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Chapter Eleven: A Day In The Life of Sam, year 16

Part Two

At three or four o'clock in the morning, John Winchester returned home to find both his sons passed out in front of the TV. Sam was curled up in the armchair while Dean was stretched out on the couch. Normally, after a hunt, he would let them rest. And at this time in the early morning, wither had reason to be awake. But John Winchester wasn't the kind to cushion around a punishment. He walked over to Sam's sleeping figure and grabbed both his shoulders giving him a hard shake.

Sam awoke instantly with a yell that had Dean on his feet in a second. Both boys stared at their father in disbelief.

"Aren't there more adequate times for this Dad?" asked Dean, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"No time like the present." John told Dean coldly and turned back to Sam. He was now sitting up straight and staring straight ahead. "Stand up, Sam." Slowly, but surely, Sam stood and turned to face his father.

"Dad, look we're all tired. No one's going anywhere. Can you do this in the morning. I mean the later morning," Dean said, glancing at the clock after shutting off the TV.

"Dad, I know I did wrong, and I am sorry." Sam started. He looked over at Dean and thought, Believe me, I'm sorry. "I never should have done that. I should know better. I don't know why I did that, I don't. I thought it was because I wanted them to like me, but that wasn't it. It's not that I wanted to disobey you, I just wanted to get out. I'm sick of always having to stay home."

"And that's supposed to excuse you're behavior tonight? You directly put yourself in harm's way. We had trusted that you'd be home and then you turn up there, in the middle of our hunt. Not only were you a distraction, but you were an inconvenience. Dean shouldn't of had to stay behind and baby-sit you like that. When you needed to be taken cared of, Dean stayed home. At sixteen I expect a lot more maturity than that."

"I know. I'm sorry. I should've thought about all that, but I didn't."

"I figured that out already. You should be helping us out, Sam." growled out John. Sam shifted uncomfortably. "Tonight you were an obstacle. As much an obstacle as the rest of those teenagers. Drunk and high and in the middle of nowhere. If something had happened to any of you no one would of heard you screaming. And then what? If you did survive, you would've felt like shit. And it would've been well deserved. They might not know that the spirit was real, but you should of …"

"I didn't know she was there! They just said somewhere quiet, where we wouldn't get disturbed. No one mentioned the spirit until we were there!"

"Well, even so, you shouldn't of been there in the first place! You didn't even have the decency to cal your brother and tell him you were going out. You're all about manners and academics and doing the right thing, right? Well, what would've been the right thing to do here? Did you do the right thing, Sam?"

"No sir. It wasn't the right thing to do. It was stupid…"

"Damn right it was stupid!" John cut in. Sam flinched at the yell and Dean took a step towards them. "You never should have left this house! I know you've gone wondering like this before," John said and the boys shared a quick glance, " yeah, I know. But, I let them go because Dean knew where you were. I know Dean wouldn't let you go somewhere dangerous. I know that on some nights I wasn't here and you were grounded he'd still take you out. He disobeyed me, and that's fine because I'd just work him harder the next day training. I know he'd die before anything would happen to you. And you should know that by now too. Putting yourself out there was inconsiderate. Imagine how Dean felt when he saw you there. Immediately, he's out of hunter mode and becomes your protector."

Dean looked sheepishly down. He was on a hunt and should have been focused. Sam had distracted him. If he hadn't of been there he would've walked them kids to their car and said good riddance and finished his hunt.

"You should feel worse about that then anything else, Sam. If you're the only thing your brother's thinking about, then he isn't thinking about himself and he could get hurt. And he could get others hurt. Do you understand that?" Sam nodded.

"Good. But just in cause, you can really learn to appreciate the rules, the hunt and your brother - starting today you two are going to drive the three hours to Stuart Higgins' and you're going to stay there for the weekend. Dean and I will prepare for the move, find our next hunt. When you return, you better be a new man, Sam, because nothing else will cut it."

"Yessir," slurred Sam. He hated the thought of Stuart's little training grounds as it was, but going alone was insane.

"Excuse me? I didn't get that."

"Yes sir." Sam said more firmly. " John nodded and continued.

"You should get packing. You leave in two hours. Take this as your punishment too, Dean." said John.

"Yes sir." Dean said dully from behind him. John nodded his acknowledgement and left them in the room, heading towards the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, Dean." whispered Sam. Dean shrugged.

"Don't matter." Dean whispered back.

"And about the outings. I didn't know he knew."

"Neither did I. Guess he's sneaky like that, huh." Dean said even more quietly. Sam nodded. "Guess you better go pack. I'm going to go take a shower. We should leave early." Sam was about to say how he didn't want to go to Stuart's early, but if Dean wanted it that way, then he'd have to comply.

Just as they were both about to leave the living room, John reentered.

"Guess you're luck." he said and they both turned back to look at him. "Both of you go pack. I just got a call, we're going to Connecticut. Make it still in two hours and Sam you're going to be active in this one." Dean's eyes went a little wild but John's next line silenced them. "Unless you prefer to stay behind, which of course would mean you'd be at Stuart's for close to two weeks. Get to it."


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