Chapter 4: Danny's Plan

As Technius was charging up his new body with the aid of the power he acquired from Overload, Danny gathered everybody together.

"So what's the plan?" asked Tucker, "Technius is too powerful for any of us at this stage."

"I know" replied Danny then he turns to Kid Flash, "that's why I need to overshadow Kid Flash in order to combine my powers with his powers."

"Don't worry" said Kid Flash, "I'm in on the deal."

"Sounds good to me" added Jinx.

"But we're going to get Technius' attention before I can overshadow Kid Flash" said Danny.

"No problem" said Jinx, "leave that to me."

As Technius finally charged up his power to the maximum level, he felt strong enough to acquire even more power.

"You people have failed in stopping Technius 3.0!" shouted Technius, "At my first grasp for power, I will absorb the power of the local power plant in Amity Park. Then from there, I shall continue on my quest to control the entire world!"

"Think fast" said Jinx as she used her powers.

Her powers managed to push Technius a little bit, but Technius managed to recover and fired some electronic beam at Jinx. Jinx managed to leap out of the way and fired more of her power at Technius, causing the lamp nearby to fall directly on Technius, hitting him on the head. Technius then readied Cyborg's sonic cannon and began to fire at Jinx, but she kept on dodging the blasts from the sonic cannon. As Jinx was giving Technius a run for his money, Danny then phased himself into Kid Flash and began to take control of his body. While Danny was controlling Kid Flash's body, he took out the electronic ghost taser.

He then noticed the part where Overload was attached to Cyborg's body. Danny then used Kid Flash's power and raced right toward Technius. While Technius was still trying to attack Jinx, Danny then fired a ghost beam at the area where Overload was located and knocked Overload out from the area it was located in. Danny then grabbed the disk which was Overload and while still controlling Kid Flash, he raced toward Tucker and handed Overload to him. He then raced toward to the aid of Jinx who was getting exhausted from dodging Technius' attacks.

"Face it" said Technius, "you have failed."

"Actually" said Danny while in Kid Flash's body, "you should turn yourself around and see where Overload went."

As Technius turned around, he was shocked to notice that Overload was missing in the part where he had placed him. He then looked around and noticed that Tucker had Overload in his hand.

"You" said Technius to Tucker, "hand me that computerized villain which would enable me to continue to be Technius 3.0."

"I don't think so" said Danny as he used Kid Flash's powers to race toward Technius.

Danny then fired a ghost beam at Technius, sending Technius flying across the street and into a trash can. Technius then fired Cyborg's sonic cannon at Danny, but Danny phased himself and dodged the attack. Danny then raced toward Technius and quickly gave a good jab at Technius and another one. Technius had enough and grabbed Danny while he was still in Kid Flash's body and throws him to the side of the street. Danny then fired another ghost beam at Technius and knocked Technius down. He then took out the electronic ghost taser and fired it at Technius. The long rope then hits Technius and Danny presses the button on the electronic ghost taser, zapping Technius.

"T-t-this can't be!" shouted Technius as he could feel his power weakening.

Danny then gets himself out of Kid Flash's body and launches an attack at Technius. He goes straight into Cyborg's body and pushes Technius out of Cyborg.

"This can't be happening!" shouted Technius as he found himself without controlling Cyborg, "I can't lose!"

"You just had" said Danny.

Danny then raced toward Technius and gave him a good punch and a kick. He then fired his ghost beam at Technius, knocking Technius down to the ground. Technius looked around to see if he still had Control Freak's controller. Suddenly he noticed that Cyborg was regaining consciousness and Cyborg took out the controller from where Technius placed it on him.

"Looking for this?" asked Cyborg to Technius as he showed him Control Freak's controller.

"My controller!" shouted Control Freak.

"You mean mine!" shouted Technius.

"Not anymore" said Danny as he got out the Fenton thermos.

Danny then sucked Technius into the thermos and then closed the lid.

"What just happen to me?" asked Cyborg as Jinx and Kid Flash were coming to his aid.

"You were being controlled by Technius" replied Danny to Cyborg.

"And it was quite a battle" added Jinx.

"Well" said Control Freak, "I'll be taking my controller and heading my way."

"Not so fast" said Cyborg as he grabbed Control Freak's sleeves, "you were a member of the Brotherhood of Evil."

"Looks like you're going to be taken back in" said Kid Flash.

"Well" said Cyborg, "we better get going. Hopefully we can meet again some day."

"Well" said Danny, "we'll see about it then."