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Ana Lucia strode out of the hatch and back into the jungle. She could hear Sawyer following her a bit behind, but she made no attempt to slow down, or to acknowledge him. Sooner or later he'll get tired and just back off she contemplated.

Sawyer followed Ana Lucia out of the hatch. She wasn't that far ahead, but Sawyer couldn't catch up with her; he was still weak from the injury, and had only been awake for a day or so now.

As he watched her stomp her way through the jungle, he knew that she knew he was following her. Well, you could slow down Chica! He thought to herself. He really didn't have the strength to say it out loud.

For a further five minutes, Ana Lucia walked through the jungle, with Sawyer behind her, but the space increasing with each step. Finally, Ana Lucia couldn't her any footsteps behind her. For a moment, she thought that Sawyer had given up. But she thought about how long it had been since they had left the hatch, and a small part of her was telling her that something wasn't right.

Ana Lucia stopped and turned around. She couldn't see Sawyer. She sighed and walked back, taking really small, slow steps. Why am I doing this? He wants her remember! But Ana Lucia didn't make any signs to turn back.

As she walked back on her steps, Ana Lucia could almost feel the presence of someone else. She stopped a bit, drew in a breath and got herself prepared for what she might see. She then continued walking, finally craning her neck round a curve she had came on.

Before her, she saw Sawyer. But the way he was totally shocked Ana Lucia out of her brains!

Right opposite her, there was Sawyer, wearing his traditional smirk, looking very Sawyerish, standing, leaning, against the tree, arms folding, and an eyebrow arched in an 'I knew you would come' kind of way. He was fine.

Ana Lucia frowned, not believing that she had just fallen for that trick.

'So you did know that I was behind you!' Sawyer stated as a revelation.

Ana Lucia simply rolled her eyes and turned around. She was embarrassed enough as it was. As she started to walk off once again, Sawyer caught up with her and this time walked by her side.

''Sup with you Chica? Cat got your tongue? Or was it Kate with that punch?' Sawyer was smirking at his own joke. Ana Lucia stopped walking and turned to face him. Her face was dead set.

'If you don't shut up, I'll punch you in a second.' She hissed, and then turned around to walk back to the secluded part of the beach where her tent was. Unfortunately, her threat wasn't enough to keep Sawyer away. Not like I thought it would work.

'So. What we gonna do now?' Sawyer asked.

Ana Lucia raised an eyebrow.


'Yeah. Well, I don't think that I'm gonna be welcome in their club anymore, do you?'

'Well, I dunno. You did keep me from hitting that bitch, oughta earn you some brownies points.' Ana Lucia paused, thinking, but still kept on walking. She thought back to the event. 'Why did you keep me back?' she asked now, slightly perplexed.

Sawyer smirked once again.

'Well. Now that's a story for another day.' In other words, Sawyer had no idea why he had stopped her.It just felt like the beset thing to do. And it wouldn't have been a good idea to let it all get out of control.

'Anyways, it wasn't as if you would've came out the winner.' Sawyer mumbled the last bit, knowing well that Ana Lucia could hear it.

Ana Lucia turned to look at him. She was going to blow her head at him when she saw the smirk plastered across the guy's face. Why does he get to me so much? Ana Lucia just carried on walking, finally realising that he had never answered her questioned. So she tried again.

'Why?' she simply said.

Sawyer whipped his head to face her. They were going at a slow rate, slow enough so that Sawyer could walk without getting out of breath.

'Why what sweetheart?'

'Why did you stop me?'

Sawyer chuckled.

'Didn't ya hear me?'

'Don't buy it. Out with it!'

Sawyer was taken aback. He wasn't use to people telling him what to do. It was usually the other way around.

'No.' he just simply replied, before he got too angry. 'You're a crappy cop, girl.'

'I know a lot of people in jail who would beg… to… differ…' Ana Lucia had started off strong, with a purpose to the sentence, but at the end, she had trailed off as she looked into the distance.

Sawyer noticed the change in her voice at the end of the sentence. He turned to look at her, and then turned to look at where she was staring.

They had wandered in the wrong direction, and where now almost close to the path which would lead them to the beach from the caves. But that wasn't what had stopped Ana Lucia, or what had Sawyer in a puzzle.

In front of them there were two people, two men to be exact, who seemed to be in an argument.

As Ana Lucia stated to get closer to the men, Sawyer pulled onto her upper arm, and pulled her back. She reluctantly let Sawyer pull her so that she could get to hear the argument quicker if she got Sawyer out of the way.

'What?' she hissed, not wanting to be heard by a very angry Jack and a scarily calm Locke.

'What d'you think you doin'?' he hissed back at the same volume and emotion as the girl before him.

'Listening to that tree! What d'you think?'

'We can't eavesdrop on them! They'll probably catch us, knowing our luck!'

Ana Lucia rolled her eyes. Our luck? We don't have an 'our'!

'Watch me!' she hissed finally and walked back to the bush, which was almost directly opposite Locke, but far enough so that they wouldn't be able to see or hear her, but she could see and hear them.

Sawyer reluctantly followed her, knowing that he would want to hear this too. He silently stepped over to her, careful not to make any noise by treading on twigs, and crouched down next to where Ana Lucia was already well into the conversation. Most of it sounded one sided, with only Jack's voice with the ability of being heard, even though it was not all clearly.

Sawyer was about to tell Ana Lucia how useless they were being, when he hears his own name he own head snapped up that he was sure that it had made a sound that echoed through the woods. Ana Lucia turned to look at him, and smiled a bit, knowing that he was now well interested into the conversation and won't make any signs of wanting to leave again.

Sawyer was still getting over the fact that his name was being used in this argument that he hardly noticed when Jack had said something that wasn't, for the first times since they had been there, audible by them.

'If that's what it'll take, then the island will make it happen, Jack. Nothing can stand in the way of fate. Especially on this island. Think about that.' Locke was now walking away from the scene. Sawyer made to stand up, wanting to go after him, wanting to know why he was brought up into the conversation, but was pulled down gain by Ana Lucia, who still had her eyes on Jack.

'What? Why are we still here?'

Ana Lucia placed a finger onto her lips and then pointed to Jack. Sawyer looked at the sense and then turned back to look at the cop beside him. What the hell?

Ana Lucia saw the look on his face and rolled her eyes. She finally decided to get up. Unfortunately, she hadn't done it with such subtleness that she had wanted to, and rustled the bush. She stood silently and steadily, not daring to move a muscle. But when Jack didn't turned around to see what the noise was, Ana Lucia let out her breath, and walked, pushing Sawyer in front of her, into the clearing a bit to the left of them.

'Well?' Sawyer asked a bit angry by the fact that Locke was now probably a mile away. Should've just left her here!

'Did you see that?'

Sawyer was now even more perplexed. Was I in the same place as she was?

'See what exactly?'

Ana Lucia rolled her eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

'Jack! He just stood there. Locke threatened him, and he just stood there.'

'Really? Locke threatened him?' Sawyer asked smugly.

Ana Lucia looked at him with a killer look. So not the time for jokes!

'That's beside the point. Didn't you see the look on his face?' when sawyer didn't reply, Ana Lucia carried on. 'Jack knows that what Locke is planning is going to happen.'

'I doubt that! Didn't you hear what he was saying!' Sawyer was getting more confused by the second.

'Listen!' Ana Lucia was getting annoyed. Trust me to get stuck with this dipstick! 'Jack doesn't know what to do next. Like Locke said, he has to plan what to do after we split. Meaning, he has to accept that we will split, and get over the fact that he can't rule us all.'

'Oh. Well I got that!' Sawyer said, folding his arms across his chest, getting irritated that Ana Lucia had made him look like a fool. 'So, now what?'

Ana Lucia pondered for a moment. Then she knew what she had to do. Fortunately, she knew that Sawyer would want to do it too.

'We have to go after Locke and find out what he wants with us, especially you.'

Sawyer smiled, nodding his head, obviously happy.

'Atta girl! Now you're playin' my game!'

Ana Lucia rolled her eyes once more. It seemed like it was the only thing she did while with him.

So is Jack going give in so easily?

And what is Locke going to say to Ana Lucia and Sawyer?

And what about the other way round?


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