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Chapter 5

L awoke to the sound of typing.

Initially, he tried to ignore it, curling in further upon himself to hide from the soft tap tapping noise that was permeating the room. Eventually, however, his drowsy mind began to register that something very odd was going on, seeing as:

1. He had just woken up, and someone was typing.

2. It wasn't him typing, seeing as the thumbnail of one hand was tucked into his mouth, while the other hand was curled up under his head, making his arm into a makeshift sort of pillow.

3. Even if his hands weren't otherwise engaged, it still couldn't have been him typing, because Raito never let him bring a laptop into their room anymore.

The dim realization that he was no longer in his room anymore dully began to resister to his sleepy mind, and, his mind finally starting to get up to speed, L opened his eyes.

The first thing he noticed was the sunlight pouring in the room, literally pouring in, flooding the place with light. L blinked rapidly, his eyes adjusting, before taking note of himself.

He was curled up in a chair, L noted; most likely an office chair, judging from the leather cushioning and the back. There was a soft blanket draped over him carefully, keeping him was and tucked in around him, though, L realized, that was the only thing we was wearing, if he could call it that. Quickly beginning to wonder just what sort of situation he had found himself in, L looked up toward the sound of typing, fast beginning to worry, only to stop and stare.

It was Raito.

But it wasn't a Raito L knew.

This Raito was typing idly on the keyboard as he watched the monitor, not at a fast and furious pace. His face was relaxed gentle, as was his pose, and L got the feeling that he was somehow content. Looking down farther, L realized that this Raito was also shirtless, sitting there just typing away, apparently uncaring to his current state of partial undress.

As if feeling his gaze upon him, Raito stopped typing, turning to look at him. L felt his face flush slightly, while Raito just smiled.

"Hey," he said softly.

It took L a minute to realize Raito was actually speaking to him. After all, since when did Raito look at him like that, all contented and happy, smiling with his eyes all friendly and warm?

Actually, L considered, since when did Raito look at anyone like that?

"I made you some hot chocolate," Raito said, reaching over on the desk for something. "It's probably lukewarm at best now, but it might help you wake up a little more."

He handed him a warm cup, which L took, holding it numbly as he absorbed the sight in front of him, trying to take in it all.

"I've been working on the Yotsuba lead all morning," he said, resuming his typing. "So far, I've found three more potential Kira deaths that have benefited Yotsuba directly. Not much else, though."

Raito continued typing as L watched him, before stopping once more and turning to look at him directly, his eyes meeting with his. L blinked.

"Ryuuzaki," he said gently. "Is everything all right?"

The soft tone took L completely by surprise; he had been expecting Raito's usual headstrong demand about what was eating at him, and he was unaccustomed to such caring tones.

"Are you too cold?" Raito continued on, apparently taking L's wordless reply as a 'no'. "I could get you another blanket if you are, though we'd have to move..."

"Raito," L said finally, looking up at him through large eyes. "Raito."

Raito turned to look at him again, his eyes questioning. "Yeah?"

"You're... you're not wearing a shirt," L said finally, looking up at him for some confirmation that this was, indeed, a very odd thing for him to do.

To his surprise, Raito laughed.

"I didn't want to wake you," he explained, a small smile playing about his lips. "You'd have had to undo the chain again, and I didn't think it was really necessary, anyway."

"But- but- the others," L objected, his mind trying to grasp just what was going on. "Surely they would-"

"It's Saturday, Ryuuzaki," Raito said, amused. "No one's coming in today. It's just us for now."

L felt his face warm slightly as he looked down at his chocolate, his face flushed. Suddenly there was an 'us' there had not been before.

"Raito," L said, holding his cup still, speaking into it. "Why are you being so nice to me when you have not been before?"


Raito cupped his chin gently, tilting his face up to look at him, and L was surprised to see a soft emotion in his eyes.

"Things have changed now, Ryuuzaki," he said, smiling softly. "They're not quite what they were anymore."

Flushing lightly as Raito leaned down and pressed his lips to his softly, L wondered if this was just post-coital after-bliss, or if Raito had decided it would be pointless hide that he cared anymore.

As Raito pulled back, smiling at him, L found himself wishing for the latter.

"Now drink your chocolate," Raito bid him, resuming his typing. "You won't like it after it gets cold."

Obedient, L sipped from his cup, smiling, pleased that he had added extra sugar as well. Looking up at Raito as he drank again, he decided he quite liked Raito like this, regardless of whatever reason he might have.

"By the way," Raito said casually, turning to look at L through the corner of his eyes, an odd gleam playing about in them. "I pulled up your neko chart earlier today. And I found out quite a few interesting things..."

L nearly spit out his chocolate, his eyes bulging as Raito called up his chart.

"For one thing, your reasoning is flawed," he said, looking at the monitor, highlighting selected passages of code. "You only included half of the criminal's Kira's killed in here, and you did the summation all wrong." He swiveled his chair to look at him, and amused smile on his lips. "Mind telling me what you were looking up nekos for?"

L's face colored brilliantly, while Raito just looked at him, amused.

"I- I'd heard you talking... moaning in your dream," he confessed, looking down at the floor. "I- I couldn't get it out of my head, and I wanted to learn more, so I needed an excuse of some sort..."

Raito choked. L turned to look at him quickly to see Raito coughing, his face a brilliant red.

"You heard me talking?" he managed to get out, one hand to his throat, his eyes mortified. "You heard me talking in my sleep?"

L's lips twitched upwards, amused.

"Is this not something you often do, Raito?" he asked, smiling a bit. "You've been muttering things in your sleep ever since we've been chained together; sometimes comprehensible, sometimes not."

Raito looked highly, highly embarrassed, L noted, smiling, and it was sort of funny, even though he didn't see why he would be quite so embarrassed, even though it was just a dream. He watched the other boy, tilting his head, before a thought occurred to him.

"You've had worse dreams, haven't you?" he accused. "You've had more explicit dreams than that, haven't you, and that's why you're so embarrassed now?"

Raito raised an eyebrow.

"That depends on what dream you overheard..." he said slowly, and L could practically see his mind calculating things out. "What bits did you overhear?"

"You were moaning in your sleep and thrusting backwards, as if you were the neko and I the tachi," L said promptly. He paused here to look at him. "Last night, I was the neko. Do you like being the tachi too?"

Raito looked amused.

"I don't prefer it any one way," Raito told him honestly. "It's the act itself that I enjoy the most; I usually prefer to be on top, though being the neko on occasion adds its own certain thrill..."

L colored, his memories rushing back to him. It certainly did add a thrill...

"Ano... I thought that was the most explicit thing two people could do, Raito. If there is more you dream about that can be considered 'worse', I cannot help but wonder what it might be..."

Raito smirked slightly, his eyes amused.

"It is, but you'd be surprised at the number of variations people can come up with that sort of thing." Raito's eyes were mischievous, practically daring L to ask. "There are all kinds of ways to add other sides..." He trailed off, as if he didn't want to subject L to knowing that sort of thing, but L was all to certain it was bait.

He took it anyway.

"What sort of things?" L asked, smiling a bit. Surely it couldn't be anything too graphic...

Raito turned to look at him, amused.

"Usually kinky things," he told him. "It adds a certain spice."

L blinked. "Kinky things?" he asked.

Raito smirked.

"Well, sure," he said, grinning. He held his left hand aloft, the chain dangling from it, clinking as the links moved. "For example, take this handcuff things. There are all kinds of things one could do with those..."

The innuendo was clear, and L flushed, his face coloring, embarrassed. He coughed, his face flaming.

"I see..." he said, his face a brilliant red. Raito laughed.

"Oh come now, Ryuuzaki," he teased. "Surely you've thought of something like that before...?"

L turned to look up at Raito, but he was continuing on, ticking things off on his fingers.

"There's the handcuffs, there's the blindfolds you made Misa wear that are still in the hotel room, there's the other chains you had in the holding cells with all their locks and keys, there's the collars Misa wears, and then there's the thought of sucking you off under the desk while the others work on the case obliviously..."

L's face a beet red, he looked at Raito incredulously, shifting the blanket around him discreetly.

"How long have you been thinking of this sort of thing?" he demanded. "You couldn't have just come up with all this just now!"

Raito shot him a flat look.

"Attraction doesn't just happen, Ryuuzaki," he told him. "It develops, over time. Once we were chained together and I started to get to know you better, I started to care, and the thoughts started to follow."

"You- you knew you were attracted to me?" L accused. Raito shot him a incredulous look.

"Of course!" he said. "It's not like you don't feel something like that; it's always lurking in the back of your mind, never fully going away. I can't remember all the times I was outside in the bathroom while you took a shower, mortified that you'd look over and see the tent on my towel..."

His thoughts racing, L tried to wrap his mind around this thought. He'd thought he'd suddenly felt attraction for Raito when he'd heard the dream, not that he'd been feeling it all along. But now that it was mentioned, it did sort of make sense...

L had been acting differently around Raito for ages, hadn't he? Normally, were he chained to anyone else, he would've had no problem sharing the shower, citing it a more practical way to take up less time. Yet, with Raito, he had a modest side, not wanting Raito to see, somehow shy...

Then there were the times Raito would lay a hand on his shoulder gently, telling him it was time to go to bed and he wouldn't flinch, despite being unused to physical touch, merely following after the other boy to go to bed. If Misa or Matsuda had tried that to him, he was sure he would've jumped a mile...

Perhaps, L mused, biting his thumb, Raito's dream only brought his attraction to the forefront of his mind, dragging it out into his conscious awareness. After all, with having such a history of suppressing his feelings all the time and his emotionless rationalizing, there was only a six percent chance he would have realized such a thing on his own.

L flushed, a tell-tale twinge in his middle reminiscent of the night before niggling at his mind. He was rather glad he had realized it, come to think of it, now.

L looked up at Raito, smiling. Raito raised an eyebrow, his intrigue blatant on his face.

"I think I quite like you, Raito-kun," L said, smiling. "I didn't know I'd fancied you like this before."

Raito laughed, rolling his eyes, before suddenly pulling L from his chair onto sit on his lap, the latter letting loose a small 'eep!' as he was moved. L looked up at Raito, the blanket still draped around him, to see an amused gleam sparkling in Raito's eyes.

"If last night was any indication," Raito said, his lips twisted up in an ironic sort of smirk, "you do a lot more than just 'like' me, now."

L flushed. "So?" he said.

Raito laughed.

"Do you have any idea how cute you are like this?"

Raito's lips descended on his, kissing him, firmly cutting off any reply L might have felt the need to make, and L's eyes fluttered closed, kissing Raito back, his lips sweet against his own.

After a long moment, Raito pulled back, his eyes gleaming triumphantly as he took in L's flushed demeanor. L colored even more.

"So, what do you want to do now?" he teased, his eyes glimmering with mischief. "We could work on the Kira case, we could go out and get something to eat..."

L hit him, biffing him lightly on the arm. Raito laughed.

"Never thought I'd see the day when you'd turn down work in favor of something else," he teased, toying with his hair. L smiled up at him, content.

"Things have changed now," he told him, before pulling the Yagami boy down for another heated kiss.

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