1badassganstacop has signed on.

AIMisaconspiracy2 has signed on.

1badassganstacop- Damn I haven't been on in a long time!

AIMisaconspiracy2- Me neither, I mean, with all these new cases and stuff, who has time for AIM.

1badassganstacop- Elliot and Olivia do

AIMisaconspiracy2- What do you mean?

1badassganstacop- Ohh nothing, I just think sometimes, they do things over the internet…but hey, its not my place to say ;)

AIMisaconspiracy2- Well…thanks for sharing…I was hungry too.

1badassganstacop- Haha.

1badassganstacop- Hey, my gf's here. Talk to you later.

AIMisaconpiracy2- Yeah…yeah…

1badassganstacop has signed off.

AIMisaconspiracy2 has signed off.

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sweetolivia27 has signed on.

Angrycop007- Hey my sweetolivia.

sweetolivia27- Hey yourself.

Angrycop007- Just got back from seeing the kids

sweetolivia27- Great, how was it?

Angrycop007- Fine fine, but something weird sorta happened.

sweetolivia27- Like??

Angrycop007- Maureen and Kathleen told me they know all about "it"

sweetolivia27- It?

Angrycop007- Maureen was like "I know about it, and let me just tell you, I think it's great"

sweetolivia27- You think "it" is us?

Angrycop007- Yeah because the next thing out of Kathleen's mouth was "And, we know you slept with her"

sweetolivia27- Ohh man. Haha.

Angrycop007- I was shocked.

sweetolivia27- I could just see your face! LMAO

Angrycop007 has signed off.

sweetolivia27- Shit, I pissed him off.

Objectionimaredhead has signed on.

Objectionimaredhead- Olivia!! I found the best song in the world!! It's called "White and Nerdy"

sweetolivia27- Nice,describes you.

Objectionimaredhead- Thanks…

sweetolivia27- I'm kidding Casey

Objectionimaredhead- So what's new?

sweetolivia27- Elliot's pissed at me cause I laughed at him when he said his kids told him they knew that we had slept together.

Objectionimaredhead- I would have laughed.

sweetolivia27- It's funny, but he's to damn serious to realize it.

Objectionimaredhead- Yeah, but you love him anyways.

sweetolivia27- Yeah, I do.

sweetolivia27- How did your date with Munch go?

Objectionimaredhead- Don't even remind me! I cant believe I said yes.

sweetolivia27- That bad huh?

Objectionimaredhead- Yes! He argued with the waiter about the food, and then rambled on to the manager and the poor people next to us that our waiter works for the government and he undercooked his meat on purpose so he would die.

sweetolivia27- Need a drink to forget?

Objectionimaredhead- Yes please!!!!!!

sweetolivia27- Come on over, beer is all I have, but it'll do.

sweetolivia27 has signed off.

Objectionimaredhead- Good, I need a drink.

Gotashrink87 has signed on.

Gotashrink87- Hey Casey!

Objectionimaredhead- Bye Huang!

Objectionimaredhead has signed off.

Gotashrink87- Man, do people really hate me that much, all I do is work out their problems and help them catch a killer, you'd think I'd get someone to talk to me on Aim for 5 minutes. I'm gonna wait here until someone else signs on.

So I was bored tonight and I didnt want to do my homework and I decided to write another chapter to a story people love so much. :) it felt good to write again, but I have a feeling this story might end soon. But who knows. Love you all! Happy belated Halloween and an early happy thanksgiving.