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I wearily lie down on my comfortable bed. The soft pillows and warm sheets welcome me and sooth my tired limbs. But my exhaustion is rewarded with the thoughts of my sister and her boyfriend's faces when they walk into the door momentarily. The two went to some restaurant called Zake to celebrate their six month anniversary. What could make an anniversary better than a few good laughs? Then again, I doubt the couple will feel like laughing…

Kagome was always a cool older sister but she's gotten a lot cooler since she met Inu-yasha. Even though they go out, the couple are forever pranking each other. Ever since I helped her with her payback prank all those weeks ago, Inu-yasha made it his sole mission to out-do Kagome in pranking. I suppose it's his new 'project'. So far, it doesn't look promising for him.

When Kagome's locker 'mysteriously' turned up empty, Inu-yasha ended up with a locker not full of books but pink thongs, loads of tampons, and heaps of pads. Yuck! I wish Kagome had never told me what those were. Why did I just have to be curious that day?

When Kagome was 'somehow' glued to her seat in class, the next day Inu-yasha was glued to his seat while a loose screw worked its magic and made the whole desk fall apart. I will always remember the way Kagome described how uncomfortable he had been when he had to walk around with a chair seat super glued to his behind!

When Kagome's gym clothes 'turned up' missing, Inu-yasha's brother, Sesshomaru's clothes were dyed a dark purple, earning him the nickname Barney. Sesshomaru spent weeks pummeling his little half-brother, thinking it was him who had committed the act. From what I've heard, Sesshomaru did something similar, except it was with the boys' dad and involved pink hair. Inu-yasha got the blame and was grounded for it.

Speaking of Sesshomaru, I've heard Inu-yasha laughing about him as if he were a rodeo clown. Apparently, Sesshomaru has two new 'girlfriends', both of which he can't stand. Kagura and Kikyo occupy his time 24/7, whether they're trying to impress him or whether they're arguing over which of them is Sesshomaru's girlfriend. And it only makes it worse when his dad tells him that he's already made wedding plans for them, depending on which girl wins him over.

I met Inutaisho and Izayoi about a week after Kagome's shoulder healed. We went for a party at their house. The food was great! I love Tami's cooking! Don't remember much else, come to think of it (one-track mind). I'm sure Kagome and Inu-yasha were smooching in some corner though. Eww!

I look over at my alarm clock on my end table. I can't help the evil grin that takes over my face. They should be home any minute now.

Sango and Miroku are going strong now… Well, that's the way Sango wants it. Miroku wants it that way too but Sango refuses to go out with him until he learns to control those wandering hands of his. It's Sango's project to snap him into shape but unfortunately for her, Miroku's project contrasts hers in everyway possible. He loves her to death but he just can't help grabbing every passing girl's butt. His mission is to get Sango to live with it. They've been battling (arguing) back and forth for the past several months, trying to get the other to see it their way. I wonder who will win in the end…?

My bed suddenly shifts dramatically as a form lies down next to me. I panic at first, thinking it's Inu-yasha or Kagome but it's just Shippo, my best friend. He was the one who had filmed Kagome's payback prank.

"Everything's done. Camera's set up, materials in place," he states professionally but wearily. We've been doing this for a while now, and had many mess-ups so we've learned to check over everything before time is up. I had to ask for his assistance this time.

"Good," I sigh and close my eyes. "They said they'd be home at midnight at the latest and that's a few minutes away, so get ready."

Shippo grinned and chuckled, "Yeah, get ready to laugh."

I smirked at the imaginary stunned faces I suspected to see in the next few moments. Suddenly taking on a professional tone, I ask, "You remembered the string?"


"What about the grease?"

"Taken care of."

"And the worms?"

Shippo nods. "I didn't forget a thing, I promise." I knew he always got irritated when I quizzed him like this but we've screwed up too many good pranks for us not to be careful. Besides, he did the same thing to me when I had to wrap things up.

As promised, Inu-yasha gave me a few pointers on the art of pranking. Of course it backfired because that's all I do to him now. We've gotten a few boys at his school a few good times though. Like this one boy, Kouga I think his name was, was about to explode when his locker was found with fruity-smelling lotion covering the inside. I mean, it was so bad the other guys thought he was queer for the two months his locker smelled like strawberries and cream and cucumber melon. Oh, and this other guy Hojo was fuming when Inu-yasha set up a date for an exterminator to set bug bombs in their home, causing Hojo and his family to stay at hotel for four days. When they were able to move back into the house, they had to live with the most peculiar smells for a month.

Anyway, so life is back to normal, or better than normal, really, since Naraku has been living in the mental hospital. You know, as much hell as she's been through, pure-hearted Kagome still can't help but feel sorry for him. Every morning he has to be reminded: Your name is Naraku, you are twenty years old, you live in a mental hospital and on and on… I suppose that kind of life has to suck but then again, if I was Naraku, I'd want to forget all the horrible things I did. Mom thought it was 'unhealthy' for Kagome to feel pity for him but now that Kagome's finally happy with the life she leads now, Mom doesn't bother her about it that much anymore.

Suddenly, a shake on my shoulder awakens me from my dozing. Shippo is staring at me with intense eyes. He motions for me to be quiet and points out my door toward the general direction of the front door. I hear a key jingling and familiar voices laughing. The excitement flowing through me causes me to leap up and creep toward the foyer. Shippo follows me, hardly able to keep his laugher from escaping. I shush him while struggling to keep my own laughter from erupting.

The door opens… and the games begin. Even before I see the scene unfold before my eyes, I know Inu-yasha will hunt me down for this.

And the weird part is, I wouldn't have it any other way.




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