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She sat by the table inside the hatch. Sawyer had woken up an hour before, and was now looking around the hatch with the company of Michael. Kate now sat in a pensive mood, thinking about how that one day had changed everything.

Sawyer attacking her, then getting through to him; him waking up; the horse in the forest; the kiss. Jack. Why did I run for? Kate's eyebrows furrowed as she thought. It was her natural reflex. But there was nowhere to run on this island. Sooner or later, she would have to see, and speak to, Jack. And no sooner had she thought this, the door to hatch had opened.

Kate snapped out of her train of thoughts and looked up. There was Hurley, Locke, some girl and, of course, Jack. As soon as he had seen her, a wave of relief had washed over his face, as if he was glad she was sitting there. Where else would I be?

'Hey' Hurley had said, while Locke just gave a nod of recognition. Hurley had walked off before she could say anything. Now she was alone with Jack, and the other girl. Kate avoided looking at Jack, so the only thing she could do was to look at the girl.

'Hey. I don't ... um … I don't think we've met before.' Kate said first, breaking the tension. She was actually surprised that Jack hadn't asked about Sawyer yet.

The girl was giving her a look, one that she didn't like. It was as if she had seen her before. Kate thought regardless of this. Before the crash, she would have ran for her life.

'I'm Ana Lucia.' She finally said. She had no emotion anywhere, not in her voice or face.

'Kate.' She simply returned. That name was bothering her. Something about hostages that Sawyer had said. Once again, her train of thoughts were interrupted, this time by Jack.

'Um. Where's Sawyer?'

'He… um… he went with Michael.' She murmured, trying to avoid eye contact with Jack. 'To see the hatch' she quickly added as Jack gave her a questioning look.

'Right. How is he?' he asked. Kate could tell that he was trying to make small talk; even though Sawyer was the last thing he wanted to talk about. But the Ana Lucia girl was stopping him from going further. Kate wasn't sure if this was good or not.

As if right on queue, Sawyer had entered the room, led by Michael, who had given the Ana girl a dirty look, and walked out of the hatch.

'Well, lookie here. To what do I owe for this pleasure, huh? I though Freckles here keeping me company was good enough, but Annie and Jackass too? Lucky me!' he slurred out, with a gleaming look of triumph on his face.

'My name's ANA Lucia.' She retorted, oblivious of Sawyer's usual character.

'I know what I said.' He simply replied.

'Well, I guess he's fine.' Jack murmured as Sawyer went to sit down. Kate helped him slightly, as he wasn't back onto his feet completely, while Ana Lucia just looked on. As Kate looked up, she saw the look of, jealousy was it, on Jack's face. She had to fight the urge to smile, the first in ages, as he quickly apprehended his emotions.

'How you feeling?' he said, back into his doctor mode.

'Like I've been shot.' Sawyer simply responded, 'oh, and hit with things, including a goddamn stone!' he now glared at Ana Lucia. She just simply stood there, as if it was nothing to her.

Sawyer looked at Kate, who just half smiled, and then looked around the hatch. Sawyer returned his gaze to Jack, who was still standing opposite him, not entirely impressed with his response.

'I feel fine.' He put it simply. 'And now I'm getting out of here, to go to my tent – What?' he asked as she saw Jack shaking his head.

'Sawyer, you're heavily sedated. You have a bullet hole in your shoulder, and you have just woken up after days being on the brink of conscious.'

'Your point?'

'You'll stay here so that your are in a clean place, if you can call it that, and so that I can find you to give you your medicine.' Jack ordered. ' oh, and so you'll be able to get any help you'll need from anyone, cos there'll always be someone here.'

'Hah! Like anyone's gonna help me.' He laughed back. 'Mind, I guess it could be worse. And at least this way, I'll get all the company of you two that I'll need.' He added, winking at the girls.

Jack rolled his eyes, and turned around, before adding; 'It's great to have you back Sawyer.'

Sawyer was caught back by this. 'Thanks. It's not bad seein' ya either… Doc.'

Jack started to walk out of the hatch. Kate couldn't believe what had happened. Did Jack and Sawyer just get on? The thought brought out a smile on her face.

'What you smilin' 'bout Freckles?' Kate's head snapped back to Sawyer.

'Nothing. It is good to have you back.' With this she followed Jack out of the hatch. She wanted to talk to him now.

'The Doc said it was great'. Sawyer had yelled after her. Kate just simply turned around and shrugged with her hands and continued to walk out.

Kate saw the emotion on Jack's face, and the concern for Sawyer. She had also noted how he had given her space, not taking her somewhere else to talk just cos that Ana girl was there. Now she was going to do something about it. She had to.

She had found him sitting on the beach. He was leaning backwards on his elbows, with his eyes closed. Kate thought about leaving him there. He's so peaceful.

But she knew what she wanted to do, and she wanted to do it now.

She walked over to him, and sat beside him. Jack had opened one eye, shut it again, and smiled. Wow he looked good.

'Um. I think we should… talk.' She stated.

'Good idea' was his response.

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