Part v

40. You laugh every time someone says seriously

41. On Gaia online, or adventure quest, you either become a mage or equip a wizards wand to yourself

42. You start making rubbish fan vids about it

43. You hate waiting for the next Harry potter book (don't we all?) so, to stop yourself from getting bored, you put a notice on the internet saying the following sentence:


44. You go around looking for horcruxes

45. You constantly say 'HERMIONE X DRACO FOR EVER'

46. You think Ron should be the new history of magic teacher

47. You hate someone so much you try the killing curse on them, with a stick

48. even though you know draco's a death eater, you still think he's a hot dude with a nice $$

49. you know what the j.k. in j.k. rowling stands for