I'm reading the CSI novel 'Killer Date' and this came to mind after the interaction between Warrick and Marty. That doesnt need to be known to read this, just thought you'd like to know lmao

Spoilers for s6; disclaimers in my profile. I also dont own any of the music mentioned in this fic. Woe me.

Short little pointless thing.

To say Warrick Brown loved music would be a gross understatement. His love for it had only been enforced when he gave up gambling. He needed something to throw himself into headfirst and music had been a nice change of pace.

So seeing Warrick tuned solely into his iPod, in the locker room, wasn't much of a surprise to Catherine. The multitude of bags under his eyes were, though. She'd watched them grow over the week, and gradually saw Warrick shrinking into himself: distant with the staff, staying behind as long as possible, and in early of a night. Catherine had reluctantly told herself to stay quiet. Although she surely wasn't the first to notice it, she wasn't going to be the first to mention it.

Instead, she walked past him to her own locker, squeezing his shoulder on her way past, "Hey" she smiled, "What're you listening to?"

He pulled the buds from his ears, twisting in his seat to face his friend. He brought a knee up in front of him and leant against it, telling her "The story of my life"

"Let me guess" Cath smirked, "'Love is All Around'?"

Warrick chuckled, barely a sound coming out. "More like…" he flashed the display on his iPod: 'If I Could Turn Back Time' – Cher . "Not to mention Kaiser Chiefs 'Everyday I Love You Less and Less'; Hank William's 'Your Cheatin' Heart' and Tammy Wynette's D.I.V.O.R.C.E'

She sat down in front of him. "Warrick, I-" Catherine started, she didn't quite know what to say though. All the signs fell into place. The tired eyes, the early-in-late-out's, general distance. "I…never had you for a country boy" Hoping a small bit of humour might lighten his load somewhat.

"They feel my pain" he chuckled. He made a sound this time, his hearty laugh echoing in the small room. That was a good sign…

"I'm sorry, Warrick. Really" She covered his hand with her own. "We sure can pick 'em, huh? Me with Eddie, you with Tina?"

He smiled, lowering his head. He was still in the mourning/anger period of the break-up, but soon enough he'd be over it. He'd be back to normal. 'With A Little Help From My Friends'