthe16- Elliot!

CapCragenofthe16- Lastly, everybody get back here, we have another case!

CapCragenofthe16 has signed off.

AIMisaconspiracy2- Thanks a lot Olivia.

sweetOlivia27- Welcome guys.

1badassganstacop- Liv, I'm gonna kill you!

sweetOlivia27 has signed off.

Objectionimaredhead- Just like her.

Objectionimaredhead has signed off

1badassganstacop has signed off.

AIMisaconspiracy2 has signed off.

Angrycop007 has signed off.

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